ULTRA RARE! - Velvet Worm

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Mr The Randomiser : Ultimate ultra rare

MysteriousHood : 1:30 You know those shows where the main character isn't in the episode, and the episode takes focus on the background characters? This is getting me so excited!

Pasta Skins : Aww It has little hotdog buns for feet ❤

Mckeyla Carlo : I like the lil' legs

KilliokineXD : 3 of the Cutest things in this video -the velvet worms lil feet -Coyotes reaction of seeing the worm -Mark and Mario freaking out after finding it

Orodon Kassa : Don't know why but it makes me so happy to see Coyote so happy ^^

Ni!anter Gaming : Coyote, R U ok?

Nasty Puns : It's legs are so cute........... Anyone else?


Ravioli Ravioli : LOOK AT IT'S LITTLE LEGS

Night Raven : its little legs are so adorable :O

Casual Artistry : Coyote is so charming and sweet and adorable when he gets excited about the creatures he finds. He reminds me a lot of me when I go out for hikes.

CyanVibes : Adorable

Shloshama 11 : how many legs does he has?????

Mohsin Khan : It real ultra rare but I found 3 of them in Pakistan,thata are

WolfKing : Number 8 on trending yaaaay😄😄😄😄

Aubree cx : are they endangered ☹️i hope not because the are so beautiful 😍

Jordan Murphy : I love coyote and his reaction

Brendan Kuzelaril : I want one!

Luigin Cody : I would keep it if i were u

Samuel Najera : He's like a little kid getting Christmas presents, hilarious.

Sush! : You wanna hear a joke? Read more

NH Animal Lady : I'm apart of the ECO team and a new sub!

Archhole io : My great great grandfather claims he found a legendary blue harbinger worm...

Sergio Speed : great


Libby land : OMG his reaction to the worm at the start is priceless...😂😂

LIL FLUFF BALL : Little stubby legs

AFK GhostWolf : I think i have a new favourite animal

Jellys Fush : So cute

Fadi Botany : It's tiny legs are so cute

DeanHacks : You have a better chance to finding Bigfoot,then this worm!

Echo Galaxy : So beautiful

Fatal kush231 : They were so lost without him lol do we just film it lol

TheGameingSkeleton Chea : Today is a ( worm day )

Sean Cho : Coooooooollll

Morgan Lee : Love how excited Coyote is it warms my heart!

Random lol moments : Omg good video

Vera Bezemer : whaaaaaaaaaaa

Early X : Collecting pokemon irl. Man Coyote is so lucky finding a ultra rare!

Kaia Courtney : At the end doesn't it look like the worm was moving through the bottom of the ocean

Sir Snail : Oh my gosh this is so cute!!!!! I just want to have a pet one!

Sanamana _ : Crocodile fighter coyote jumping like Dora the explora. That's how you know the worm is the real deal

XxGeoGamesxX Geometry : He may be rich Er

RAY RAY : Coyote is adorable when he is excited about a new creature

cesar sanchez : This is so insane I can't believe it !😮

BLUE DRAGON TV : โคตรเท่อะ ดีใจแทนเลยครับ

Libby land : "Get outta here" 😂😁🤣

Giulia Pesucci : By far my fav video

king thanos : Dude it's so adorable . * Edit . Holy crap 198 likes thx this is the most likes I have ever got .