ULTRA RARE! - Velvet Worm

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felicia ' : This is amazing

Zerebrat Eightyseven : would be a nice plushie

MoonL1ghtplayz110 : Velvet Worm: " OMG i saw the most rare thing in the world, a human!"

lunala solf : Hes like a little kid getting a candybar XD

NatureIsAwesome : My god, it's so beautiful! I would do almost anything to be able to see something like this in the wild and take some photos and videos of it ♥ I need to move my butt to Costa Rica!

When pigs fly : It's legs moving is soooo satisfying to watch

Justin Zarandona : To be honest, worms are disgusting but this one is beautiful

sweetbabtkarla : oh my gosh the baby legs are so cute!!

Darcey The Hedgehog : And I thought that 8 legs were enough...

Poataobanana : I hate worms but i think i love this worm

Bushcraft Baxter : Man, that's amazing to think that they accidentally came upon something so rare!

Niez's Originals : This was the gift for Coyote for getting bitten by insects,crabs,etc.😊

Ash Angel : My velvet worm shoots sticky stuff too!!


PMMillard Windowlicker : On the next episode of Brave Wilderness, Coyote Peterson finds a xenomorph egg.

Dan Smoke : *These guys play Pokemon IRL..*

Chantal Mills : The velvet worm is soo cute like if u agree😀😀

Harry Potter Fan : This is Carson. Carson hunts for seashells. For every 1 like she finds 10 more seashells. 👩🏽 👚 👖

Willa wishfulFeline : HOW IS COYOTE SO CUTE...I mean, t-the worm! Yeah, the worm is cute, ahah!

KaylaOMG fan to all Peace out ;o : I cant believe you guys found it! CONGRATS!!! 😄😁😃

Orodon Kassa : Don't know why but it makes me so happy to see Coyote so happy ^^

Dead Hand : seeing a venomous animal in my back yard *shuts door quickly*

MrDado76 : Hold up i have a velvet worm*not lieing*and TRUE please like q ;

MONSTER HOPE JINIE SUGA KOOKIES : If ppl only see one velvet worm they will fighting about it wanting to take it or touch it

Laurel Cook : God: I’ll give it like 86 legs Velvet worm: pls stop :c

TheArcticFoxFTW Foxy : Congratulation Coyote!!!!🎃

Zak Prom : coyote is just a happy child

MoonL1ghtplayz110 : wait, i'm Christian : 4:25

Quedeca NewB : Velvet worm looks like good pet😀

Betty Park : So cool

happily bored : "Hold up i gotta touch it" *pokes it*

Ultimate Llama2004 : He’s fangirling about a velvet worm


Mark Vancura : centi-slug

Fabiana Cumana : Is his real name coyotye

x Its Just Bunneh x : im happy he found something that makes him happy and it's rare too!

fizzerlepi : If i see it i squish it

Ana Delia Vazquez Pacheco : 😍✨

Ana Melgoza : I liked it 🤗

Nicecuppa T : I want to buy one on eBay

Night Raven : its little legs are so adorable :O

Berkay Kara : Looks like its mollusk

Mrs.Night Mare : (つ°ヮ°)つ 🐛i want to touch it!


Ristygirl : His reaction is so kid-like it's great

Marine Corps : That worm looks so cool

Frank Han : Coyote: get outta here, Mario: ok *runs away*

Chace Santos : velvet worm vs velvet ant

Haseena Adams : Awwww it looks so cute when is walks!

DK Dempcey Knight DK : Beautiful creature!