What Would Happen If You Never Brushed Your Teeth?

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luke sumberg : 1:44 I can’t even look at the dentist tooth pick equipment without feeling uneasy

Elementmax 757 : I brush my teeth 1 time a day. Now thanks to this video I will be brushing 100,000+ times a day

YazzTheMemer : I'm going to go brush my teeth now

Blue Face 2.0 : Does this only happen to human? Cuz if it happens to wild animals it doesn't make sense How about when we are apes? I need this answer

Yellow Teeth : Huh?

Sarah W. Fox : I just brushed my teeth, and now want to brush them again.

lothaw : I still think the leading cause of cavities is dentists yanking at your teeth with those damn picks.


Simply Awesome Productions : I have a video suggestion. Can you make a video on “if people have racism the can animals have racism?” I think it would be a cool topic.

donavan arulthas : I am going to brush my teeth 3 times a day after this video

Tell Me This : What Would Happen If You Never Brushed Your Teeth? I'd have a deadly bite, lol

Angel A : Who brushed their teeth after watching this 😂😂😂 I didn't

AcridTM : Hi there So I’ve been binge watching your videos and they are incredibly interesting to watch. I also had a burning question and wanted to ask it but couldn’t since I thought people would think I’m stupid but why can’t we just “suck “ most of the c02 from the atmosphere and release it into outer space Thanks!

Crazy Play01 : what would happen if all trees were burnt

HeyIts JocelynGomez : Can you please do a video on " Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Much? " Thanks:)) PS You make learning more fun for me!

LilGunner0 : BRB.

Poppypie 12 : Some times it does not matter how many times you brush I forget to brush my teeth all the time and I don't have a cavity but my sister brushes her teeth twice a day and she had three teeth removed and has two cavities

Diana Gift : 😔this make me wanna buy all the toothpaste in the world

Matthew Towell : Pls do what if we only drank water instead of sodas

J.A.B : What if you never cut your hair (boy and girl)

Description Untitled : Crap. I DO do this. I should brush more now.

Crispened Ham : 'what if you never brushed your teeth' you become British

Kids_Unbox : @LifeNoggin how do cars work and why do they use gas.... what does the gas help with? How does chargeable cars become better?

Brenton Storey : why do we blink

Rhythm Juneja : I brush 3 times a day

Blue J : Well we all know who is going to be trending soon future congratalations great youtuber which is life gnoggin

Ahmed Hassan : I brush my teeth 1-9 times a day but mostly 2 times alright

Ahmad Nahhas : I brush them 2 times a day

24y GT : How much dentist paid u?

Skalidor : You should do a Sleep Paralysis video

Jhurick Padon : Answer: They will tease you

shreyas hebbar : Am I watching Minecraft??

Gamerowen 21 : I done 2 time a day

Drybonz Ratter : Can I have a shout out?

Estech : What would happen if your blood was juice

Samanwai Udhav : if I don't brush even for a single day,my mom will be more harmful for me than any pathogen in mouth

SSquishy Squidos : Your videos are so addicting, and they make me smarter! A good excuse to watch YouTube!

miguel angelo : 1

Fearthebeard1146 : 2 but now 100

UltimateSumo Wager : I brush my teeth every second I breath and Im doing it while im typing.

Blue J : Well i when I was 8 only washed it once in 2 months and my theeth felt messed up so I started to brush

mj88dg : I recently brushed them but before that I skipped like 3 or 2 months woops

Adam Lopez : Once

Ace Noah : This made me brush my teeth for 5 mins straight

Real Life World : I brush my teeth two times a day !!!! Who else ????

MONIZ : one time a day

Maria Luz : I’ve used to skip a lot back when I was in 1-3 elementary about brushing my teeth. I learned it the hard way by having to have a root canal in 3rd grade. Now in highschool I can barely go a couple hours without brushing my teeth.

FatBurritoDog : China had used pig hairs for their tooth brushes back then... Something to think about.

shirley phiansai : yep im never brushing

Elementmax 757 : Well, you learn something new every day!!!