Wu-Tang Clan Kung Fu Movie Samples - Part 1

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68weav : Im waiting for a RZA beat to start Up....lol

Hooked on Chronics : The best thing about samples is how they introduce you to all kinds of new music and in this case movies.

Matthew Olden : Who else sang along with the sample 😂😂

Marshall Street : It's a shame that sampling has become a lost art. There aren't many hip-hop songs that use sampling anymore.

richard Lai : What about Shogun Assassin? That has many samples on Liquid Swords

JHMBB2 : This gives me chills it's so awesome. haha

jhughes19851 : This was always so cool for me because I had seen all these movies several times growing up BEFORE the Wu started sampling the ish out of them.  My dad collected these movies from the 70's.  I got to discover my love for hip hop while reconnecting with movies I hadnt watched in 10 years.  If seen pretty much everything HERE SOME OF THE BEST MOVIES IMO...I will include the year if I can remember off hand... movies marked with * are a MUST SEE Movies from the 5 Venom Clan *5 Deadly venoms *Masked Avengers *Golden Arms Two champions of Shaolin 10 Tigers of Kwantug Crippled avengers *Invincible Shaolin - "aka" North vs South Shaolin Sword Stained with Royal Blood 1982? (Rare) Gordon Liu (My fav Guy from the 80's) *Master Killer *Return of the Master Killer Fist of the White Lotus *Instructors of Death **Shoalin vs. Wu Tang 1982 *Eight Diagram Pole Fighter Shaolin Drunken Monk "aka" The 36th Chamber: The Final Encounter 1982 Disciples of the 36 Chanber **Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu Dirty Ho Shoalin challenges Ninja Others... *South Shaolin Master *The Heroes (with Ti Lung) 1980 Unbeaten 28 Ninja Hunter Dragons Claws Drunken Tai Chi (with Donnie Yen) The 3 Evils Just to name a few of the Best.  Enjoy... :)

Check Mate : 4:54 WTF!!!?

Satan Himself : Wu tang killah bees we on the swarm


UHPdriver : As a kid of the 90s who grew up on this rap, I'm eternally grateful for this compilation. So cool.  

Damien Demento : LMAO 7:09

iLLStreetTV : Dooope! Not many people put this type of thought into their music nowadays.

mrblondnyc : It's the same three guys doing all the voices. Young good guy, older bad guy, really old master.

ketrin de miau : One of the best movies of all time: the 5 deadly venoms

Underground Chamber Muzik : hip hop in the golden age era of the mid 90s had so much creativity production and lyrically a lot of thought and skills went into the craft' now music today so called rap hip pop trap just sounds garbage lack of energy and no talent

3rdeyerap com : It's kinda funny to see the actual movie scenes to the samples


WheresPoochie : This video reminds me that I really need to hear Tical.

Pymp Reaper : Picture blood baths and elevator shafts.....

Paul Blake : They don't make martial arts flicks like these anymore. Wu-tang forever

Ron Geo Johns : This the best thing I ever seen on YouTube Wutang Forever!!

Kyum Kim : Allow me to demonstrate skills of Shaolin, The Special technique of shadow boxing

Phil B : "Master he must be dreaming, and if he's dreaming then he must be asleep, and if he's asleep...then I will wake him up  WHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

3rd Gunman : Dang I used to have some of these on VHS... 36 Chambers of Shaolin, Snake & Crane Art of Shaolin and Shaolin vs Lama It was hard as hell to collect these joints back in the early 90's because you couldn't really look them up online and they titles have multiple names sometimes. You could only find these for a while at comic cons and like Frank & Sons where dudes was bootleggin' and slanging posters and stuff. That last on is also on Ghostface 1st solo joint.

BRENT RAGANS : ive learned so many styles forgive me.DOPE

Hurricane Small Air Arms : Tiger Style!

Forejners : Wu, the original hipsters

Mr Dacus : Leave it up to the classic Kung Fu movies to scream "master" or point the finger.

EchelonNYK : Dat dragon fist.

Warren R.M. Stuart : My uncle was one of the Voice actors who dubbed these movies in Hong Kong back in the day. His name is Matthew Oram

Lamar Rodgers : Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin. The special technique of Shadowboxing...

iamnotthereal savagerealm : 0:43 I act thought they was finna blow out da mystery of chessboxin

Doron Russell : Poisonous darts.Love that one.

Lady Cheyne : Thank you for this!!

arbitor 201 : It's 2017 I'm now in my 30s man I was a kido when I first heard WuTang.. Still listening to this day. Why am I waiting for RZAs beat to start with these samples tho? Lol!

Roman5150 : TIGER STYLE

David Barnes : Gotta thank WU TANG for taking back to 1988,with the Crates,Beats and Rhymes..Salute to the Godz!!!

Nio Richardson : I appreciate Foley Artists because of films like these

Robby KRS : Wu-Tang Forever

AWSOMUS LATEST : Guy tucked his balls.....😯

Rodrigo Goulart : Nice work!

MrNoNamedIdiot : 4:51 best one


Korpi Fox : I remeber as a little kid in the early= mid 90s, my cousin would take me to this little movie store which had bootleg kung fu movies, the quality was shit but man I loved em.

Sean Germaine : This stuff is hilarious

zven gally : U can almost hear the rzas beats kick in.

Christopher Norris : 2:25 'WU-TANG STYLE' '..huh?' *kicked in the face* Should have watched his front.

xCrAz3dAnIm3fAnX : thanks for this i obviously knew they were find-able but this saves me so much tme