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Late Night with Cry and Russ V2 : Welcome to the Leppy!

Retro Game Lord : He has a future.

DarkSoulMaster : 0:48. Squidward?

Kevin : The people in the background are just accepting the fact that they're missing the cool hand stuff.

Hazard Pay 35 : 0:48 his arms dont even look bound by bones there!

Justin Garrett : Why am I only finding this now

Random Pebble : Way ahead of its time 😂

Shurei1 : Damn, haven't watched this in years. Randomly thought about it.

DippersTaco : Late night with Leppy?

JP Punayo : recreat this with kinjaz

a thot : i was actually looking for a serious wii choreography and i finally found one. ty sm oml !!

ThatDancingBambi : this dance makes me so happy

mangaxotaku : this dance will forever be a favorite of mine

lanojo87 : Welcome to the leppy!

King Savion : I'm on cry's liked Videos playlist.. I'm confused yet proud of him liking this..

Jade[d] : Twai's sucks compared to this :p

Josh : That skill

lin2k4 : Hella talent

xLua : Og wii challenge 😂

Emily Oh. : Thanks Cry this was awesome! ^^

Calm Tiger : Is this a meme yet?

Mama’sHome : 0:48 OMG HE CAN DO *The Squidward* _Yea i call it dat_

Josh Acosta : Cryaotic liked this

JC Calleros : Way ahead of its time.

Nicos Random Stuff : Thats were it all started

Anthony Rosales : Woah how did this is old masterpiece show up in my recommendations lol

natanyofsho : Do a kinjaz tribute to this song!

Scoops : This is like sign language for music.

Lee Robson : No, no, you have it all wrong. This video is what the Mii Channel was based on

Josiah Javier : Watched this a long time ago and recognized it. After watching it just now and just realizing it was Mike Song made me so happy. 

pamdada : Great dance and song choice 👌

Queer&Here : I just came here to let y'all know that I had this on my Myspace back in the day.

Owen Tucker : 0:36 got me dead w/ that tweetie bird 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥

headset93 : Where this meme started

ugh.alexa. 94 : Twaimz danced it better 😂😂😂 (naw but this was good as well)

wherearethemolerats : I honestly thought this was uploaded this year hes that lit

billies mine : the blank expression on the people faces in the background 😂😂

Veronica Coin : Twaimz does it better, bye.

Aaron’s Articulate Opinions : This is a guide to show you how to establish dominance in the most fateful situations.

Lina Crescent : Omg they actually dance to this song XDDDDD

e * : how did the people watching not die 1 second into the dance

Nick Trala : LEPPY

Matvic : Omg im so talented i can sit on my bed and watch youtube

Ooey Gooey : *_TALENT_*

oye m8 : Me when I get the highest test score in the class

InThe Asphalt : We’re that wii shop tho?

WolfTart : Imagine if your Moi character could do this.

Yob Jen : Wtf did WII invented in 2009

Cody Plumley : This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Manó : He is Howard the Alien in his human form bruh