If the Earth Treated Us the Way We Treat the Earth [Garlic Jackson Comedy]

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Comments from Youtube

Paul Gale Comedy : Funny, cute, AND environmentally friendly?! BY GOD, THEY'VE DONE IT!

Jan Schropfer : Don't know about you guys, but I lost it at the "NOM NOM NOM NOM" part

Toni0z : Hahahahahahaha "I don't believe in choking, there's not enough data to support it."

fuzzylumpkin49 : Never knew the earth was such a badass! ^_^

Patrick : She didn't REALLY cut off that guy's legs did she?

Lauren Judge : This is the best thing i've ever seen!! :D

waldoman7 : personifying the earth is a dangerous path.

Sidewalkbauer12345 : This is the best thing I have ever seen!

mistypinephotography : GREAT VIDEO!!!  Thank you for showing some of how the earth feels...


Su : Loving this sassmaster of an Earth! Great video!

Ahmed Hadi : loooool ,, absolutely a great video :)

Logan Bartosh : This is amazing! It sends such a powerful message of concerns that are commonly overlooked in society.

joel : hahahahahahahahaha    supper

Alia Adhal : To be honest, I think we deserve one day ( ONE DAY ) of being treated like Earth. Because this is what we do to the gift God gave us.

Heather Hoerschgen : congrats! your video got on TV!

WinnaQ : I really like the Earth's blue hair bow :)

Elizabeth Mora : Wow, this is so true and funny I noticed you said "HU-MAN" instead of "TIM-BER" ha ha! And that you used choking instead of global warming

Unicorn♥IceCream♥Cookies : 0:45 HAHAHAHA

james10614 : *NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! EAT IT!!!!*

Robert Jones : haha, awesome video guys!

Kyla Sanchez : My fave part was "nom nom nom nom! Eat it!!!!" This video is so alexisgzall. Lol

Paul Haries : Woah I just found out about her and I find that murder/psycho face mesmerizing. *u* Also, awesome clip! I didn't expect that ending. lol Save the Earth~

Omri Lotan : 0:46 NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM EAT IT!!!!

Ciara Franco : 0:11 "SI LA TIERRA NOS TRATARA DE LA FORMA EN QUE TRATAMOS A LA TIERRA" 0:29 ¡Oops! ¿Derramé petroleo sobre ti? 0:34 ¡Trágatelo! 0:41 Esto es por el ozono (la capa de ozono). 0:44 Num, num, num, num, num ¡Cómetelo! 0:55 ¡Ayuda! No puedo respirar. 0:57 Perdón. Pero no creo en el atragantamiento. 1:00 No hay suficientes datos que lo respalden. 1:04 ¡Despierten todos! 1:08 ¡Humano! 1:17 Hey (NO PUDE ENTENDER LO QUE DICE) 1:19 ¿Pueden ustedes? 1:40 Perdón chicos. Necesito sus huesos para combustible.

BryanMenegus : Wait... was the girl that's choking the same girl from 'Coronetto Cupidity'?

Dylan Smith : This was absolutely amazing! I have not laughed this hard in like a whole week! XD

rachellejacksongaya : sassy earth yas

T S : Lisa Simpson would be proud of this 

Motown Maurice PANDEMONIUM : Thanks for making us laugh and making us think at the same time. Happy New Year! 

Niki-Dee Fluck : That is so funny



Susie Raqueno : Hey you earned a new sub!

RosaH : omg i laughed soooo much brightened my day but yeah, at the same time definetely taught me a lesson

JustMeShaun : Alexis forced me here at gunpoint! Send help!

Lightsoutlightson1 : This is the most powerful Earth Day video ever. Amazing.

solokom : The earth-girl is awesome! "nomnomnom" - I laughed so hard :D

Max_Grosser : 0:46 расизм?

SuperSweetypie100 : Alexis sent me

dillion Mcclain : I made an account to post that

krissciante : Well done! :) Great idea!

dillion Mcclain : Vampiric overlord

JerryKid72 : rocks don't care. but the life on the rock cares.

Alcatraz's survivor : This is how my girlfriend treat me. #Lifesucks

v_killer7 : "I don't believe in choking" that was too good.

LaNoir : Wow, this costume emphasizes your curves very well!

Emmalemmalove : Hahahah this is the best

blury523 : "i need your bones for fuel" was the best ending.