Episode 1 - Malcolm in the Middle

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Zipar : Very well done, love the episode choice. I was hoping for an appearance of his henchmen from the body builder episode, though!

Robert Kidd Carl Cornell : For some reason, I always knew Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad were tied together. This sums it up perfectly.

Rusty Beaver : That was incredible all around so good that for a minute I actually forgot about how my hot wife has divorced me and taken my dvds of all the seasons. She only left me an autographed pic of Jamie the baby I might as well just jump down a large well. But again,. A+ work.

The Tunnel : Damn you know your Malcolm in the middle very well, great job

Dimaneitor Comics : Daaaaamn, I have a very similar project!

Toronto Goth Rap Live : this is so awesome, like breaking bad

Emo Queen : Welcome in the middle is the best