OLD COMMERCIALS #1 (the 70's)

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Alka Selzter ("Mama Mia!"), Hai Karate Aftershave, Dow "Scrubbing Bubbles", Bing Crosby flips pancakes for Minute Maid and 5 more. Appearances also by Roy Scheider, Vic Tayback and Ann Miller.


CroatianDudeWithAttitude : Commercial were actually a lot better back then.

Charles Rhine : To this day I still say "Moma Mia, thats a spicya meat-ta-ball".

Korbin Nadeau : These are about a thousand  times better than most commercials these days!

RottenRroses : Anybody else felt sorry for those poor hard working bubbles when they had to go down the drain?

Kevin Willis : I used to wear ' hai karate' aftershave, never helped with the girls in fact i think it repelled them. Funny memories.

BlindMellowJelly : I need a cig after that Camay soap foreplay.......My mom used that soap, I can still smell it in her bathroom from 45 years ago......lol

beardman : Why does it sparkle? Oh it's just the crystal meth they put in it. Don't worry

justin richard : Now I want spaghetti and meatballs

Jay Bee : lol wtf was going on in the 70s?

Zholla Mychalis : Roy Scheider? Gonna need a bigger cup Rroy...

Erika Barnathan : Roy Scheider (coffee), Vic Tayback (panty hose), Avery Schreiber (soap), the voice of Paul Winchell (scrubbing bubbles), and Bing Crosby. Wow!

Oscar Robinson : That alka seltzer commercial with the spicey meat a balls was one of the best! Used to laugh like hell when we watched it on t.v.

PETER MAINWALD : The alka seltzer commercial cracks me up everytime..

MeinnameistDreck : Mel Sharples advertising for panty hose?!

Megan : Scrubbing Bubbles has the same voice as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh

Steve Baer : Oh please take me back the 1970's years when I was a kid. I surely and tremendously miss my era. When I was a kid back then, I wanted to be an adult and now as an adult, I wished that I was a little kid in the 1970's? Those were the days and times, groovy far-out time? As a 51 yearsold, I would like to cry but as a man, I don't like to cry at all?

Clark W : "Heeeyyyy, what is that?" (looking at sparkling coffee grounds) "It's new instant Folger's coffee crystals with real broken glass!" "See, it sparkles!"

waterboy : THE SOAP ONE THO

Uncle Buck : 1:10 lol I wonder how many of those he had to eat until he got it right.

Kristen Alaina Smothers : Hey at 2:40 is that the man who played in Jaws?

Pontiac GrandPrix73 : 70s commercials were song and dance productions, nothing is the same anymore, you used to laugh, now u wanna vomit,

ieatpoison1 : whats with the meth crystals in the folgers coffee?

P Heresy : Teaberry Shuffle.... and Hip Hop dance was born. Just need to put it to better music.

Oscar Robinson : The late, great Ann Miller in the last ad for soup.

Roy Abr : LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "HAI KARATE" LAMO

MervynCruddy : Chief Brody: "You're gonna need a bigger coffee pot!"

Oscar Robinson : Did you guys catch Roy Scheider of Jaws fame in that coffee ad?

Diamond Nnaji : great memories seeing these commercials

Niko here : Wow! I didn't know Roy Scheider filmed a commercial ✊ love him good actor he was in the 70s

MrChrispy777 : Ann Miller sang and danced for decades, and maintained a great pair of games. Don't remember the Great American Soup Company, but I do remember her.

popstar38 : *Goes in to rob bank *Discusses pantyhose instead

Joel Alexander : How in the hell did they make those crystals? The world may never know...

mj peter : Mel Sharples is that you?! Naw, that's Vic Tayback telling you which brand of pantyhose to wear if you want a successful robbery. Niiice!

isivaz2319 : haha! srubbing bubbles hasn't changed a bit, except now its not a cartoon!

ferociousgumby : "Best I've ever had!"  "That pantyhose just lays there!" "Why does the coffee sparkle?" "Just taste it." "WHY does the coffee sparkle?" "JUST FRICKIN' TASTE IT!!" "Blghghhghghhh. . . can't. . . breathe. . ."

crysjumar1 : I can't believe that was roy scheider in the folgers commercial

Rst28 : Hai Karate--holy poop, its been yrs.. great stuff..

Steven Worthy : at 3:13, its Mel from "Alice" or the actor Vic Tayback in the pantyhose commercial! Gee, seeing these makes me feel old! Roy Scheider in a Folgers commercial!

meg28781 : Ann Miller ... The Great American Soup ... wow, what memories and what a classy lady

Jamie Woods : Thanks for sharing these oldies. How can anyone alive and over age 6 in 1970 forget that classic Ann Miller spot for now long-gone Great American Soups. That one is a true classic.

SunbeamsSting : Great 70's commercials!

dawn of the dead heads : Is that Roy Schieder at 2:00?

Eric Scroggs : Roy Scheider in that Folgers commercial.

Anton Chigurh : Roy Schneider!

Walking Trails 777 : As soon as I seen panty hose commercial I thought , "Kiss my grits!"

Retro Rabbit Ears : If you like these commercials and have some time be sure to check out some of the videos I have up, Car commercials from the 50s, and a bunch of stuff from the early 80s and 90's Keep up the great work keefmeister77

Steven L : The Voice of Tigger did the voice of the Scrubbing Bubbles!

Banana Phone : Anyone who has had a good brewed cup of coffee will understand me when I say I hate instant coffee.

majidi : that soap lather commercial is just ... wrong