DJO - Happy in Paraguay

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Barnacules Nerdgasm : This is still the best thing on the internet! :P

Gaming Wildlife : 1-800-608-562-4-1-800-608-565656-1-800-608-562-4-1-800-608-565656 *explode*

Spockitans : Bad lip reading ain't got shit on this.

Darth Spock : years later this is still the shit APPLE JUICE!

QZButts : Can't fucking listen to Tom Sawyer anymore without hearing "Apple juice... for half price!" in my head.

Bailey260012 : I love that patrick stewart quoted this one!

Adam Young : APPAJOOCE

Riryia Roach : five years still watch this every day and i love it. not every day but. a lot. i still laugh. always

James Daniels : Did you water your airport, Jim?

nitehawk86 : The French are about to kick some ass, indeed.

Wayne Frazer : Thanks to DJO for the hole in my bag.

SaltedCaramel92 : Why do I get the urge to drink apple juice while watching this?!?

CaptainSkelebones : i can never hear the song tom sawyer or look at apple juice without saying APPLE JUICE FOR HALF PRICE! damn you!

Shawn : Jesus is a raisin.

hardrocker04 : ok well after research that line picard says at 0:24 - 0:28 is from the song hero by Mariah Carey feat. Luciano Pavarotti and the line he says is "E vuoi dimenticare" which translated from italian to "and you want to forget"

TimmahUK : Behold, pay respects to clearly one of the best vidyas on the Tube. PS. Someone must create ringtone of "apple juice, for half price"

Kevin Gillihan : Please what program do you use to make these videos?? I would really like to know thank you.

adfaklsdjf : Verified; I started basing my password schemes on phrases from this video around 2010. "Warp Me 2 Halfx450" "Abdomen And Dried Fish Nom" "Zep&Ched@153" This sort of thing. The possibilities are endless.

Infinityy : Who came from star trek discovery

MedicalSpud : Freaking found it! The episode is called "Force of Nature". :D

Tony H : Fuck a hologram. LMAO

MrFrequency4twenty : Ninjas hijacked my mother

Heidi Schultz : I saw the actual episode on tv to day and quoted along to it, I was dying! Still my favorite video on the internet!

TheOkamiT : Now anytime this episode of Star Trek is on, my bf and I replace their lines with these. Hai you guise, who painted my ass white?

Trent : Jesus is a raisin.

ESHbyESH : Hi all. My name is Darrell and I have an addiction to fisting ashtrays. I dialed the number at the end of the apple juice commercials and the next thing I knew I had been faxed to Darth Vader and then to the IRS building.

Caleb Drew : Still the best one out there! LMAO

mocking intercessor : This stuff is hilarious. I'd be happier if it wasn't made by truthers. Who even gives a fuck who did 9/11 anymore? The big deal now is 'gubmint gonna come take mah guns'. Update your tin hats, FFS

hardrocker04 : what is picard singing at 0:24

Eric Holcombe : Years and years later I still love this video

bimclunk : The original episode was on TV the other night. "Force of Nature"

UpSky2 : Wrong date? Fire some apples at the YouTube building! in a nice short video with ham and 123456applejuice-Bum.

Mike Wilson : Haven't seen this in 8 years, "cheddar chhheese" still got me good

Dylan Mazzocca : Hey!...That number is a lie. I called it, and I didn't get no apple juice.

Beta Blue : Is this that Star Trek Discovery thing all the kids talk about? It's much better than they said it was.

Virtus : Guess I'm the rare one that finds this video stupid and worthless

infinightsky : You did a really good worf!

J.J : this will always be relevant in my heart

saviorpants : It's sad how the "Bad Lip Reading" people ripped you guys off so shamelessly.

Pikachu48 (Chris Bell) : I have a business (5) installing Styrofoam nuns (7) Fuck a fruit basket (5)

wikieditspam : 1:30 The moment you've all been waiting for.

Sean McNamara : 180062865256122465264294180062856565618006286425626421800565656BOOM

jelt1979 : Absolute classic. Did you water your airport Jim?

Fuzzi Bunni : Rush!

ALLCOMICSANSCAPS4EMPHASIS : I think I have eaten cheddar cheese while listening to Zepplin.   Fuuuuuuuck

Phobos Anomaly : I wish there was a full version of the "Apple juice for half price" song lol

AndroidDoctorr : DJO > BLR

Phobos Anomaly : "Why don't we have some fries? Buh, buh, check me out, I'm obviously made of fish...abdomen and some dried fish..."

voicetube : I have not seen this in maybe about a year and going back to it I realize this is my favorite DJO video! I'm amazed at how many of the DEEPLY classic DJO lines this one video contains!

BAwesomeDesign : I use "I need to go piss soon--real bad" almost every day.