David Coffin - "Roll the Old Chariot" http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds

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MarioLoco03 : This makes me want to get drunk and sing with friends.

Anthony B : Which town can we find this shanty in Assassins Creed IV? 

Dale Check : I watched this about a dozen times now! I LOVE this guy's energy, and the song! Wish we did things like this more often.

dalailama83 : Such a man...I would sail with him to hell and back, I would

Bep : Something about a lot of people singing makes things so epic

Gross Gore : Reminds me something out of "The Hobbit"

Intigo : "Hide Fedora" is a very handy Chrome extension for anyone still bothered by bad YouTube comments: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hide-fedora/acjgabfifnnmmlckmnijdbijgbfpedde Blocks 4chan/reddit/whatever-you-want-to-call-them trolls

WTFISTHISSHTPISSOFFGOOGLE : his voice is alpha as fuck

MrDuckAlmighty : the energy this creates...

Emily Mahbobi : holy crap his voice is so manly. 

David Davidson : I just plain don't like black people.

lllerlll : here be jaunty shanty from me boyhood, yarrr

Ryan Sheckler : 10/10 would pillage and rape with

crorens : could listen to this for hours

ShantyLady : I love this so, so much. I wish I could be part of something like this in my life. Amazing shanty, incredible energy, I hope that you had as much fun as I did watching it!

Cool Shuckle : I love this song! I'm getting addicted to it :)

Scot Crawford : Gave me chills

Music Dragon Mountain : Every time I hear David's voice with the crowd, I get chills. Why is he not famous all around the world?

pyrobooby : Hey Stephan, I'm thinking of helping you expand Piscataqua Productions a must-see brand on YouTube. Let's have a chat. 

Christian Dewar : Epic voice, what a legend.

trollbot222 : These idiotic "Redditor" comments are getting old...

: African Americans always sing with such soul. I guess it is because they have so much suffering passed down from the slavery days. I have no idea what this man is singing about, but it draws a tear to my eye to think of his ancestors being whipped, presumably by mine Henry Raper redditor, free thinker, lover and scribe

JMcG : Stumbled on this video and the song, found myself engrossed and I watched many other versions that are on youtube. This is the only one I come back to.

Diek454 : If I was randomly walking down the streets of New Hampshire... for some reason... and I came across these people singing sea shanty's in the middle of a thoroughfare I would instantly fall in love for New Hampshire. In fact I think I already have.

Kim Jong Un : this shit got me turnt my nigga 10/10 would steal the booty with again

George Lincoln Rockwell : 6 people didn't roll the old chariot

olemann77 : I  NEED  MORE Where can I get more? Im hooked! Gimme more! More please?

Richard Eckenrode : Argh me matey. Fine singin.  You lads ought to be proud.

KamikaziRainDrop : Oh dang.  That's incredible.

Classy Classical : All those fucking fedora trolls are so annying... But the shanty is awesome :)

Mischievous Owl : i need some friends like these people...

wsarfraz18 : This is just EPIC

Mercenary Tao : lol this is amazing.

Tye Forster : I loved it!! Great job! This makes me want to be a sailor.

Luke : Is there a pregnant woman with a beard in the background?

1234567890sunshine : Were you guys in assassin's creed?

trunkmonkey556 : A bottle for the shanty man! 

Kalma Clemens : oxhorn brought me here. no regrets! this is fantastic!

Stephen Randel : such a band of scallywags! landlubbers all of 'em!

theymusthatetesla : I was once a Reactor Operator at Calder Hall in Cumbria (really) We used to sing 'Reactor Shanties'. 'We're to take a circuit out, now run the 'rods in, lads. Take a circuit out, now, so watch the neutron flux. We're to bring a circuit back, so watch your doubling time, boys' 'There she goes...we've just gone critical....' Etc etc. You had to be there, really....

dmunman : I'm gonna hum this song for days in my head! Great!

Shinobeast : This reminds me of Assassin's Creed 4. I loved listening to shanties while I sailed the Caribbean.

junkanoopunch : 10/10 would plunder & pillage with again.

James Scullion : The 21 Trilby trolls must like licking their own armpit hair.

Chance Mukai : the weirdest shit doesn't get millions of views.

MurdochTheatre Company : that was really good :)

Leonardo Machado : Excellent!

Johan Alm : id be damned, isent that geoffry sitting up against that tree!

Jonatan von Seth : Great, just great!

s1d3k1ckRO : They've got my respect!