Wave tank demonstration showing the impact of coastal defences on flood risk

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InstaSound : I guess I'm interested in coastal defence now

Parallax : I don't even know why this was a suggested video for me, I saw how long it was, and thought 'Nah I'll probably close it after 30 secs' - Here I am at the end of the 12:22 wanting more experiments. Really good video and interesting for someone who had no prior interest in this.

Ya Lai : whats wrong with oyster growth

Eric Mumford : What a cute millilitre cup

Viki B : It's late...why am i watching miniature scale coast defence video? i don't even live by the coast.

Flow Graphics : I don't know how I got here but I don't want to leave

coolterminator99 : WE NEED A BIGGER WALL -Trump

ALMCrafter : What happens when you use all defenses at the same time! OVER POWERED!

roblox is cancer : *OCEAN MAN,TAKE ME BY THE HAND*

Chris Peters : The Netherlands learned this more then 1000 years ago to be honest.

ALMCrafter : Who watched til the end cause its really Satisfying?

wrthrash : So, huge failure putting in the breakwater and not a sloped beach?????

Michael Pugh : Good concept, but I was disappointed in how inconsistent the experiments we're and how the defenses were only put up against 1 type and size of wave, not a variety to ensure it's quality in other enviroments

Kyle Li : When I first started watching this video, I thought it would be some boring engineering jibber jabber and not cover anything, but the results actually were super interesting and I felt like I learned something new... will definitely be looking at beaches far differently now!

yessir : this might be a stupid question, but lets say you used the curved wall and the rock armour, would that allow an almost 100% defense? or would rapid change in movement from the wave hitting the armour cause the path of the water to slip up and over the curved wall? just curious

Gandalf for President : I M P R O V E T H E S I T U A T I O N

Nickle 5456 : So rock is the best also Cheap or free

WinterCraft : or simple.. don't build so close to the beach...

James W : Not click bait, and straight to the point, and I learned something throughout the whole video without having to wait for the very end. The rest of YT could learn a thing or two instead of wasting people's time. ;)

Fabricio Sasaki : There are several problems in this experiment: The ladder was below sea level, different from the actual photo itself. Anything you put above sea level will have better results than the reduced version below sea level. It is necessary to keep the scale of the objects. The submerged near-shore breakwater in the photo appears with the top above sea level and in the experiment is fully dipped below sea level. An 8-year-old would realize that. Not to mention that the bigger the volume solution impacts the sea level because the model is very small, in real life things do not work that way.

frzferdinand72 : What about a stepped revetment, but each step is recurved?

PaulveloGaming : For the slops you did a big mistake. The slopes are already underwater and shouldnt

Keyword 65 : 4:54 - 5:00 Just how bad this video is.

Splash : wholesome video, wholesome comment section, this is the good part of youtube

Louis Suguitan : Try the recurved wall with sloped revetement, rock armor and submerged near-shore breakwater all together

CrazyNinjaMike : What if we just take Bikini Bottom and push it somewhere else!!

shrek on ice : this guy is definitely a virgin

Mudo : Волна пойдет с 4:32,остальное тупой пиздешь.

I am Good : i want that thing as a toy!!!!!!!!!!

Crazyjarry : What about putting the slope away from the wall so it crashes and loses a lot of its energy

SSJ Rose Jake : Anyone thinking "Just build a bigger wall."?

EvRGrN EvRGrN : This also proves the Earth is flat!! Water always finds its LEVEL!!!

Jassius Clay : Just pray everything gonna be alright dude 😂

Reece7455 4 : Soooooo satisfying

Simon Hren : I have no comment. I am shocked by this magnificent present-ation.

Do you know da wae? : I'm satisfied after watching this :)

Jack Delian xD : The last example together with the curved wall would be impenetrable. Cool :D

Safwan Hossain : *UGH, not sure why this was recommended* BUT THAT WAS COOL

Caide Wright : 2:05 you’re welcome

DrownedInGames : I really wanted to see what would happen if the slope was facing the other way.

Onix Junes : New Orleans could’ve used this video a long time ago, but I’m assuming they knew their shore defense was crap and because of corruption they wouldn’t have done anything about it anyways

Cody Briscoe : Ideally you'd just have the recurve wall with the offshore thing as well.

Crazy Mac : what a lier he is

Collin Pylar : Why do I find something like this so interesting

rer zaz : 5:49 video starts here

BlackAllegro : This video is pretty cool

Boxhawk : Should have put tiny figures on the wall getting swept away to represent idiots watching waves during storms.

Dilsher Singh : why am i watching this I should stop wasting time

Skylar Teri-Savage : sir I just want to see the splashy splash

Alvin Taufik : Nice metode,but how tsunami water impact,.its just work