ULTRA RARE! - Velvet Worm

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Marine Corps : That worm looks so cool

Stephanie Hoffman : That oughta be worth a legendary Pokémon

Arianna Anna : Coyote was like a little kid when he saw the Velvet Worm.

Nay ye foul beast! : 666 dislikes. I think that satan hates bugs

Misled Shark : There is a 0.90% out of 100% chance of finding a velvet worm on a damp night and a 1.75% chance of finding one on a rainy night. According to google

Why Tho : This is amazing

uthmaan : awww it's so cute!!! ^_^

Isako2 : Me:Its just a worm colored red.. Coyote: NO WAY OMG OMG OMG Me:ITS A ULTRA LEGENDARY ETERNAL VELVET WORM!!!

Stop action And vlogs : My favorite part is the tiny feet it's so cute

Jordan Ritchie : 0:05 When I find out i got 100% on a test life is great, don’t take it away from yourself.

TheArcticFoxFTW Foxy : Congratulation Coyote!!!!🎃

When you win at Empire: Total War : Cayote Peterson vs Bear Grylls Anyone?

Jelly Bean : When you accidentally splat the insect 👦🔫

Pat Rick : Are we playing some kind of animal card games now?

craig swalby : am i the only one who likes there own comments?

Orodon Kassa : Don't know why but it makes me so happy to see Coyote so happy ^^

Bil menendez : Amazing! I'm so envious these things are so awesome!

evanzhu226 : Why would there even be dislikes on this video? I don't see any reason.

TiptopWizard : I think that finding the velvet worm is like finding Coyote in the middle of a rainforest.

iDubstep : Those close up shots were amazing! I like that Coyote! You should film more Planet Earth episodes! 🌎

She'Myia Malone : Now I get more excited than coyote about what he finds! 😂😂😂😂

Alondra Reyes : I don’t like crawlers but that is so pretty I would actually hold that

huruey : Pokeball go!


ArmanVsGaming : Its your bad day cuz of this. Read more

zach ripp : We read an article about this in English and its spray! Wow

Bryan Bokser : I love how excited coyote gets!

Aidan Barrett : Why does coyote sound like me when I find a shiny?

theni : brings a table, records entire episode on hand.


Moon Glitz : im happy he found something that makes him happy and it's rare too!

Anya Hopkins : The worm is so cute I have something to tell you don't tell anyone Read more

the space slime killer : THAT IS SO COOL

Fayella : The first thing I noticed was that this creature is super simple. When he mentioned that is precambrian (or cambrian, i cant remember) it made a lot of sense. rounded feet, a single tooth, shoots a sticky goo, and is super soft. I find it so interesting!

jluna787 : Didn't you guys think about getting prey for the velvet worm just so you could see it in action?

Night Raven : its little legs are so adorable :O

SWE King23 : I want to du the same thing you doing but i live in Sweden so there is not so much i can catch but wen i se your videos i be more brave. So wen i grow up i maybe can move to USA so i can catch more animals because i love animals

oOJellYOo : This is so cool!!!!

MysteriousHood : 1:30 You know those shows where the main character isn't in the episode, and the episode takes focus on the background characters? This is getting me so excited!

Gavin Grizzell : You might be rich if you sell that that's f****** awesome

Bushcraft Baxter : Man, that's amazing to think that they accidentally came upon something so rare!

SunsetCat : Aww! It's so cute!

Susana Aguilera : Coooool💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💍💍💍💍📿

Bianca Segovia : Its gorgeous😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹

xXMangleXx : Holy moly......

CODEX GAMES : *there in middle of the woods the yell "get outa town!" LOL*

Baidura Hatta : l love it so much ❤️🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠👌🏻🤠😅

CountyRiver3972 : Like a little kid on Christmas

Dani Slaughter : I am in love with their initial dilemma:“So, Coyote’s not here...”“IT’S OUR TIME NOW!”

Xze Exze : hehe it tickles