David Coffin - "Roll the Old Chariot" http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds

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Bep : Something about a lot of people singing makes things so epic

Scot Crawford : Gave me chills

MrDuckAlmighty : the energy this creates...

Christian Dewar : Epic voice, what a legend.

dalailama83 : Such a man...I would sail with him to hell and back, I would

твоя мамка : here be jaunty shanty from me boyhood, yarrr

Music Dragon Mountain : Every time I hear David's voice with the crowd, I get chills. Why is he not famous all around the world?

crorens : could listen to this for hours

Cool Shuckle : I love this song! I'm getting addicted to it :)

Dirk Odinsson : 6 people didn't roll the old chariot

Diek454 : If I was randomly walking down the streets of New Hampshire... for some reason... and I came across these people singing sea shanty's in the middle of a thoroughfare I would instantly fall in love for New Hampshire. In fact I think I already have.

junkanoopunch : 10/10 would plunder & pillage with again.

Shinobeast : This reminds me of Assassin's Creed 4. I loved listening to shanties while I sailed the Caribbean.

wsarfraz18 : This is just EPIC

Emily Mahbobi : holy crap his voice is so manly. 

Luke : Is there a pregnant woman with a beard in the background?

Mischievous Owl : i need some friends like these people...

Peter Little : So wonderful to hear someone giving a shanty 100% instead of the tarty choral versions that crop up for much of the time.

dmunman : I'm gonna hum this song for days in my head! Great!

kopytek36 : What is it about these very old songs that stir up such emotions in us modern day rate race wage slaves?  Chilling.

Alex Charette : Whyyyy must there be racism in the comments?

wolfstarchaser : Mr. Coffin has a beautiful voice, and I would be honored to join any sing-along he led, wherever and whatever. Period.

s1d3k1ckRO : They've got my respect!

KamikaziRainDrop : Oh dang.  That's incredible.

pyrobooby : Hey Stephan, I'm thinking of helping you expand Piscataqua Productions a must-see brand on YouTube. Let's have a chat. 

13xiane : This gave me goosebumps.

Gross Gore : Reminds me something out of "The Hobbit"

thirteenfingers : Now that's some shantyman. Too many folk butcher shanties with ornament and arrangement but in voice, tone, character... the lot. I could see an anchor coming up afore that lad. Nice work.

Stephen Randel : such a band of scallywags! landlubbers all of 'em!

mrsbonniemoore : A fine pint 'a beer wouldn't do him any harm :D

IndianRiverMan1 : Superb...the way these songs should be sung, en masse... Please come to Facebook and search: "Sea Shanty, Sailor Songs and Pirates of Nautical Dissent" to share your songs and to find a wide array of information, links, definitions and etc. at this page! ~Tod McNeal

mondragon078 : too bad i cant this on itunes hahaha!

Tye Forster : I loved it!! Great job! This makes me want to be a sailor.

Raquel FUCIDJI : Does anybody knows where can I find the lyric from this song? I've been tried, but all lyric with this title is different.  I think this video and the song so amazing that i would like to learn!

James Scullion : The 21 Trilby trolls must like licking their own armpit hair.

Kalma Clemens : oxhorn brought me here. no regrets! this is fantastic!

Cami M : I do so love good folk singing!

Wraithfire27 : Man has some serious pipes and the skills to use 'em. I'd sail with him. *Salute*

jn163051 : Yes yes yes!

Stuka Sturzkampfflugzeug : Amazing song. I wish I could purchase a album from your group.

Nick Savage : Ye barnacle-covered sea monster - that was truely spectacular - swim th' plank wit' ye

TheNutsoCharles : That was fantastic!

ZoomZoom0 : this is an amazing song. I was brought here though gif sounds on reddit and I stayed for the folk <3

kibazavr kibazavr : Фантастика !!!fantastic !!!

Verdigris Rex : I so agree

Leonardo Machado : Excellent!

Jennyfer Gordon : Awesome.

Jdemonify : This should be one of those Shanties in the Assasin creed 4. :)

jn163051 : Another one in a related vein - search roll alabama roll seamans institute

Morgan Montz : That was awesome. Matt and Trey, please do a broadway show and use this in it!