Cristopher, interventions for drug - The Sopranos HD

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Christopher Engish Eubank : So many hilarious one liners, i was laughing all through it.

inutero10 : I came in one morning to see your head halfway in the toilet. Your hair was in the toilet water. Disgusting. Hahahahaha

Chuck Steak : Despite 3 on 1, Benny still manages to get his ass kicked. Again.

Joey thakid : The irony is that Tony did end up suffocating Chris

NEW YORK SPORTS FAN : Adrianna reading her note was so hilariously cringy.

chaosdecides : "My mother's wake". Yeah the mother who messed you up and wanted you killed.

Zach Ramey : "What, was it barking?"

Highyfly man : 1:58 Paulie's face is priceless

Trev Mac : I don't write nothing down so i'll keep it short,you're weak you're out of control and you've become an embarrassment to yourself and everybody else" i think my dad once said that to me  what Paulie said to Chrissie  only i striked out 3 teams in a baseball game 

JT : you're not longer functional as a man, that was a liver shot.

Dac Tucker : Pine Barrens and this. Classic.

Samuel Benitez : Lol poor Benny, he always ends up bein the one getting messed up.

B1-66ER : Whoa whoa whoa, you killed the dog? What'd you do that for?

Mr. Canada : This is how Italians get through to a drug addict. Tough love. Works every time.

devil worship : the reason Tony got upset at the dog thing is because his character is based on Roy demeo, and Roy got pissed of at his gardener for killing a frog

bluebird : One of the funniest episodes ever.

laymanOS : Paulie's look @01:57

Nocturnal Recluse : "You're getting emotional Tony." Tony - "Because I know what's it's like to lose a pet!"

responare : typical Italian love it

Zaryab Hussain : 4:03 Silvio,s face😂

Kariakas : One of the most memorable scenes of the series

hector medrano : when Benny kicks Chris on the floor ...hilarious

Ho Sniper : Tony the animal lover

opensourcelinuxm : have a sheat

Adam Khid : I fell asleep she got suffocated or something...2:27 tonys face LMAOOOOO

Fran Ingegnieri : 4:18 some messed up irony :S

mk toohtwo : "I Fell Asleep...! It got suffacateduhsumthin-I dunno...!" Haghaa!

Wild n the young : Ahh what was it BBBarkin

Adam Amador : "I came in one morning to see your head halfway in the toilet. Your hair was in the toilet water. Disgusting!" " I told you I had the flu!" " I said my piece chrissy!" Dead XD They're all so dysfunctional that it shows all at once.

Drizzy - : God the dialogue in this show is so beyond every TV drama. The Wire, Deadwood, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones all have fantastic dialogue but but The Sopranos is on another level.

Jabroni Camel : it is funny when Chris realise the leader of the group was a old con.

OVI-Wan Kenobi : 4:19 Christoper predicted the future EXACTLY.

Matteo Prezioso : IMHO, this is one of the greatest Soprano scenes ever.

TheGooners11 : Benny Fazio the little shit putting the boot in for no reason when hes on the ground. I hated that guy. Chris got him back good and proper

Richard Martinez : sad reality is people really are llike this, and don t make it , smh

Maxxie : IKEA tea table, bad quality.

philip013 : 'My mudders wake! Jesus Christ!'

bz h : That scene was funny lol

Joetheunprofessional : Did JC write the title for this vid?

Frankk Metal : 4:20 sad but true

Marak Lia : Lmfao!

The Venomous Fringe : Paulie the most straight to the point....

James Fielding : Creepy scene. Tony predicts Christopher's death, Christopher predicts Gandolfini's death.


David Rodriguez : Adriana: you can longer function as shinebox Silvio: I came in one morning to see your head halfway in the shinebox . Your hair was in the shinebox water. Disgusting.

carlos rines : Lmao well at least he did whip Benny’s ass

ringa jeff : 2:43 LMAO

Will Spencer : This is definitely one of my favorite scenes. The whole thing is hilarious.

TheGooners11 : Chris was so lucky really he ordinarily would of been whacked a very long time ago.

Anaheims Willy G : Got to see at the end they gave him the help he really needed