fertiliflinch | How to Buy a Baby | Episode 1

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Tim and Celeste : So spot on!! 👌🏼👏🏼

Sarah Upshaw : I'm so happy this is live now!!! I'm secretly watching all the episodes at work I'm so ready to so it.

I'm Ready Already : LOVE THIS SO MUCH

Cole & Dave Moss : Ahahaha that was awesome! I love it.

Lindsay Jillian : Gotta love “those” ultrasounds! Ugh the worst!!


Murphy Kuffour : good channels like this are hard to find

citacuervo : Love It! So true. So so true!!!

FanArt604 : came back to ep 1 to SAY: there's something super cool and subtle and relatable and special about this show + it got better as it went along + season 2 plz

The 16 Percent : SO GOOD!

Robyn Elizabeth : PHENOMONAL. Loved every minute, I couldn’t stop watching till the end! It’s so nice to have our point of view portrayed but still keeping it positive and humorous. Now we need season 2!!! I want more!

MagznMegz : I love this so much! My husband and I are starting IVF in January and this captures everything so perfectly.

Elisa H : Yep that’s all about right. Haha

Bec FertilityFactChecker : This. NAILS IT!

Tonimarie : Love this! So spot on with everything! And has really made me laugh as we prepare for our first FET after two miscarriages with our first two rounds of IVF.