Wave tank demonstration showing the impact of coastal defences on flood risk

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Flow Graphics : I don't know how I got here but I don't want to leave

Rano : Soooo.... This was in your recommendations too?


G. H : Okay....how did i get here....why is this recommended...to me........why is this so interesting to me.....why am i staying here......? (Edit: lmao i’m so confused that my grammar is wrong)

_ _ : #TeamRecurveWall

StansStuff : Is this some sort of brainwashing scheme? No-one watching this video knows how they got here or had any previous interest in flood defense..

URGENT FURY : I'm still shook from that recurved wall tho

Ice Bear 25 : Plot twist *Extremely high tide*

Markuss Tols : I dunno why but his voice is so calming

Jack is not in the box : WATER IS NOT BLUE! FAKE

InstaSound : I guess I'm interested in coastal defence now

Captain Qwaz Caz : just build a bigger wall

Darrian Weathington : So rock armor with a slightly larger recurve wall and a submerged breakwater means mother nature loses the fight... or if the breakwater is to expensive make a makeshift one from rocks, rock breakers

Jason Arruda : I love how this just showed up on my recommended without me watching anything about coastal defense, but I’m high key interested

Phil : Watched this 3 times now.. don't know why but I'm really enjoying this..

TumbleWeed : Where do you buy this

Hyun Choi : this experiment is flawed because the height/depth of the water consistently changes by adding props inside the water. notice how the water rises once he places the steps inside the water (mass being added onto the volume of water) but having the same verticle barrier. 8:11 this obviously will result in the water overflowing over the barrier regardless of the staircase’s effectiveness.

Pedersen : Screw KSI vs Logan Paul. This is actually fun and interesting to watch (not saying KSI vs Logan Paul is uninteresting tho)

Anybody Noname : Don't really know why this recommended but what about a zig zag wall? Seems way cheaper...

I am Good : i want that thing as a toy!!!!!!!!!!


bullmilk : The recurve option reminds me of a muzzle break for a rifle.

Muskoka Mike : I can attest to the rock wall. The marina I used to keep my boat at was completely man made and they used broken concrete, large rocks etc around the perimeter. At one point there was a round topped mound facing Lake Ontario with the rock wall along the base. During a really large wind storm we had waves coming from 100 miles away that were easily 15' high and while a little water came over the top to wet the grass on the lee side, that was about it. Just enough to get the grass wet so we could ski down it in our bare feet lol....You could stand at the top and see the waves crashing into the rocks and spraying every which way. We'd get a little sprinkle on us, but nothing major.

Timothy Rodriquez : Anyone else see how this is fake. There are cuts and if you look at the beaker before and after it does not match up.

OCSol : I'm a music producer.

Matt Vliet : You need a longer tank to fully sell me on the break water.

Amina : Am I the only one who is seeing that the beaker has a different volume once he picks it up?

DynestiGTI : The only problem with a recurved wall is that when the curve erodes it will just return to being a vertical wall. Not very good in the long term, especially with high costs for repair. Edit: At 11:18 I can only imagine how dangerous that could be to fishing boats.

Parallax : I don't even know why this was a suggested video for me, I saw how long it was, and thought 'Nah I'll probably close it after 30 secs' - Here I am at the end of the 12:22 wanting more experiments. Really good video and interesting for someone who had no prior interest in this.

Adyson Mitchell : Wait... why would this be in my recommendations??? Omg wait Is there a flood coming Do I need to build an ark Got the wood

Samuca 2 : In São Luís - MA we use rock armour,

TRVP DOOR : They gone kill his ass, that's not apart of the agenda

September 2014. Never the same : These waves are technically tsunamis. Small, but still tsunami.

James W : Not click bait, and straight to the point, and I learned something throughout the whole video without having to wait for the very end. The rest of YT could learn a thing or two instead of wasting people's time. ;)

Seecooty : where can I buy the wave simulator and the wave defenses I want them

Flapping Online logic : Where i live it's both rock armour and the dike. So in the netherlands of courseee but it also has some systems you haven't shown here.

TriEdgedPrism : So indonesia had another Tsunami a few days ago.Had they improved their coast after 2004?

Danny Schatz : Or go to Canada, ya heat lovers!

Rilloff : Actually its a good guide to make a tsunami defence in Cities Skylines

Aaron Chu : Top 10 oddly satisfying

Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2 : I have no Idea how I got here. The last video I was looking at was something about planes.

Lennius Gato : 5:35 they all had one job and they failed Because this way to try to stop the waves is terrible

Alexander Bradley : How did I get here and why am I staying

Boxhawk : Should have put tiny figures on the wall getting swept away to represent idiots watching waves during storms.

Derpo McRandom : Why doesn’t this channel have more subscribers? They could be our saviors!

Largest Classifieds : Recurved wall is a genius idea.

The Missing c h r o m o s o m e : I know how I got here....I had just followed my recommendations, not sure why I stayed though.......

Lucas P R S : Youtube recommended this to me

Dantes SecondEmail : I think he meant to say “it’s not always the best option”, but instead he said “it’s always not the best option”.

Андрей Андреев : че он пиздит?