LSD Confused Cat from "Research and Development Progress Report No 2" 1960 US Army

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John Michaelson : Later in life the cat moved to California and started writing beat poetry in between flashbacks, and was last seen in a VW bus on the way to New York.

invalidatemyass : the cat no longer wants to kill the mouse, hmm we can deduce that....THIS HAS MILITARY POTENTIAL

Mindingu Love : Oh, Those old good times where one could drug a cat

Durtly : The LSD appears to have been introduced as a gas into the box. So the Mice are probably tripping too.

Hughes Enterprises : This is more funny than it should be.

RED FORD : Explosive advances... Maintain control.. Military supremacy. Cats on acid

TalkingSalamander : Hitler cat on LSD.

rustybuttpate : I bet this where Monty Python came up with confuse-a-cat.

James Johnson : The cat is not confused, WE are confused

ThexBorg : At the time of this video, 1960, the Lockheed Skunkworks were building the SR-71

Joey Bushagour : This may be the best video this channel ever posted.

Ancient Apparition : Was this trial before or after the tests done on soldiers?

Rich : My cat just needs catnip to go crazy!

Tree_Hugger : It appears this short piece of bizarre propaganda was produced to brag about the USA's chemical warfare developments. The effect is to establish in the viewer a belief that the other, bad, countries are threatening us and we had to do it, and it makes America great, etc. Then, if there's ever serious criticism of the program, people who have seen the film have a previous commitment to their belief in the righteousness of the program. Basic mind control technique, You might wonder what all those images are of machines moving things around and focusing light beams, etc. It's a way to keep something on the screen while the music suggests nationalistic pride, and the narrator pounds home the message. You also might wonder why they set up the experiment - lights, camera, "researcher" in white lab coat, and so on - This was back in film-camera days, and it required a lot of work to make a short film like this. Who was the intended audience? I wonder why they didn't show a platoon or company of basic trainees at Fort Ord, being lined up and given "flu immunizations" before going out to drill and train. Would that have offended someone, using "our boys" as Guinea pigs? That's probably what happened to me and my pals, but before the hearings into these crimes most of the records were destroyed, so I'll never be able to prove exactly what happened and who authorized it, participated in it, etc.

N Ferraro : Several other titles were considered: "The confused college student", "The confused prisoner with nothing to lose" and "How to start a national epidemic in your own backyard".

Mark O'Cain : Lucky cat ...

Edward Mass : I wonder if Monty Python has something to do with it

ConorChaos : Humans really suck

Scarakus : LMFAO! Cat was tripping out! Too bad they never used LSD rockets in the real world war, or did they...? That'd be pretty tripped out!

Really Happenings : By 1960 GI's were already puffing Thai Sticks in the jungles of SE Asia

Mel Rey : Damn, how cruel.

gary smallwood : Animal abuse!

Happy Newyear : thx 4 video but it is animal abuse

Queef : *We can't stop here! This is **_cat_** country!*

Charles Kinder : That explains the hello Kitty acid

LincolnTek : It would be a strange world today if scientists discovered cats on LSD could be trained for military use. I can see Sergeant Fuzzyboots with his tiny AR-15 leading a glaring of private cats up Hamburger Hill.

Laura Harris : "Meowwwwohhhhhhnoooooooo!!"

Shake_N_Bake : The Scarecrow did something like this to terrify his victims in Batman.

Fridrick The IV : Ahh the 60s?

Ian Prinzing : All the idiots complaining about mouse abuse better stop taking their meds if they want to be consistent.

Elopeous : Whats this. A remnant of Mk Ultra?

custard the pipecat : great times!! we all went for icecream later that day. :)

FastZebra Zoom : LSD, because we need to keep this country safe LOL!

Renato Bueno : hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Kris Jankiewicz : It amazes me what some people are influenced/forced to do just to answer the question "what if", this video being on the extremely light end of the scale.

Marc Catalano : Unlike Bill, Socks inhaled.

albear972 : Military potential to poison your enemy's cats with LSD? LOL! I know it doesn't mean that, but come on man!

A Joy Forever : Cat on pot...

buddy77587 : WWOW!

ClayZ : I didn’t eat mice after I took acid either.

NEY Industries : I actually wonder why nobody uses LSD for military applications. One gas shell with this chemical can disable whole outposts for many hours if not days. Poisoning enemy food shipments or water wells... Mmm...

Shlomo HaTalmid : Really? I Am Quite Adamant That Giving Felines LSD Is A Fundamentally Flawed Experiment... Cats Are The Acme Of "Fraked Up" In Behavior, Ergo, The Results Will Always Default To The Absurd. Cats Are Scientifically Retarded. ;-)