The Bullet Express Full Infomercial

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This is my favorite infomercial of all time! Enjoy!

Comments from Youtube

Mngalahad : I like how they invited everyone else just to show them how much better they are than the rest of their family.

The Cinema Cynic : "A little bit of cream cheese" *Puts in four bricks*

Zero_Kent : Wife called her husband fat...woman made fun of her aunt cause she can't cook as fast as the damn machine and mick makes fun of "granny's false teeth" these guys are like an a real family....this damn thing must work!

cool emilio : Aunt Martha fell in a deep depression after hearing the comment "Even you can't make it that fast Martha" but who knew Martha was a meatloaf expert? Rip aunt Martha

George Wang : Using plain pureed tomato as your pizza "sauce"? Potato au gratin without making a roux? And no one is adding any salt whatsoever. More like flavorless express.

Mngalahad : 12:58 thanks for letting me know this was a paid advertisement for the bullet express. I almost thought it was the recording of a real family.

Rawk4Life : "How about a 15 second nachos supreme to hold you over?" It took him 26 seconds. LIAR!

Teagan : I like how in the beginning the two kids come in, and then 2 seconds later, they're completely gone.

Nico Reveco : Aunt Martha hating on the low

EjPwned : My childhood 😭😭😭😭 Who else remembers watching this when you woke up early on Saturday mornings???

Olole : I wonder what they talk about at the the dinner table when it's not about the bullet express

Delius Lyndon : That turkey meatloaf is an abomination

Teagan : "This is not a food processor.Now lets make a turkey meatloaf." *puts on the Food Processor attachment*

eugie : Granny: “it's a pain in the..." Mick: “Aaas I was saying..."

Kelly Stout : Granny is sick of their shit. This is not the first time she's been disappointed in this family.

Josh Duncan : Mick: "Have you ever tasted meatloaf as good as that?" Martha: (takes a microscopic bite and barely chews it) "I don't believe it. This is fantastic!"

Vincent Laflamme : Holy crap! This looks more like an "adult swim" type parody than an actual informercial lol.

ladycplum : Sheesh Mick, would you like some chips with your cheese?

josey smith : she does,, not understand how pizza sauce works

Joseph Charles : "Look, can you see that? Are you watching? I want you to notice something. Are you ready? Look at that. Did you see it? Did you look? Look at this. Did you miss it? Watch it again. Can you see that? No, not that, the other thing. Just watch this, guys. Oh, you missed it. Just kidding. Have a look at this. And while you're doing that, I want you to notice something...." I don't want this guy to die, I just want him to suffer.

Jorge Rodriguez : They're all ganging up on Martha 😂😂

Anthony Burkett : Ralph shouts: "LET'S GET TO THE FOOD!!!" as he has a whole platter of nachos and cheese. 2:29

charchar234cj : Will somebody give aunt Martha the award for outstanding supporting actress already

Muhammad Lee : Aunt Martha stays being judgmental from a distance

Harry Forster : “A liiiiiitle bit of cream cheese” Adds a mountain of cream cheese

Hannah C : Am I the only one who just thinks "major cross contamination!" After he handles the raw turkey breast, then goes to touch everything else. And then NEVER goes to wash his hands??

TwistyMcFisty : I'm impressed they made a salad that was able to unmix itself.

Wesley Van Anden : "The last time many of these people were seen alive. Rumor has it they all went to a dinner party but nobody ever saw any of them leave. Neighbors say that at night, loud noises such as explosions, electricity humming and what they are convinced are muffled human screams. are heard. Occasionally bright lights emanate from the basement windows while simultaneously causing rolling blackouts in the area."

Michael DellaMonaca : nothing they made looks good, nothing.

Michael Jackson : These people are more rude than peppermint patty at charlie browns thanksgiving lunch

simon b : Question: "How long would it take to make a cheesecake?" Answer: "I use a big stan mixer" That was not the question Madame

Mlg Grape : OMG the pepperoni looks like it's 5 years old

Reinheardt : 8:05 Oh my God, you destroyed his spirit. He just wanted to help

Tidus : They couldn't figure out the correct amount of the ingredient necessary to avoid this machine shitting all over the place?

Casey J : Martha always looks like she's smelling something bad lol

Myshkin : WOW those potatoes magically peeled themselves!

Fast Flash : I dare you to take a shot everytime they say "A little bit"

Mau506 : That's not a pizza, that's a mess!

Printemps. : That looks cool -- but also a mess-maker. Question, if it is just you using that machine, who is gonna be there to turn the plate consecutively so the food doesn't fall all over the floor and make a deathly mess???

山田さつき : It's pretty easy to tell Mick hates his co-star, Mimi, because he always has a frown when she's in the limelight and interrupts her when he can.

Daisy Daze : Poor Ralph McFatass these people invite him with the promise of food just to make fun of him for being a fatty the whole time

Jalapeño Papi : Apple pie is probably the easiest lie to make

Araxie Rose : Okay so I legit just watched all 20 minutes of this the whole way through, because this shit is MAGICAL. My face. It hurts.

Travis S : Granny is such a crusty old bint

Reemuh : I find it funny how Mick says " A LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITLE bit of.."

Jeffrey Lombardo : No comments on Mimi's cans?

SharkBoi34 : A little bit of sugar......😑

Douche Bag : worried about fat yet put brown sugar and Ketchup which both full of sugar.

PendulumFTW : Is Ralph the same person who played Berman in "Magic Bullet"?