If the Earth Treated Us the Way We Treat the Earth [Garlic Jackson Comedy]

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Alexis G. Zall : Thanks for letting me throw trash & hairspray all over you guys!

Paul Gale Comedy : Funny, cute, AND environmentally friendly?! BY GOD, THEY'VE DONE IT!

Patrick : She didn't REALLY cut off that guy's legs did she?

fuzzylumpkin49 : Never knew the earth was such a badass! ^_^

Jan Schropfer : Don't know about you guys, but I lost it at the "NOM NOM NOM NOM" part

waldoman7 : personifying the earth is a dangerous path.

Viktor Nagy : Just to be clear, earth is not going to die because of air pollution, overpopulation, ozone layer tear, global warming and etc. Earth is just keep rotate around the sun and it's own axis just like as before for million years. We humans are going to die.

Toni0z : Hahahahahahaha "I don't believe in choking, there's not enough data to support it."


Lauren Judge : This is the best thing i've ever seen!! :D

mistypinephotography : GREAT VIDEO!!!  Thank you for showing some of how the earth feels...

Daxcheese555 : Tornados, blizzards, earthquakes, tsunamies, water currents, the cold of winter and the heat of summer, poisonous insects and snakes, territorial predators etc. The Earth didn't treat us the same, it treated us worse! The Industrial Revolution was man getting back on Nature! ...But really the Earth/Nature is not sentient and we should stop treating it like it is. The reason we should care about our environment is not for the environment's sake but because of our own well-being which is dependent on it.

Sidewalkbauer12345 : This is the best thing I have ever seen!

Robert Jones : haha, awesome video guys!

Motown Maurice PANDEMONIUM : Thanks for making us laugh and making us think at the same time. Happy New Year! 

Logan Bartosh : This is amazing! It sends such a powerful message of concerns that are commonly overlooked in society.

joel : hahahahahahahahaha    supper

Su : Loving this sassmaster of an Earth! Great video!

Alia Adhal : To be honest, I think we deserve one day ( ONE DAY ) of being treated like Earth. Because this is what we do to the gift God gave us.

Patrick : Every Republican. EVERY. ONE!

Heather Hoerschgen : congrats! your video got on TV!

Ahmed Hadi : loooool ,, absolutely a great video :)

Ciara Franco : 0:11 "SI LA TIERRA NOS TRATARA DE LA FORMA EN QUE TRATAMOS A LA TIERRA" 0:29 ¡Oops! ¿Derramé petroleo sobre ti? 0:34 ¡Trágatelo! 0:41 Esto es por el ozono (la capa de ozono). 0:44 Num, num, num, num, num ¡Cómetelo! 0:55 ¡Ayuda! No puedo respirar. 0:57 Perdón. Pero no creo en el atragantamiento. 1:00 No hay suficientes datos que lo respalden. 1:04 ¡Despierten todos! 1:08 ¡Humano! 1:17 Hey (NO PUDE ENTENDER LO QUE DICE) 1:19 ¿Pueden ustedes? 1:40 Perdón chicos. Necesito sus huesos para combustible.

Sethward : The world is such a butthole.

WinnaQ : I really like the Earth's blue hair bow :)

hyperophone : 0:46 : deleted scene from 'American History X'

dillion Mcclain : I made an account to post that

SuperSweetypie100 : Alexis sent me

james10614 : *NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! EAT IT!!!!*

Vlad the Impaler : The earth is a hot lolita :)

Kyla Sanchez : My fave part was "nom nom nom nom! Eat it!!!!" This video is so alexisgzall. Lol

Hack Codex#⃣ : Now I hate the Earth even more for ruining their chess game >:c

ClassicCutie : Earth chan


rachellejacksongaya : sassy earth yas

Ashley Davis : i love this video

Dylan Smith : This was absolutely amazing! I have not laughed this hard in like a whole week! XD

Omri Lotan : 0:46 NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM EAT IT!!!!

Donger Deng : I don't believe in choking, there's not enough data to support it.

Unicorn♥IceCream♥Cookies : 0:45 HAHAHAHA

Alex Trafalgar : this ............... . . . . ................. was awesomee !!!!! #sbucirebd


Callum Lerigo : This is wicked XD

BryanMenegus : Wait... was the girl that's choking the same girl from 'Coronetto Cupidity'?

T S : Lisa Simpson would be proud of this 

Paul Haries : Woah I just found out about her and I find that murder/psycho face mesmerizing. *u* Also, awesome clip! I didn't expect that ending. lol Save the Earth~

avikbellic911 : and also stop fapping on earth! Earth dont want your semen, wat if earth cums on you? how would you feel?

Niki-Dee Fluck : That is so funny

RosaHSings : omg i laughed soooo much brightened my day but yeah, at the same time definetely taught me a lesson

Jone Høivik : There is no such thing as man made global warming! this film is purely propaganda!