Streaker fail

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Lvl58DeathKnight : is the Joker filming this?

Tacitus : Well, I never thought that I would want to see a video of a naked man until he hit that glass wall.

Boozehoundbassplayer : ahh great to see my fellow Brit enhancing our reputation abroad....

Jacob heyman : That's the power of windex

Jazz Nas : Quite possibly the funniest clip on YouTube. Quality :D

thepoppy1824 : No matter what.. every reply I'm LAUGHING

Rohit Tendolkar : That laugh made it evergreen! 😁😁😁

Domino 64 : Sounds like my car...

Dr00py the Dog : Lucky he didn't have a boner

fjbutch : Notice he wasn't holding his todge on the way back ha his nose... Lol...

Sharkus Velarde : The funniest ever!!

Daniel Pattrick : good video easy to wank too


Ronan Mcearlane : This is so funny u could watch 100 times

stopthatimmediately : fuck everyone in this video

Nora L : lmao even the audio of the cameraman laughing is funny

mick savage : very very funny,laughter is very contagious I really enjoyed this clip bravo!

Sirant : haha most annoying laugh ever

Akshay Chopra : this has me in hysterics every time! watched it like a 1000 times

Lozza708 : the funniest video on you tube ever!!!!! congrats guys good to see ya's enjoying yourselves

bassievanjemsn : awesome fail

Stijn Van den Bosch : this guy is my hero

jony : i cant stop whit laughing

mita02 : thumbs up if u onley laughed of the cameraman his laugh

FellowGamerForFun : thumbs up if u saw this at Tosh.0


Ty13 : oh this is too good! this will never stop being funny! lol

Lucas Sabino : over 100 easy

Daniel Gatbonton : hahaha that was awesome!!! but the guys in the court diddnt find it amusing at all


PRO-NOOB-GAMER : who laugh at 0:08? "hahah" most epic laugh i ever hear hahaha

PinkPhreud : Sounds like Muttley did the camera work! Hilarious!

Justin Dills : Like this if you know you have watched this over a hundred times.

Evo X RS : Hahahah fucking gets me everytime, no matter how many times you watch, hahahhahah amm streaking amnnn cumooonnnnn hahahahhaha

MarcusAurelius : Anyone else thinking that the camera guy knew the door was shut all along hence the reason he was laughing before he hit?

Mattias karlström : hahaha thats so funny ! =DDD

elitenable : HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

KTMperformance : HAHAHAHA awesome!! thumbs up!