OLD COMMERCIALS #1 (the 70's)

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Steve Baer : Oh please take me back the 1970's years when I was a kid. I surely and tremendously miss my era. When I was a kid back then, I wanted to be an adult and now as an adult, I wished that I was a little kid in the 1970's? Those were the days and times, groovy far-out time? As a 51 yearsold, I would like to cry but as a man, I don't like to cry at all?

youareonthetube1 : Society is in a bad state when even the commercials form over 30 years ago in the decade of the 70's. Are better than entire television shows in 2017.

RottenRroses : Anybody else felt sorry for those poor hard working bubbles when they had to go down the drain?

Kevin Willis : I used to wear ' hai karate' aftershave, never helped with the girls in fact i think it repelled them. Funny memories.

Charles Rhine : To this day I still say "Moma Mia, thats a spicya meat-ta-ball".

CroatianDudeWithAttitude : Commercial were actually a lot better back then.

BlindMellowJelly : I need a cig after that Camay soap foreplay.......My mom used that soap, I can still smell it in her bathroom from 45 years ago......lol

justin richard : Now I want spaghetti and meatballs

Oscar Robinson : That alka seltzer commercial with the spicey meat a balls was one of the best! Used to laugh like hell when we watched it on t.v.

Zholla Mychalis : Roy Scheider? Gonna need a bigger cup Rroy...

dahmeredsback : bing crosby probably went home and gave all the kids a good belt beating after the shoot....

Clark W : "Heeeyyyy, what is that?" (looking at sparkling coffee grounds) "It's new instant Folger's coffee crystals with real broken glass!" "See, it sparkles!"

Jay Bee : lol wtf was going on in the 70s?

beardman : Why does it sparkle? Oh it's just the crystal meth they put in it. Don't worry

MeinnameistDreck : Mel Sharples advertising for panty hose?!

MrChrispy777 : Ann Miller sang and danced for decades, and maintained a great pair of games. Don't remember the Great American Soup Company, but I do remember her.

Fabulous Sparkly Vampire Wizard : Anyone who has had a good brewed cup of coffee will understand me when I say I hate instant coffee.

Oscar Robinson : The late, great Ann Miller in the last ad for soup.

Steve Porter : The 70's where possibly the best decade, just enough technology, low crime rates, liberalism was kept at bay, America was full of hope and people seemed hopeful in the future and God was in the hearts of the majority. Love, kindness and morality was what defined the 70's for me.

mj peter : Mel Sharples is that you?! Naw, that's Vic Tayback telling you which brand of pantyhose to wear if you want a successful robbery. Niiice!

Erika Barnathan : Roy Scheider (coffee), Vic Tayback (panty hose), Avery Schreiber (soap), the voice of Paul Winchell (scrubbing bubbles), and Bing Crosby. Wow!

PETER MAINWALD : The alka seltzer commercial cracks me up everytime..

Oscar Robinson : Did you guys catch Roy Scheider of Jaws fame in that coffee ad?

Joel Alexander : How in the hell did they make those crystals? The world may never know...

ieatpoison1 : whats with the meth crystals in the folgers coffee?

MervynCruddy : Chief Brody: "You're gonna need a bigger coffee pot!"

Kristen Alaina Smothers : Hey at 2:40 is that the man who played in Jaws?

P Heresy : Teaberry Shuffle.... and Hip Hop dance was born. Just need to put it to better music.

Diamond Nnaji : great memories seeing these commercials

waterboy : THE SOAP ONE THO

Roy Abr : LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "HAI KARATE" LAMO

Megan : Scrubbing Bubbles has the same voice as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh

crysjumar1 : I can't believe that was roy scheider in the folgers commercial

popstar38 : *Goes in to rob bank *Discusses pantyhose instead

Niko here : Wow! I didn't know Roy Scheider filmed a commercial ✊ love him good actor he was in the 70s

Uncle Buck : 1:10 lol I wonder how many of those he had to eat until he got it right.

majidi : that soap lather commercial is just ... wrong

ferociousgumby : "Best I've ever had!"  "That pantyhose just lays there!" "Why does the coffee sparkle?" "Just taste it." "WHY does the coffee sparkle?" "JUST FRICKIN' TASTE IT!!" "Blghghhghghhh. . . can't. . . breathe. . ."

isivaz2319 : haha! srubbing bubbles hasn't changed a bit, except now its not a cartoon!

Rst28 : Hai Karate--holy poop, its been yrs.. great stuff..

MarK Downing : I just love these old commercials from the 70's!! They bring back so many memories! I remember just about all of these. But, does anybody remember a kind of ugly chubby kid that did commercials somewhere in between 1972 to 1975? I think his name was something like Mason Morton or something similar. Can anybody help? THANKS!!

Retro Rabbit Ears : If you like these commercials and have some time be sure to check out some of the videos I have up, Car commercials from the 50s, and a bunch of stuff from the early 80s and 90's Keep up the great work keefmeister77

Black Buick : 1:07 Mama Mia that's Mr Cotterman from Barney Miller!

Oscar Robinson : Avery Schreiber in the soap commercial.

hardlines4 : Loved these commercials

Eric Scroggs : Roy Scheider in that Folgers commercial.

Anton Chigurh : Roy Schneider!

Walking Trails 777 : As soon as I seen panty hose commercial I thought , "Kiss my grits!"

Steven Worthy : at 3:13, its Mel from "Alice" or the actor Vic Tayback in the pantyhose commercial! Gee, seeing these makes me feel old! Roy Scheider in a Folgers commercial!

Oscar Robinson : Teaberry shuffle ad was really big too!