Wave tank demonstration showing the impact of coastal defences on flood risk

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I am Good : i want that thing as a toy!!!!!!!!!!

Some weird doggo : *OCEAN MAN,TAKE ME BY THE HAND*

Splash : wholesome video, wholesome comment section, this is the good part of youtube

BENJAMIN REINSAL - 210 : If you make the stepped revetment higher, you get different result.

James W : Not click bait, and straight to the point, and I learned something throughout the whole video without having to wait for the very end. The rest of YT could learn a thing or two instead of wasting people's time. ;)

Boxhawk : Should have put tiny figures on the wall getting swept away to represent idiots watching waves during storms.

Cody Briscoe : Ideally you'd just have the recurve wall with the offshore thing as well.

Kyle Li : When I first started watching this video, I thought it would be some boring engineering jibber jabber and not cover anything, but the results actually were super interesting and I felt like I learned something new... will definitely be looking at beaches far differently now!

Me me : Using mililiters. Appreciated.

Mohamed Y : the best video on youtube straight to the point im not an engineer but watched it to the end

Jon Maravilla : who was just waiting for that red button?

Ribou Maras : cool science. I like science

Brace Daigo : nice job, awesome

Brooks Matetich : This video gave me asmr.

Cyndakon : why am i here

Rep van Venrooij : Dont put effort in this just call the netherlands

Sploof Mcsterra : I didn't realise I was interested in this.

CombraStudios : the water was corrupted for advertising

Necator O : I did not expect the recurved wall to work that satisfyingly well. :o

seth jonsson : What happens if you use a stepped slope with the recurve feature for each step?

Pradatoru : You have too much water in the tank to test some of the defences

Jaime Smith : Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Mind blown, so interesting!!

Santi Clash : keep up the good work

陈嘉驹 : if you make the stepped revetment higher, you would get a different result

Dick Trickle : japanese coastal defenses are typhoons (thumbs up if you get this reference unless ur mongol)

Brem : 10:07 "It's always not the best option." I'm sure its the best option some time.

Hexagram Photography : Not a completely fair test since you covered some of the defenses , ie the conditions for the test due to the displacement of the modules didn't seem to get taken into account

Lizard King : Is that the same fluid they use in those women's sanitary ads?

Andres Espinoza : Could you please send me information to my email nozandres1@gmail.com about the wavemaker? Like the electric circuit you used to move the paddle and how did you set up the paddle? I'm working on a project to help a community in Santa Elena, Ecuador and I've also proposed the idea of a submerged breakwater. I'd really appreciate if you can help me help others.

Richie Patil : I don't think any work has been done on this, this is just some kindergarten kid playing blocks.

rpl palacio : how about trying a recurved step and wall system

Drektheon : Where I live we have the rock barrier, and the offshore defense. But it makes total sense to me now, considering that area is heavily populated. People always out for a stroll, apartments/condos, and a boat port. Thanks for helping me better understand my hometown, ThunderBay! :D <--- ps.. I think theres a song literally called "hometown" about where i live. Heres a link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIFd72oV2Uo (lol, random song drop.. i know)

Macr Jacr : Just remove the water

MWBgaming : When your'e dutch: build a dam you stupid🙂

Rod Mac : Thanks ,I learned a lot.

Michael Rhodes : what's wrong with oyster growth on a rock revetment?

Vincent Boot : Or just hire the Dutch :')

Eric Dolan : great information thank you! rocks lol! vertical walls for me only please !!!!!

Benson Fong : 6:16 the thing is empty and suddenly it’s full

RekTrain : lads lads lads. how bout rock armor with a recurve wall. aye? aye? izipizi hire me right now.

Justin Herzog : Brilliant...one of the most interesting, descriptive, “edutaining” videos I’ve ever watched!

Jamie Burnett : I would still pick the recurve wall because it preforms well, the rock armour as u said completely decimates the practicality of the beach as they had done at my beach ( hawker beach in Mt Martha ), also if u did the under water arc it would stop surf at certain beaches. Just my thought

Rhodelia Alcantara : I was thinking the same way about the recurved wall.

Felix Millhouse : Why did seeing the comments make me happy, I thought because people were saying it was wholesome people would be toxic.

coolterminator99 : WE NEED A BIGGER WALL -Trump

Callum Jenkins : when you look at the amount of water there is more

Scp Files : nice job but how did you get such clean water!?

Travis Sarver : Look at the container at 4:55 when he is turning off the drain valve, there is hardly any water in the container, then 2 seconds later when he picks it up it's almost full. WTF. Fabricated results.

Momentos De Mohr : Awesome!!! Excellent video!

Mister Bean : Can some tell me why in the little glass cup at 4:56 there was only a tiny amount and then at 4:58 the cup is nearly full