What's Up With These Weird IRL Loot Boxes? | Polygon INVESTIGATES @ E3 2018

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Rory Dorman : Glad they took every precaution to avoid blowing their cover by pixelating their faces only at the hand off.

Job : Ive been tricked with good editing into watching an overwatch unboxing video... good job team

T Striker : This new episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved is something else.

VampireofEmotion : An investigation? But where's Piss Constable?

Plum Regal : tara you already know what i'm gonna say IT'S GOOD CONTENT

Rebecca Graves : This is so freaking good. I'm ready for these very good investigators to bust up some more gaming crimes.

theryanbard : Pat and Brian are the regretful undercover game detectives we need.

Sami Rust : I feel like these two were meant for each other. Like pat wasn't complete until brian showed up.

Elle Wu : "are you supposed to be uh gaming while reclined?" LMFAOO also that tradeoff i choked

yorkcommatyler : This is the new golden era of Polygon shenanigans.

River Fare : Patrick has the most beautiful gait I've ever seen in my entire goddamn life, which is today 30 years long. I was disappointed about no G&G for my birthday, but these full body shots of our good long boys just about makes up for it.

Christa Guild : we all know that the least believable thing about Pat's undercover backstory was that he wasn't allergic to something

Cerulean Llama : It's so over the top it's great

Snowball Effect : lmfao this editing

Scrungy Bingus : *In This Episode:* Brian And Pat Teach You About How Profit Surplus Works

Brainsnap : Very thorough investigation. Thank you for taking the time to inform consumers of this fraud.

evi : @ polygon dot com how much do i have to pay u to let me add proper captions to ur videos

trinity : officially confirmed that loot boxes are a dangerous gambling

Koen Van Damme : Pat? PAT?! PAAAAAAAAAAAAT!


Griffmanartist : This is one of the best vids from Polygon I've ever seen thank you pat and brian my fav boys

thank you kindly : Heck, with all the BS going on I really needed to laugh this morning. Thank you.

Bryant Silva : As much as I hate to see my sweet boys fighting, this investigation was needed and I thank them for their work.

Hannah P : oh my goodness it’s toooOoOoRBjoörn

The Back : All the Overwatches Men by Gil and Gilbert

Eric Fine : I'm glad to see Dick Wolf is getting into that good good gaming content.

Cailleach Bhan : This video is completely unlike a loot box.

Nathan Sadowsky : This is the kind of investigative journalism we need more of in this day in age. Hopefully this investigation doesn't get shut down by officers Gill and Gilbert's superiors just as they get close to the truth.

Katy Amsden : Another hard hitting investigation by Polygon - is this the end of Gill and Gilbert as we know it?!

Philip Stalker : What if unboxing video but also VICE parody and gaming?

Moriah : Omfg this was very good and very funny well done polyboys

beiju : i can’t wait for the polygon investigates episode that will finally answer this burning question: are planes big?

wow : Good video

Thomas Cole : This is what I come here for.

Gary : I hate when the parents fight

WTFPr0m : Please keep investigating and also please keep regretting your investigations

WaalkR : I had a feeling Overwatch was what would bring the polygon family down, so the day is finally here :' (

Maria Malaria : Thank you Polygon for existing. Thank you.

D R Cole : Pat those jeans are Too Tight and your legs will come off.

Tanya Colon : Also the use of the "Law and Order font" was A+.

justin W : "Books cost like 80 dollars."

scrundler : this is the investigative journalism e3 needs

Anonymous : Pat covering up that snicker with a cry-snort was some top-tier acting chops.

Jonathan Peirce : This is good content

KappaRoss : Ugh real life is so pay to win

krystalsgeminimoon : the nathan for you of it all

Andrew van Baarsen : Thank you

Rahul Roy : this feels like an X-Play bit and i'm all about it

Achidi Frick : Is this the devolver digital press conference?

plaidmads : I'm laughing so much, but I think 90% of it is out of fear