How to Buy a Baby | Episode 1 | fertiliflinch

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Sarah Upshaw : I'm so happy this is live now!!! I'm secretly watching all the episodes at work I'm so ready to so it.

Tim and Celeste : So spot on!! 👌🏼👏🏼

I'm Ready Already : LOVE THIS SO MUCH

Cole & Dave Moss : Ahahaha that was awesome! I love it.

The 16 Percent : SO GOOD!


citacuervo : Love It! So true. So so true!!!

FanArt604 : came back to ep 1 to SAY: there's something super cool and subtle and relatable and special about this show + it got better as it went along + season 2 plz

Bec FertilityFactChecker : This. NAILS IT!

Lindsay Jillian : Gotta love “those” ultrasounds! Ugh the worst!!

Tonimarie : Love this! So spot on with everything! And has really made me laugh as we prepare for our first FET after two miscarriages with our first two rounds of IVF.

Robyn Elizabeth : PHENOMONAL. Loved every minute, I couldn’t stop watching till the end! It’s so nice to have our point of view portrayed but still keeping it positive and humorous. Now we need season 2!!! I want more!

MagznMegz : I love this so much! My husband and I are starting IVF in January and this captures everything so perfectly.

Murphy Kuffour : good channels like this are hard to find

Elisa H : Yep that’s all about right. Haha