The Beatles talk about Bob Dylan

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TheNightOwlsSquadron : Paul: "He was our idol." Ringo: "Bob was our hero." George: "N--Not an idol, we just heard his record, as I said." good shit

zodiacbluesbaby : Saying the Beatles wrote great melodies with corny lyrics is the same as claiming Dylan writes great poetry but can't sing. Missing the point. Dylan said recently that Paul McCartney is one surviving artist he admires above almost anyone else. They're both geniuses.

DJ Bisogno : "our idol" "well not an idol"

Razzlebathbone : For those who say Bob Dylan couldn't sing...Bowie said he had a voice like sand and glue. Can you imagine Dylan singing like Matt Monroe or Frank Sinatra? It just wouldn't be Dylan....get with the programme.

51MontyPython : "There are seven levels...(gulp)" ....ha ha What a nut.

Jeff Matey : Paul's story is so freaking funny!

Paul Trotter : Pot is indeed fabulous

Mohammed Hanif : These at their best beat Lennon/Mcartney at their best: Dylan Leonard Cohen Tom Waits (And I'd like to sneak in Richard Thompson).

Sarah : its sad that john isnt in this video :(

Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat : in 1965 After listening to Subterranean Homesick Blues for the first time, John Lennon (25) was about to retire from music industry.

Christopher Casey : The Beatles clearly prolonged their career because of Dylan. They don't want to write meaningless love songs, and they expanded by leaps and bounds.

Stuart D : lol "and i laughed and i laughed and i laughed... It was fabulous..." next question?

TheAmericanOriginal : I'm a fetus and I love old music! Look at me!

Heather Heininge : there ARE 7 levels. BOOM

Randy Bailin : At various times Dylan said that the Beatles made bubble gum music, the Stones were a joke and Donovan's songwriting sucked. Tough man to please.

TheRedfire555 : Ringo: he was a hero! Paul: He was an idol! George: Not... an idol... we just heard his record. lol That's why George is the best. I understand how Dylan influenced the Beatles... but the Beatles were far better musicians than Dylan was.

Sharon Sheehy : Woody Guthrie was bobs hero without a doubt

Luke Robinson : This is taken from the making of a hard day's night documentary for anyone who's interested.


Dan S. : Final nod by Ringo to marijuana, not to Bob.

Rahoorkhuitable : That with the seven levels isn´t that far from the truth.I mean it just sounds good.

Cameron Arnold : Why are they talking like he's dead

awildart : I've been this fool for Ringo Starr, no particular reason, maybe he seems like someone who wouldn't bother to lie to anyone. I named the gray tabby cat I got for my 15th birthday "Ringo Starr" and my feelings for Ringo are so straight forward. My feelings for BD are more complicated. Naturally.

Theodore Perez : This video is very spinal tap

Jack Wright : Google-minus disables replies after a certain time (why??) but here's an FYI for Idchappell1: the word is sinsemilla, not sensimilla. Sin-semilla means "without seed": in the early days, bags of pot usually had lots of stems and seeds in them which were not good for smoking, so sinsemilla was a step up, and anyone who brought that to a party acquired a lot of coolness points.

Underground : somebody please traslate me in spanish what they say

Sean Coates : i love this segment about smoking weed for the first time with bob dylan XD

Alex G : Having just done pot for the first time, I bet Paul wakes up the next day, reads that and thinks to himself "Some context would be nice. Thanks for nothing goddamn universe!"

Beneta : Funny too mostly because George probably was the biggest Dylan fan of three.

jon mer : Seven levels 😆

Lennonish : Ringo: IDOL! PAUL: IDOL! George: Naaaaah not an idol.

Dan Apuzzo : People fighting over who is better < Listening to both for different reasons

Sean Patrick : Dylan sucked.

Marge onthat : This finally proves what I long suspected : the Beatles are such boring bastards!

: I don't get what you're going on about. So what if Dylan "can't sing". You don't need to justify that or try to prove it wrong at all. His lyrical content makes up for it, that's the thing.

Bling SugarBaby : Awesome interviews!

The Artful Dodger : Yes! There are SEVEN levels!

Levi DeGeneres : Thank you very much for uploading this video and The Beatles Hats off once again at your legacy

Virginia Abreu de Paula : The Beatles didn't prolong their career thanks to Dylan. They were already fabulous before meeting Dylan. They kept on improving because they were amazing. Dylan also learn a thing or two with them.They shared their geniality.

Kevin Peterson : a movement is accomplished in six stages and the seventh brings return the seven is the number of the young light it forms when darkness is increased by one change returns success going and coming without error action brings good fortune sunset

Virginia Abreu de Paula : Okand, it's incorret. The Beatles never went apart. Most people got stuck in the early seventies when the band split. Look at the present. They created a family. I saw Dhanny calling Ringo of uncle Ringo. Julian refers to Paul as Uncle |Paul. They moved on and passed hours and hours together. See Anthology. See the last days of George...Ringo and Paul visiting him. He died in a house that belongs to Paul. They left the problems behind. Their most imporant message. Love wins.

John Lennon Sr : faul

MovieHound17 : Someone mind explain the part where paul talked about the 7 levels?

Javier Bautista : BOB IS GOD

Paul Abbott : There's actually 8 levels, its like you don't know anything

Picnicl : It's weird how The Beatles fawned over Dylan, who has only a few songs up there with their own, yet you'll struggle to find them mention The Doors or The Byrds or The Small Faces or The Kinks.

J o n a t h a n : ringo star at the end you just got to laugh.

brutaldmcccp : What's the name of the Song?!?!? !!!

Mrsilenciobackgammon : Uuh, I'm not so sure....about that...

Nancy Robinson : Paul “ we were going to find the Meaning of life at party with Bob “ , ( first met, except for Lennon who brought him to them )! They adored his music , ( Free Wheeling ) played many times ! ❤️