Party Rock Anthem but it's 7 different songs at 130 bpm

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Carley Stack : Cotten eyed joe works uncomfortably well.

DampFrijoles : Cotton-Eyed Joe works especially well since the Party Rock dance is a glorified line dance.

Hopeyfish : Excuse u, i opened YouTube for my usual trash content. Who gave u permission to present me with ART.

Alucard : I could have lived my whole life without knowing Cotten eye joe could fit perfectly on top of PRA

Jake Logsdon : I've also discovered that Billy Joel's Uptown Girl works well too.

King Leonidas : I was 17 when I realized his sleeves don’t match.

Jc Emmons : Wtf did I watch to get this recommended?? Not disappointed though...

C Winchester : Everything works but Uptown Girl is still my favourite (also I have absolutely no idea where this meme did come from)

Sarah Trottier : I hope this is a new meme

is-a-human : When I googled it it said it had a bpm of 129 and fun fact most songs with a 129 bpm are 2010 bops so safe to say I had a great time

Molly : i am so uncomfortable..... they all work too well..... especially cotton eye joe

Scarhead 27 : Some of these work a little too well

Amelia Brittain : Let the Bodies Hit the Floor was too good. Too good.

Mariel ME : Idk how I got here but I'm not disappointed

Marusa Penic : Most of people watch the video for the different songs that match with the dance. While I’m here thinking how there was a time this was super popular and we knew this dance.

Asha Galvan : Ok but Love Shack has got to be where it at

Ace Naois : I lost it at cotton eyed joe

r00ry : the let the bodies hit the floor one was too good wtf

Madhatter 1408 : The evangelion opening works too

Jennie H. : It kind of has to be in a similar time signature too right

Whiteytheripper : Bodies works way too well. The best kicking in as they drop. 10/10

Ok Madi Ok : they should’ve added uptown girl

Zac Thompson : Party rockers in the hou

Subscribe To Me If You Think Fortnite Sucks : "Cotton eye joe" and" Bodies" work to well..

Emily Grace : Why does love shack fit so well tho????

Shoop83 : "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" doesn't work... at all. Not even a little bit. "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" is also pretty suspect.

Chnobli : should go much more Viral!! (Rasputin would also work perfect)

Oh Hi : the guy in the purple is really getting it like god damn

Hyper Memes : So we’ve reached this stage in humanity ... I’m not disappointed

Luka Radomirovic : I have no idea how i ended up here but this is so fucking good

Rhino64 : This is a beautiful mix of song and dance that if you showed some of these to people who haven't seen the music video they wouldn't know it was not the right audio.

Tuba sings Tenor : Love Shack and Cotton Eye Joe both work eerily well.

Stardoo Galaxie : First one is me and the crew at the middle school dance

Dylan H. : I saw on twitter that someone had put Freely Tomorrow by Mitchie M and Hatsune Miku to this and it works


《PattiRose》 : This is my new favorite thing😂😭

Frankie Stage : I don’t know how I got here but I’m not mad about it

Richard Boyce : I am speechless. How’d this get into my recommended?

Crispin Sesquipe : this is some of your best work

Cherbonyl : Yooooo when Dropkick Murphys came on I knew this vid would be good

Liam Ruby : I don't know how this works. It just does.

Anna Mae : This really fueled my jet-lagged brain malfunction thank you for this research

Madison Lawson : God, I love the internet

Dragon_Boy _ : 0:46 need song pls

shïbu : some of these fit in too well and i’m-

Ori lel : I saw the uptown girl one on instagram, do not regret clicking on this

PrioritizeSleep : Oh god why do these songs work so well LOL its uncomfortably fitting in the most cursed way. lily allens song and the cotton eyed joe especially.

Garlic : I love how the same bpm makes everything amazing thanks

Hufflepunk : cotten eyed joe worse exceptionally well.... but my favorite has to be love shack.... idk why but it fits the vibe.

Ghatos : That came out at my birthday What a great present