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kevin : wtf pikachu stfu lmao

Verociel : That sounded like a pretty feminine Pikachu, HAS MY WHOLE LIFE BEEN A LIE?

ArtFenixAsordis : Not a fan of Ash and I'm pretty sick of Gen I but this movie looks awesome! Can't wait to watch it myself!

Andres Orellana : WHAT DID I JUST SEE

OriginalPai : Ash is near death and as DMT rushes to his head he hallucinates that Pikachu is talking.

Roblox Gamin : Did ash die?

MARVEL -O-US : Pikachu got in pokeball for first time!!!!

SockMonkey007 : I'm old enough to remember when Ash was a boy.

japs did 9/11 : Top 10 anime plot twists

Cybermonkey91 : That "NO!" at 0:42 fuckin gets me everytime.

Fenn Ciel : Ok to all those people confused by talking Pikachu: 1) Pikachu's english voice was replicating his Pokemon voice, so of course it was feminine and high. But he is definitely male. Canon. 2) He didn't really speak, it was a metaphor. Ash understood him because they were so connected. Pikachu wasn't really speaking English though even though we heard it that way. Don't flip out over it lol.

jelaninoel : Kill Ash AND make pikachu talk? Tf are they doing!?


Black Rock shooter : Darn it, can you please show the ending !!!!!!

Phil F. : I'm still waiting for a spin-off with the Pokemons training the humans.

Beeht : Just imagine being there with your child, watching that cartoon, and getting bombarded by screaming adults from all sides. Most of them wearing Pokemon hooded onesies. "Mommy, why is that old man with a full beard yelling no?"

AutisticChild22 : Do you have the full movie? There's a part missing from your video other video.

Gabriel Gaming : What

Gabriel Gaming : I can't see Jew video

viperstrike0 : ash could always understand his pokemon this was just how ash heard pikachu

Deiny Vick : Everyone in the audience sounds like they're in their 20's and 30's.

Wakaran : I was crying my reaction was a tearfully, choking on my emotions "omg the heck I can't" But the audience reaction in this viewing is great. The one I went to no one reacted besides one god damn laugh at one scene and it was so quiet and short I felt bad.

Richard Seidler : this ended up on my tumblr somehow, and it's like oh whatever the pokemon talks, that's cool, I guess they aren't suppose to, but what bothers me is I hear A LOT of grown ass people in that audience.......

Louis Matta : Oh when other pokemon do it its fine but when pikachu does it suddenly everyone gets all uppity

SupremeChaos918 : 2:05 THIS is why Team Rocket oughta be after Pikachu! Not because they saw him blow up a hospital (Or whatever that building was) in the second episode of the series! Hell, why is Team Rocket even still after Pikachu when there are tons of Pokemon out there that are even stronger than this Pikachu?! But for real though....This honestly hit me harder then when Ash was petrified (AKA turned to stone) by Mew and Mewtwo's attack in the first movie. (And none of you call "spoiler alert", okay? That movie is 20 years old and you should've seen it by now) Honestly, if this scene happened 20 years ago when I was a kid....I doubt I'd be able to take it....

Wombat Astronaut : I love the audience reaction. “Whaaaaat??”

Werewolf Jones : Adult Voices: "Whaaaat?" XD Just made me chuckle is all - I know it started when these kids would be grownups one day.

Shoopi Tube : For it to elicit THAT kind of reaction. Bravo Pokemon team.

MissKuzara : So does this confirm the whole Ash is in a coma from that spearow attack in episode 1 and all his adventures are in his head theory?

Relinquish : not sure whats more cancerous, pikachu talking or the fact that theres a room full of grown adults getting so riled up watching a childrens cartoon

Riatsu Sean Schniry : The ending...plzzz!!!! I wanna watch the ending...!!!

Dufffaaa93 : Pikachu is a woman trapped in Pokemon's body. #translivesmatter

Photon Wolfsky : You would think of all the adults in that theater, one of them would be able to use a little bit of context clues and comprehension to gather that Pikachu more than likely wasn't /actually/ talking but was more of a "shit man, we're such close friends, I can actually understand you as if we're speaking the same language." Come on guys, if you were kids, you'd be able to get away with it, but you're adults. Use that thing in your skull a little more.

Sharpiedbelugas : It is time for Ash to awaken from his coma

Matthew Stengel : Concussions are a hell of a drug


77kgal : pikachu wants the D

Wacky Puppet : I find the people's reactions so hilarious 😂never going to get over this😂

Anthony Tyrion : It's simple : Ash understands PIkachu's talk for the first time.

Singh Karanvir : will you give us enging

jahir espino : NANI?!

Singh Karanvir : I mean ending

Chridyo25 : Shhhhhh no talking during the movie

George Triene : Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. In the trash bin you go.

Edward Kim : so when a human dies in the Pokémon world they apparently just fizzle out into nothingness

exxeld : Didn't think they got nyanners to voice pikachu this time around

Rarely Comment . . . : Mixed feeling about Pikachu speaking human language, I don't know whether it's good or bad that Pokemon talk. But damn... I laugh hard when Pikachu start talking plus with audience reaction. (Not expecting to be a feminine voice but hey! it caught me off guard there)

Jamie Hughes : I feel old, seeing pokemon reach 20 years old


Albert Levert : How can people still be stupid enough to film a movie VERTICALLY ? More than half of the video area is useless info (ceiling and seats). Come on, seriously.