What's Up With These Weird IRL Loot Boxes? | Polygon INVESTIGATES @ E3 2018

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Rory Dorman : Glad they took every precaution to avoid blowing their cover by pixelating their faces only at the hand off.

T Striker : This new episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved is something else.

Rebecca Graves : This is so freaking good. I'm ready for these very good investigators to bust up some more gaming crimes.

VampireofEmotion : An investigation? But where's Piss Constable?

Job B : Ive been tricked with good editing into watching an overwatch unboxing video... good job team

thank you kindly : Heck, with all the BS going on I really needed to laugh this morning. Thank you.

Plum Regal : tara you already know what i'm gonna say IT'S GOOD CONTENT

theryanbard : Pat and Brian are the regretful undercover game detectives we need.

trinity : officially confirmed that loot boxes are a dangerous gambling

Cerulean Llama : It's so over the top it's great

Snowball Effect : lmfao this editing

River Fare : Patrick has the most beautiful gait I've ever seen in my entire goddamn life, which is today 30 years long. I was disappointed about no G&G for my birthday, but these full body shots of our good long boys just about makes up for it.

Elle Wu : "are you supposed to be uh gaming while reclined?" LMFAOO also that tradeoff i choked

yorkcommatyler : This is the new golden era of Polygon shenanigans.

Sami Rust : I feel like these two were meant for each other. Like pat wasn't complete until brian showed up.

Brainsnap : Very thorough investigation. Thank you for taking the time to inform consumers of this fraud.

Koen Van Damme : Pat? PAT?! PAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

Eric Fine : I'm glad to see Dick Wolf is getting into that good good gaming content.

The Back : All the Overwatches Men by Gil and Gilbert

Cailleach Bhan : This video is completely unlike a loot box.

Bryant Silva : As much as I hate to see my sweet boys fighting, this investigation was needed and I thank them for their work.


Scrungy Bingus : *In This Episode:* Brian And Pat Teach You About How Profit Surplus Works

Pikachu On YouTube : Good video

Philip Stalker : What if unboxing video but also VICE parody and gaming?

scrundler : this is the investigative journalism e3 needs

Katy Amsden : Another hard hitting investigation by Polygon - is this the end of Gill and Gilbert as we know it?!

Tanya Colon : Also the use of the "Law and Order font" was A+.

evi : @ polygon dot com how much do i have to pay u to let me add proper captions to ur videos

Moriah : Omfg this was very good and very funny well done polyboys

WaalkR : I had a feeling Overwatch was what would bring the polygon family down, so the day is finally here :' (

Christa Guild : we all know that the least believable thing about Pat's undercover backstory was that he wasn't allergic to something

KappaRoss : Ugh real life is so pay to win

Gary : I hate when the parents fight

beiju : i can’t wait for the polygon investigates episode that will finally answer this burning question: are planes big?

justin W : "Books cost like 80 dollars."

WTFPr0m : Please keep investigating and also please keep regretting your investigations

Anne Beach : Tag yourself. I'm Brian banging on the window.

Ryan Scott : They should have kicked the whole stack of boxes over, picked one up, and ran for it. Fight the power, man.

Rahul Roy : this feels like an X-Play bit and i'm all about it

J P : This is good content

krystalsgeminimoon : the nathan for you of it all

DarthBinary : I'm glad Polygon continues to give us more enjoyable ways to digest news

lightthief : This was excellent.

Andrew van Baarsen : Thank you

MadameButterfli : Now that was NOT an excellent nintend

Scana Dully : 45 seconds in and i'm already having trouble breathing. i love the editing

Paulina : this is making me rly angry that ive spent 40 bucks ingame on more useless overwatch things

Srslycurious Gaming : Ok was it legit only $38 worth of swag though? I gotta knowwwww

Kestrel Shrike : But did they factor in the nearly 10% CA sales tax into determining its value?!