DJO - Happy in Paraguay

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Barnacules Nerdgasm : This is still the best thing on the internet! :P

Gaming Wildlife : 1-800-608-562-4-1-800-608-565656-1-800-608-562-4-1-800-608-565656 *explode*

Spockitans : Bad lip reading ain't got shit on this.

Spockitans : A Haiku I have a business Installing Styrofoam nuns Fuck a fruit basket poetic.

Bailey260012 : I love that patrick stewart quoted this one!

Darth Spock : years later this is still the shit APPLE JUICE!

QZButts : Can't fucking listen to Tom Sawyer anymore without hearing "Apple juice... for half price!" in my head.

Adam Young : APPAJOOCE

nitehawk86 : The French are about to kick some ass, indeed.

Wayne Frazer : Thanks to DJO for the hole in my bag.

Riryia Roach : five years still watch this every day and i love it. not every day but. a lot. i still laugh. always

James Daniels : Did you water your airport, Jim?

CaptainSkelebones : i can never hear the song tom sawyer or look at apple juice without saying APPLE JUICE FOR HALF PRICE! damn you!

SaltedCaramel92 : Why do I get the urge to drink apple juice while watching this?!?

Shawn : Jesus is a raisin.

Trent : Jesus is a raisin.

hardrocker04 : ok well after research that line picard says at 0:24 - 0:28 is from the song hero by Mariah Carey feat. Luciano Pavarotti and the line he says is "E vuoi dimenticare" which translated from italian to "and you want to forget"

Ankush Narula : years later - this is still hilarious - love me some DJO

TimmahUK : Behold, pay respects to clearly one of the best vidyas on the Tube. PS. Someone must create ringtone of "apple juice, for half price"

Heidi Schultz : I saw the actual episode on tv to day and quoted along to it, I was dying! Still my favorite video on the internet!

Kevin Gillihan : Please what program do you use to make these videos?? I would really like to know thank you.

ESHbyESH : Hi all. My name is Darrell and I have an addiction to fisting ashtrays. I dialed the number at the end of the apple juice commercials and the next thing I knew I had been faxed to Darth Vader and then to the IRS building.

adfaklsdjf : Verified; I started basing my password schemes on phrases from this video around 2010. "Warp Me 2 Halfx450" "Abdomen And Dried Fish Nom" "Zep&Ched@153" This sort of thing. The possibilities are endless.

Infinityy : Who came from star trek discovery

Dembai : This is always the one that makes me laugh so hard I cry. Every fucking time. Also whoever does your Worf is my hero.

MedicalSpud : Freaking found it! The episode is called "Force of Nature". :D

Tony Clifton : Fuck a hologram. LMAO

MrFrequency4twenty : Ninjas hijacked my mother

bimclunk : The original episode was on TV the other night. "Force of Nature"

Beta Blue : Is this that Star Trek Discovery thing all the kids talk about? It's much better than they said it was.

The Channel Fadge : DJO has made me obsessed with drinking apple juice IRL

AngelKay7 : It doesn't matter how many times I watch these, I still laugh my ass off every time.

Caleb Drew : Still the best one out there! LMAO

drinndalynn : I always end up right where I belong. Pass the chadder.

jrizzo0425 : What does BLR mean?

hardrocker04 : what is picard singing at 0:24

mocking intercessor : This stuff is hilarious. I'd be happier if it wasn't made by truthers. Who even gives a fuck who did 9/11 anymore? The big deal now is 'gubmint gonna come take mah guns'. Update your tin hats, FFS

Eric Holcombe : Years and years later I still love this video

Craig Brasco : YOU CRAZY, WOMAN!?

TheOkamiT : Now anytime this episode of Star Trek is on, my bf and I replace their lines with these. Hai you guise, who painted my ass white?

UpSky2 : Wrong date? Fire some apples at the YouTube building! in a nice short video with ham and 123456applejuice-Bum.

Mike Wilson : Haven't seen this in 8 years, "cheddar chhheese" still got me good

Dylan Mazzocca : Hey!...That number is a lie. I called it, and I didn't get no apple juice.

Virtus : Guess I'm the rare one that finds this video stupid and worthless

infinightsky : You did a really good worf!

GreenDay1981 : I have a sheep doing roofing at my house too!

Netpobny : Most badass part 1:30

J.J : this will always be relevant in my heart

Pikachu48 (Chris Bell) : I have a business (5) installing Styrofoam nuns (7) Fuck a fruit basket (5)