Cristopher, interventions for drug - The Sopranos HD

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NEW YORK SPORTS FAN : Adrianna reading her note was so hilariously cringy.

Christopher Engish Eubank : So many hilarious one liners, i was laughing all through it.

Joey thakid : The irony is that Tony did end up suffocating Chris

inutero10 : I came in one morning to see your head halfway in the toilet. Your hair was in the toilet water. Disgusting. Hahahahaha

Highyfly man : 1:58 Paulie's face is priceless

Chuck Steak : Despite 3 on 1, Benny still manages to get his ass kicked. Again.

JT : you're not longer functional as a man, that was a liver shot.

festealth : Chris: "Great my own mother, fuck you, you fucking whore" Silvio: "Son of a bitch...." lol

chaosdecides : "My mother's wake". Yeah the mother who messed you up and wanted you killed.

sti-guy MIA : What was it barking???lol

bluebird : One of the funniest episodes ever.

Mr. Canada : This is how Italians get through to a drug addict. Tough love. Works every time.

Zach Ramey : "What, was it barking?"

B1-66ER : Whoa whoa whoa, you killed the dog? What'd you do that for?

Samuel Benitez : Lol poor Benny, he always ends up bein the one getting messed up.

Kariakas : One of the most memorable scenes of the series

Weise. : I love how Benny starts beating Christopher aswell at the end

Damien Lennon : Paulie dont write anything down

laymanOS : Paulie's look @01:57

OneGod Yeshua : Funny thing: When Tony say's to Christopher "I oughtta suffocate you ya little prick" I immediately thought, You'll get your chance...! Lol. Few more season's. Be patient Tone. Be patient. Lol.

responare : typical Italian love it

Zaryab Hussain : 4:03 Silvio,s face😂

Fran Ingegnieri : 4:18 some messed up irony :S

opensourcelinuxm : have a sheat

Frankk Metal : 4:20 sad but true

hector medrano : when Benny kicks Chris on the floor ...hilarious

bz h : That scene was funny lol

Ho Sniper : Tony the animal lover

Maxxie : IKEA tea table, bad quality.

Jabroni Camel : it is funny when Chris realise the leader of the group was a old con.

Joetheunprofessional : Did JC write the title for this vid?

Richard Martinez : sad reality is people really are llike this, and don t make it , smh

Jeff Deeze Davis : At 1:58 paulie deffinatly wants to say his famous "ohhhhh"

Wild n the young : Ahh what was it BBBarkin

mk toohtwo : "I Fell Asleep...! It got suffacateduhsumthin-I dunno...!" Haghaa!

Matteo Prezioso : IMHO, this is one of the greatest Soprano scenes ever.

kudasaidozo : A well written scene, bordering on complete chaos!  Funny.

devil worship : the reason Tony got upset at the dog thing is because his character is based on Roy demeo, and Roy got pissed of at his gardener for killing a frog

Dac Tucker : Pine Barrens and this. Classic.

Nocturnal Recluse : "You're getting emotional Tony." Tony - "Because I know what's it's like to lose a pet!"

Trev Mac : I don't write nothing down so i'll keep it short,you're weak you're out of control and you've become an embarrassment to yourself and everybody else" i think my dad once said that to me  what Paulie said to Chrissie  only i striked out 3 teams in a baseball game 

philip013 : 'My mudders wake! Jesus Christ!'

Wile E. Psychote : This is definitely one of my favorite scenes. The whole thing is hilarious.

Adam Zimmerman : Well that escalated quickly

Marak Lia : Lmfao!

James Fielding : Creepy scene. Tony predicts Christopher's death, Christopher predicts Gandolfini's death.

carlos rines : Lmao well at least he did whip Benny’s ass

batgurrl : such sad irony Chris predicting Tony's heart attack - RIP James Gandolfini

Anaheims Willy G : Got to see at the end they gave him the help he really needed

Jabroni Camel : when gets his Ass kick best part.