What Would Happen If You Never Brushed Your Teeth?

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Swaggy Jay : Here's the real question: *Does mouthwash really work?*

Abigail65656 : How many after this video ended went to brush your Teeth??? I know I am so BYE!!!

Jakob Emil Pedersen : There is evidence that suggests that if you eat healthy and don't eat too many sugars, your mouth will build up a healthy bacteria population, which will protect your teeth. Too much brushing can get rid of this, since your toothbursh isn't picky. Only if you eat alot of sugar, will you also invite sugar loving bacteria that turn this sugar into acid and plaque that eats away your teeth. That's how humans didn't have to brush for thousands of years until now, when sugar has become such a big part of our diet. You can tell how healthy the bacteria is your mouth is by how quickly new plaque builds after brushing, and also if your gums bleed when you do. Brush whenever you've had sugary things or have food stuck in them, and you'll get the most healthy teeth.

Joseph Adusei : thank God i watched this

Weed420 69Sex : I haven't brushed my teeth for 5 years.

Sarah W. Fox : I just brushed my teeth, and now want to brush them again.

Alicia Venter : I brush my teeth 3 times a day cause I have braces I AM RESPONSIBLE ('.')

Pointlessly : You would end the way you started, with no teeth.

pop tart warriors : This isn't me bragging or anything stupid but im 16 and never brushed my teeth ever.I recently got root canals on every other tooth and i literally had my four front teeth and my two back molars (one on each side) "extracted' 2 days ago.Sooo the moral of the story is: BRUSH YOUR DAMN TEETH OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!

smell fish : After I watched this video, I now brush 25 times a day

hmm yes interesting. : I feel like I should apologize to my teeth for the days I skipped out on cleaning them. I had no idea what was going on in there

Penguini Animation : Who exactly after finishing this video jumped out of bed to brush your teeth? Me

Robert Evans : And I'm going to say sorry for skiping my teeth

Julie Zarillo : I brush twice a day most days, every once in a while a skip I night because I’m too lazy to walk all the way down the hall way just to rub bristles on my teeth...

Person : What would happen if you swallowed your own tongue

Jinko Bells : Brb i need to brush my teeth now

Tyler Mustard : Brushing my teeth while watching this

Coldblooded man : I brush my teeth twice day, morning and before you go to bed

Puppies4Life : My loose baby tooth came out today!!

Elleah Ghouralal : My goal is to brush my teeth every night ! ( I do brush on mornings)

Lil Meep : BRB.

Kyle Janson : I don't have teeth😂😂

Android : I'm an Android...... How do I brush my teeth I'm not toothbrush proof or toothpaste proof.

Duhitzveronica07 : I literally jumped out of my bed just to go brush my teeth 😂

g1ove 0f p0wer : Haven't brushed my teeth since I was a child of 7-9. My teeth is tented slight yellow but other than that no symptoms. I know many people who brush alot yet have symptoms and such. I looked this up and others have experienced the same.

Sub2 : one time a day

Kenzo Da PRO : 1 or 2 or 99999999999 times

ScorpioX : Who else brushed their teeth after watching this.

Emma Jamieson : I watch this whenever I forget to brush my teeth

TheGaming Bros : I never brush lol

Samanwai Udhav : if I don't brush even for a single day,my mom will be more harmful for me than any pathogen in mouth

Awais Ahmad : I'm getting braces today wish me luck btw I brush 3 times a day

PC Gaming & Sports : You'll become Komodo dragon if you survive

SHADOW GUTS : I brush my teeth every time I finish eating

Zayden cool : At least brush my teeth for 5 times a day

Software Man : What Would Happen If You Never Brushed Your Teeth? I'd have a deadly bite, lol

Mickey And Friends! : Oops? I only brush it once a day but it’s better then some people

Harry Hartz : Sh!t i havent brush my teeth

StonedZebra 666 : I floss every night before bed, I brush my teeth, gums, tongue, and rise with mouth wash every morning when I wake up and every night before bed (unless I am drunk and pass out at someones house)

Lunar mew ultra Sun & moon : I brush my teeth after every time I eat before I go to sleep and in the and in the morning

Description Untitled : Crap. I DO do this. I should brush more now.

Amber last name : Thank god i watched it i will always brush my theeth thank you sooo much for making this video i will brush me teeth

only one Mr X Only one Mr y : WTF. I brush my teeth because I like to keep clean

Hob Gib : Blocko doesn't have a mouth, so he can't brush his teeth.

Pony3436 : I'm going to go brush for an hour

luke sumberg : 1:44 I can’t even look at the dentist tooth pick equipment without feeling uneasy

BLAAK Entertainment : I Haven't been brushing my teeth lately, This video inspires me to brush my teeth more!

Robin8991 : I was about to sleep, but after seeing this... now I'm gonna brush 😁

Filip Majdanski : Your teeth fall out. Case closed.

Mercedes Jay : I GOT a Dentist addddddddddd!!!!!!