Playing The Sims 4 Island Living at EA Play | Kelsey Impicciche
Playing The Sims 4 Island Living at EA Play Kelsey Impicciche

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It's that BuzzFeed girl again, this time I was invited to EA Play to get to play the newest expansion The Sims 4 Island Living and interview Sims Producer Jill Johnson about it! What are you most excited to see in the new expansion? Follow me on social media: Instagram: Twitch: Twitter: FB:


Dawn Ellen : Can't wait for Chesley to woohoo a mermaid.

Kate Weissenberger : The Impicchishmays should go on a beach vacation there!!!!

LPS Silver Star : Vampire Twins : 5.3. 2019 *OLD* Mermaid twins : 21.6.2019 *New*

Meh Eh : For the 100 baby challenge, you need to have a mermaid baby😂👌

Irem Erkan : But the Real question is: Can Kelsey whoo-hoo with Merman Craig?

Unicorn Banana : I thought that when she made her otp it was eugene and not craig... . . . . . Oops😂

Caitlyne Cue : I’m basically just fangirling with Kelsey rn

summer : me: i wont spend any more money on sims games EA: island paradise me: $$$$

stardropz : You got me into playing Sims again and now I must have this. 😳

Laura Bodle : Me: in the middle of an English lesson Also me secretly watching this: OMG KELSEY POSTED

Emilia Jones : Love you Kelsey! You’ve worked so hard to get here and you deserve it 100% (you deserve it more, tbh...)

Ana G : How is she still single?! 1) She's so pretty. 2) She's so funny. 3) Has a great personality. SKSKSKS HOW!?!??!?

Kaetlyn Shae : Craig and Chelsea OTP 😂 I love it! Great interview, I am so excited for merpeople!

Kathleen Milewski : I was already excited for island living but now that I’ve seen the sneak peek of what else you can do I’m definitely preordering !

Fanboying exists : Our girl getting that EA play life😍😍😍proud of you Kelsey

Cazzy B : So glad you're getting opportunities like this Kelsey! You deserve it. Thanks for the great content!

Janet Navarro : SOMEONE OUT THERE BETTER MAKE THE H20 MERMAIDS 🧜🏼‍♀️ FOR THE GALLERY 😭❤️❤️❤️ Edit: I just saw someone’s gameplay and saw that there was a lot near the volcano and OMG IM SO GONNA TRY TO DO THE MOON POOL FROM MAKO ISLAND 😭💕💕💕

rin0015 : ALRIGHT FINE. you might have just convinced me to pay $50 for this expansion

Sally Ma : we are waiting for surviving challenge on island 😎

pessimistic rat : “Oops, my hand slipped and I made my OTP”

Suksan Yosela : it feels weird to see chelsea so young and not pregnant 😂 anyway the new package seems very exciting n cool! n to the developer, ure so goals cos ure enjoying ur work so much n u scream a lot just like kelsey! n i'm glad u got this opportunity kelsey u deserve it cos ure awesome!

KimOlson1993 : Dolphins?! 😵😵😵 You can LIVE on the BEACH with dolphins?! 😵😵😵 Girl...!!! "Mermaid kiss"?! 😵😵😵 WOAH!!! I think I actually need this!

Shaina Barnes : I already preordered!! Can't wait. Btw: Shaina is a great baby name.

dawolfman24 : Kelsey is wife goals. More bubbles than champagne and smile like sunshine. Always love your vids. Thank you.

BlackPiano : Man, you should’ve asked if they’re working on bringing cars/bikes/University/Private Schools back.

evelyn akuamoah-boateng : I'm so excited for you to play the island Sims and make a family And become mermaids

Brianna Kipphut : I hope they make a full expansion of Atlantis all underwater

Softie Roses : Wuhooo! Mermaids are the best things ever! Can you imagine if they have .. witches and wizards next time? KSKSKSKSKS

Phoebe Wiggins : This may be better than love island 😂♥️

Chaela Marie Carter : Dude. Did Jill spill any tea about the Realm of Magic game pack??

Anna Dominique : I screamed when I saw Craig! Lol

Gabriela Freitas : I was so surprised when I saw Rao in your video! I love him and his webseries, Girls in the House! And of course, I love you! Much love from Brazil 🇧🇷

Hanzuglam : I can't wait to get this. I loved Island Paradise in The Sims 3!

Ellie W : What conservationist!!?!??! I love that!! I am SOLD

Chantal Massicotte : I love Kelsey....and want to be her when I grow up. 😁 Can't wait for twin mermaids! Is there a mermaid grim reaper?! LOL!!

Unicorn Banana : that "mERmAIdSSS" tho😂😂😘

Novel Ninja : You just made my day. Your happiness is so contagious! Much love from Belgium❤️

Emma GFXC : OMG THIS IS AMAZING AND IT DROPS ON MY BDAY! Definitely getting it <3

Sydney True : I just bought some of your merchandise I love you so much!

Julie McWilliams : I am so fangirling with you ! So excited to see this pack being played!

Mun Ng : What camera and lighting were you using - you look amazing!!!

Xx PeacefulUnicorn xX : I wish they added renting and hotels for vacation


Sally Versace : Craig: (sings mermaid lullaby) Chelsea: "ohhhh, skimbo"

Shiphrah Roshini Thomas : Yay, I really wanted to see this, and the only simmer I watch uploaded a video of it!

Jelena Jovanović : 100 Seduced Sailors Challenge is smiling at us all? 😁

Abigail Soliz : “We wanted it to be a home, where you live” *puts it in the vacation part of the sims worlds*

Somebody : I legit gasped at the end of the official trailer for that expansion pack

Kimberlin Cleophas : You should do a spinoff with this mod😀