GI Joe 1080p HD Bluray Intro

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GI Joe The Movie (1987) 1080p Blu-ray Intro

Comments from Youtube

BB1 115 : Little known fact; every time someone watches this, a terrorist is attacked by bald eagles.

CCJJ160Channels : Ladies and gentleman, please stand for your new national anthem.

AaronAmerican518 : This couldn't get anymore American...

Bennett of the lands of steel : Michael Bay wishes he could be this badass.

geargrinder87 : The best thing about this sequence is how unapologetically patriotic it is. Wish we still made stuff like this

Ben Wasserman : This is easily the most unabashedly "Murica!" a kids cartoon has ever gotten

RazorBeak : (Cobra's Advisors): "We've got all our assets in place, now let's maneuver our forces to seize these tactical strongpoints in New York City and then dig in for a counterattack." (Cobra Commander): "Screw that, let's all just drop down on the Statue of Liberty instead!"

Blarghalt : Pretty sure this bald eagle wasn't perched on my shoulder when this video started.

fuck face : Whoever disliked this is a commie

Pat the NES Punk : The hair on my chest is now red, white, and blue.

Wade Wilson : Their guns fire bullets *AND* lasers at the same time. Holy shit.

Mister Melange : 2:10 A U.S. soldier punching a terrorist off the Statue of Liberty. God Bless America!!!!

DG101 : Man. Cobra was the most well-funded, well-organized and least effective terrorist force ever.

braith117 : There's so much MURCA! and 80's in that opening that I'm pissing red, white, and blue. The doc said that it was probably pancreatic cancer, so I told him to shut his commie mouth!

JamCal-X : When you're sad and just need to feel an American, you play this.

D Hill : miss your voice Cobra Commander / Star Scream..

turntableterrorist : That dude screaming COBRA! obviously loves his job.

Kaywynn Jones : As ridiculous as this movie was, I take it more seriously than the live action ones. XD

Max Fields : 1992... 6 y.o. GI Joe fan. 2018... USMC infantry officer. Thanks Hasbro!

Alden R. Davis : "G.I. JOE is the code name for America's daring, highly-trained, Special Mission force. Its sole purpose: To defend human freedom against ISIS, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to conquer the world."

First Last : This opening manages to accomplish two things: It makes Cobra sound intimidating, and it makes GI Joe utterly badass.

Mr. Red 88 : The credits should just start scrolling after this intro. I mean seriously do you even need the rest of the movie after this?

dmace81 : When Duke fly's the jetpack holding the american flag to the top of statue of liberty it still gives me chills.

JEFF HIGGS : anyone else get goosebumps from hearing this?

Maximus Prime : Now THIS is how you 'Make America Great Again'...Fighting EVIL wherever there's trouble.


Gus Grimm : I'm now a grown-@$$ man who served in the real military. Why does a cartoon from my childhood still elicit tears of pride? SMH

George G : AMERIGASM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turmoil : I can hear Michale Bay crying in the corner because he's not good enough to replicate this.

turtoise6 : WARNING: Be aware that once you hear this intro is hard to get the guys scream of "Coooobraaaaa" out of your head!!! Lol

Drew Cobb : Ah the good ol' days....before entertainment went political.

amasingfatass : So this was Reagan's America

Maverick Davis : Or just send Dirty Harry, RoboCop, GI JOE, Rambo, and Captain America to fight ISIS. And I'll bet there'll never be a terrorist seen EVER again!

Olivier Bilodeau : So Cobra is a group of black clad masked people who punch journalist and want to destroy statues.... sounds familiar.

Michael Iv : Forgive my ignorance, but is Cobra Commander's catchphrase "Cobra Retreat"?

Greg Greg : OK totally missed in all this....ALPINE TOOK OUT A FRIGGIN PLANE WITH HIS BARE HANDS!!!!!

DeathofInk : My favourite part is when Cobra Commander gets punched right off Lady Liberty and we see the battle reflected in his iconic mask. There's just something about that part that stands out from the whole thing for me.

TheADzioba : This is a theme song. The TV version doesn't compare.

Miles Goodison-Fearon : I'm so glad that Serpentor wasn't in the intro.

Danny Bright : You can't get more American than this. I get goosebumps every time I watch this intro for G.I.JOE The Movie. YO JOE!

Harry Carlin : Wow this intro was the most america thing i have seen in my life and I'm British

Chicken nuggetz jr : Oh my God! This is so, American! I can't breathe, let me have some Canada (sniffs maple syrup) ahhh, continue!

flukediggy : Still one of the dopest animated intros

jim073 : Whoever directed this should get an oscar, an Emmy and any award you could think of and have all those awards named after him! This is a thing of beauty!

slowroll tom : just change the word Cobra to Islam and it turns from a cartoon into real life

Maverick Davis : GI JOE! Real American Hero! Best Intro Ever.

Livefromthebside/ S A T U R D A Y M O R N I N G Z : So basically looking at this intro for the 10th time I realized G.I.Joe ambushed Cobra. Duke was standing their like "Surprise mother fucka".

Timothy Turner-Parrish : Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I didn't grow up watching the original GI JOE series, but this was friggin Awesome! 😮😍💞💕

PrimusVsUnicron : Is it true that Duke was suppose to die in the movie