The Crayon - The Biggest Show 2015

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Meiji : Awww the little girl wrote that?

S M : i like to think this is what diaz does in her spare time

Shinichi Kudo : I love that even on this play, Pimento is still a bagger lmao.

Saskia : Ha, found this by chance and am so Happy I did 😂

Jaze Galette : Rosa's childhood. "I have a dark past"

ChiefX : Hey look, it's Diaz and Pimento, back together...well kinda :)

billie-ache eyelash : So that’s why Rosa’s so depressed She killed Mr Fluffy

Victor Lai : That "2 hours later!" scene's gold. What a sketch!

silvermorai : Schmidt! Rosa! Pimento! I always forget Stephanie started off in theatre before going to tv.

LiuTube : Stephanie should be a voice actress too! Her voice is so high pitched on this but on Brooklyn nine nine her voice is so deep and sounds so different!!!


Gijo Johnson : Rosa🎵 Rosa..🎶 Rosa....🎼

Jessica Watson : This was so great! I love seeing Stephanie Beatriz in a role that is so opposite to Rosa Diaz. :)

shouyou : wait!!!! hana, the writer, is the little girl????? that's amazing!!!! she's got so much talent, the story is so funny!!! and all the actors really brought it life!!!!

thoin : Steph' in those overalls is like polar opposite to Rosa in her blood soaked leather jackets and I LOVE IT

Chloe Adriano : Damnnn that little girl is talented!! If she wrote that script at her age, imagine what she'll create when she older!! 😍

Chloe Heathcote : PIMENTO IS A BAG-MAN AGAIN! 😂😊

Jax Duggan : it's nice to see actors have allot of range of character imcluding stephanie


Gemma Pecorini Goodall : this kid is gonna go places - this could totally be a brilliant SNL sketch

Not_your_typical_cat_person : Amazing cast, giving life to a blossoming writer. And people actually thumbs down this? Hope the crayons come for you. 😆

Mansoury219 : is this what Diaz and pimento do in their spare time?

Nina : Stephanie is such an amazing actress, the way she acts in the flashback is so funny and incredible that for a minute I really thought she was a little girl!! The story is amaing too and if it was the little girl sitting in the chair who wrote this... WOW!

Ingo Miguel : Stephanie Beatriz is a TREASURE

apenguinnamedabraham : This one little girl has more comedic talent than every grown adult who writes Family Guy

Lloyd Griffiths : Literally the opposite of Rosa from Brooklyn 99, what a diverse actor.

Bowl of Tofubyul : Rosa Diaz's missing twin.

Username is too un-original : rosa, rosa, rOooOOsa beautiful rooosa

JayD : naaaaoooooo9.... now Brooklyn Nine-Nine Rosa is never going to be the same... 😞😞😢😂

Selvin Cunningham : I have no idea what this is and discovered it by accident, but it is fantastic!!

L B : "takes a handful of shavings and mixes it with her hamster-" DONT PAUSE THERE, KEEP SPEAKING OR THE CHILDREN WILL GET IDEAS

William Andrews : Can we just have stephanie beatriz in every show from now on?

Makalov : well pimento faith is doing bags...

I'mJustYourProblem Danvers : Stephanie is so damn cute.

Calvin George : Stephanie Beatriz is a great actress.

Mutantcy1992 : Jason Mantzoukas does so much with so little

LaineyPaints : wouldnt it be great if someone animated this

Sienna Archer : I... don’t know what this is... but... I think I love it.

ashleighl : Stephanie!!! So great seeing her play such a different role! 💕😂


Why do I have six subscribers : is that what the kid wrote? it's really good

Ryan Dean : That little girl wrote a play with a freaking *stacked* cast, man

Chloe the unicorn : Rosa and Pimento!!!

Joyce C : Pimento is a bagman

Chloe the unicorn : Stephanie is amazing!! She can play such opposite characters!!!

Mrs. Adriann : Super funny! Clever girl!

井上知夏 : Stephanie is so cute here!

audioblinker : This was absolutely wonderful everyone did such a great job.

Paulie Gualtieri : Diaz? what the hell are you doing

LynchyMuSic : stephanie is awesome