ULTRA RARE! - Velvet Worm

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Night Raven : its little legs are so adorable :O

KilliokineXD : 3 of the Cutest things in this video -the velvet worms lil feet -Coyotes reaction of seeing the worm -Mark and Mario freaking out after finding it

argh i'm dying. : when coyote started freaking out like an anime highschool girl completes me

Libby land : OMG his reaction to the worm at the start is priceless...😂😂

Fatal kush231 : They were so lost without him lol do we just film it lol

When pigs fly : It's legs moving is soooo satisfying to watch

m I o . o I m : When you find a shiny pokemon

Challenge the Wild : I WANT ONE SO BAD!!!

Fadi Botany : It's tiny legs are so cute

Jordan Murphy : I love coyote and his reaction

Orodon Kassa : Don't know why but it makes me so happy to see Coyote so happy ^^

LIL FLUFF BALL : Little stubby legs

Mohammed Hashim : "BE careful" Two seconds later "Let me touch it"

NH Animal Lady : I'm apart of the ECO team and a new sub!

Oh I see : Dinosaurs: **die from a meteor** Velvet worm: Hold my beer.

Victoria Magana : "Hold up i gotta touch it" *pokes it*

Sanamana _ : Crocodile fighter coyote jumping like Dora the explora. That's how you know the worm is the real deal

AFK GhostWolf : I think i have a new favourite animal

Luigin Cody : I would keep it if i were u

Happy Bee : "DO WE JUST FILM IT?!!!!" lol I don't know why that is so funny to me😂

felicia ' : This is amazing

DeanHacks : You have a better chance to finding Bigfoot,then this worm!

Trash Dog : I absolutely love the way it walks

Libby land : "Get outta here" 😂😁🤣

Morgan Lee : Love how excited Coyote is it warms my heart!

TheArcticFoxFTW Foxy : Congratulation Coyote!!!!🎃


Lalrin Pui : I've never seen coyote so happy right guys

Xanox Gaming : The way it walks is so satisfying.

Flavio Moreira : Best animal channel.

Bushcraft Baxter : Man, that's amazing to think that they accidentally came upon something so rare!

cesar sanchez : This is so insane I can't believe it !😮


Axel McKinney : It looks like it's legs are a bunch of fuzzy thumbs.

Fatal kush231 : he we like a little girl win he seen it

CODEX GAMES : *there in middle of the woods the yell "get outa town!" LOL*

Bob : Mythical summoning creature

Jevon Mosby : 9:20

The Birdy Express : It looks so fuzzy! So cute! Edit: Plus Mark should have an reward!

Ethan Thomas Moto : But Nice job Mark and Mario

Dan Smoke : *These guys play Pokemon IRL..*

XxGeoGamesxX Geometry : He may be rich Er

Neon Kurt Bajao : Wow

carmelo at at Serrano Serrano : 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Adrian Verhalen : Lol 5hm years.. Like we have proof of that lol. We're still debunking things and re stating new findings as facts. Nobody is sure of anything in the past. I think scientists should always preficate we believe that this thing has ancestors dating back 500,000,000 years

Slimey Glitz : im happy he found something that makes him happy and it's rare too!

BLUE DRAGON TV : โคตรเท่อะ ดีใจแทนเลยครับ

Crazy Kid : Wow!!!you guys are extremely lucky 😱😊

Unicorn Sugar09 : Good job Mario and Mark!!!👍👍😁😁

Mike Hunt : If I saw one of those things in my house I would stomp on it, probably while screaming.