What Would Happen If You Never Brushed Your Teeth?

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hmm yes interesting. : I feel like I should apologize to my teeth for the days I skipped out on cleaning them. I had no idea what was going on in there

Lisa Simpson : Depends on your luck. I barely brushed my teeth for 14 years and I still have them. Don't worry! I changed now ;)

Random Stuff : I brush once a day unless I forget...

Jim Uong Kun : I brush my teeth sometimes once a day. Or every few days

Cosmic Shotgun : I got up in the middle of the video realizing I forgot to brush my teeth

mark. Question : Dentists best moments.

Bluepanda 142 : I was eating,WAS

x.giselle.x slime : A Colgate ad came up before this..😒🤪😋😂

Gordon : I brush my teeth at least 3 times a day, and I was just wondering shouldn't other animals brush there teeth?

Andreas Karvelas : This scared me into brushing my teeth so much more😬😬😬

Penny4Life : *goes and brushes teeth*

The Boys : Well this actually is this situation for some people

Laurensius Steven Ray Anwar : I brush my teeth twice a week

TurtleyKam : I brush my teeth every time I eat because I wear invisiline

Brody Dody : 29948863884777463789376638373777484862772728837366384847477374 Times a day

Declan Hartley-Brown : Anyone else here before this goes viral?

Shakedro : Im seeing this because im tired to brush my teath

Pancake Sniper : Haha haha I subscribed

Par Mang : I brush my teeth in school days. And mostly in Saturday. I brush my teeth on Sunday though. But not really Saturday.

Rage Mobile Gamer : I brush my once a day and once a night😂😂😂

Sarah W. Fox : I just brushed my teeth, and now want to brush them again.

Leon Zwart : Once

Caterina Oberti : My gums arent red but they look almost like the damaged ones and my teeth are yellow even though i brush them everyday

Drakin N. : Why does rayquaza lose his teeth? He didn’t brush his mouth after eating

Ryan x : I haven't showered in probably a year or more

YazzTheMemer : I'm going to go brush my teeth now

Alissa violet : I brush my teet 3 times a day

Abbie Crawford : The lecture I get from the Dentist twice a year... Even though my teeth are healthy.

Dame's Games : I stop brushing my teeth years ago.

XxDarthRaithxX : Some days one some days 2

Jinko Bells : Brb i need to brush my teeth now

dog mih : EVRY DAY ☻

Alex Fierro : I've been slacking cause I do a lot of work, and I eventually sleep on accident.

StudioGamezTAB : once a day at least, some times twice because it's recommended.

ii_Otto : 10,000th Comment! Also, How to Trick Someone *Read More*

MM FOOTBALL : You would have no teeth

Nathan King : What's a toothbrush

LINA GAO : 8 times

Refuse Dreamz : mint is the best flavor idc.

Cate Mitton : I hate mint. especially toothpaste flavour so I hardly ever brushed my teeth because I wouldn't stop gagging from the flavour. this went on from 4-12 years old now I'm 14 and brush my teeth twice a day everyday and only just got my first cavitiy about 1 month ago because I had never flossed before because I didn't know if I was ready.

gaju masare : Again a awesome video. Keep making this amazing videos. I learn many things. Awesome video 😊.

Nkb Studios : Yes it is the end of the world.

fat cookie man : When I was 5 years old I was brushing my teeth 15 times a day there was no thootpaste left 😂

Navdeep Singh : I used to brush twice a day but that was ruining my tooth So I started doing it once Even though it is also damaging enamel of my tooth but I can't feel good without brushing my teeth

sara queen : 2

Husky’s are my favorite dog : This scared me into brushing my teeth more...

Lalw Yasin : i brush my teeth but what is important for the people who don't brush their teeth is that they're not going to die just because of not brushing their teeth so yh...... lol

Krazy Syco : Thanks I just subbed

:D quate 123 : Ok ima brush my teeth rn ... 😓

Dovahkiin : I don't need to brush it all I gotta do is yell YOL THOK SUR and they are all burnt now