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erik2228 : Did anyone else notice she was clearly under the influence of something?

Randy Hinds : Could the officer not tell she was high out of her mind 😂

2NDSIDE : V6 Mustang “sports car” 😂😂😂 gtfo

MrJohns0n1 : Nice to see that Alex Jones found a new job!

Michael Davis : How dumb can you be? If a cop let you go, then go!

Wyatt Alvarez : "Sports car" you're in an automatic, v6 mustang. Kys

Lukemmit Games : I was just waiting for the guy to turn around and yell “I gotcha!”

Evolved Human : Every single episode I’ve watched of this show that involves a black female. They will not cooperate with the officer and they have an attitude and they will not listen to the cop lol. What is up with that ?

Slenderman : nah bro. she was wrong. anyone who drives a mustang is always wrong lol

Nick : You know, I've lived in Phoenix, Arizona all my life. However, I'm just finding out that I apparently grew up in Calvert county Maryland.

YuukitheMighty1 : This isn't brutality, she had a chance to go and she didn't. It's as simple as that.

allcarseveryday : My "sports car." Yeah? Is that what your four-cylinder, convertible, automatic, rental Mustang is? Sentra could give it a run for its money.....a SENTRA. Ain't no sports car.

Tophef Tyr : I cannot believe that in this day and age there are still people who think it is a good idea to immediately get out of their cars when they get pulled over. That has never been normal or an okay thing to do...

Amaze Earth : Beautiful Karma... That female privilege did not work for her that time... lol

Samantha Jennings : This guy claims to be a certified drug expert yet he was gonna let that woman go after she supposedly tried to ram the other car and was slurring speech and acting crazy??? Some expert.

Knight Vii : Bye Felicia

SupaEMT134 : "Earlier in Calvert Cnty, Maryland" *Entire footage is of ARIZONA DPS*

Zack Thomas : This guy always mad af

Hondakid64 : Was she trying to mind control that cop with her creepy tone “ you don’t need to do that “

Michael S : Im kind of disappointed in the officer. The woman was swerving in her lane to begin with. She clearly sounded impaired, and got out of her vehicle twice after screaming at the car behind her. Im all for cops letting small things slide but imo she needed to undergo a sobriety test. She kind of did his job for him by getting herself off the street.

TypicalAmericanScum : I feel bad for the kid who got charged with criminal speeding, sometimes you have to drive fast to get away from crazy people on the road, clearly that women was going to chase them down

Jack Bauerle : Earlier in Calvert county Maryland, where they use Arizona state patrol cars.

DutchClawz : This officer is pretty stupid, its clear they were trying to get away from an agressive lady in traffic. Why would they deserve a ticket..

Sinner Kills : The 81 dislikes were feminist

Il Il : The whole time i was like: Just leaveeeeee bruuuuuuuh

SweetGlitter1309 : She seemed like she was on something or drunk. I'm surprised the cop didn't catch onto that...

Dunecigar : Clear and simple instructions... obey me or go to jail. Words to live by.

John C : Xanax is a helluva drug

HUNK : This cops face is too small for his head

Yama Basir : Hahahaha I love Trooper Steven Jacobs! In the middle of typing, "Okay, This is getting out of hand". "LISTEN TO ME". "Want to walk away from me, good your definitely going to jail". "ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO ME??" Lmao Touché and cheers from NYC 😎

p schaub : She was swerving into him at high speeds, so he goes 96mph and tries to get around her??!! The antithesis of defensive driving. They're all morons.

Tom O : But she Dindu Nuffin!

Zack Thomas : He told her to leave 🤷🏼‍♂️

Molly Westmoreland : This cop is so high on power it’s sad. He should be penalized in some way, he’s crazy. Besides the fact this woman seems drunk, but he doesn’t notice because he’s so mad and shocked that she didn’t do exactly what he said the minute he said it. Perfect example of his enormous ego getting in the way.

Jacob Christensen : wtf kind of black person would stay at a traffic stop? lol.

Lebrun Jemz : Dumbass lady should've just left

bazooka Joe : Hair hatted hooligans

Lisa Elliott : Stupid Woman! She should go to Jail. Failure to comply always an issue with theses types of people.

Nick Doescher : All the anti cop people will say she had rights!

BumJin Kim : Crazy black ho

Fre'Drayna : she had the chance to leave and she didn’t. who stays after they’re told to leave? she had to be under the influence of wtf

TreyWK : She deserves more than jail seems like she's a little brat that's probably how she got the car in the first place. Daddy

Chris Marsden : Lets be honest, that Kid did nothing wrong and that was a terrible police officer. Kid was just trying to escape a crazy driver who was clearly under the influence of something, yet the officer failed to even notice that.

Johnny He : Hahaha she just want to show off and now she got what she wants.

Sliver Crazy : Yea this lady looks like she smoked a blunt lol

Tanvir Noor : She got arrested I am feeling happy now.

GTFOZTD : Thank God that bald Alex Jones was here to handle this crazy person. I honestly don't understand the mentality she had, unless she was completely intoxicated.

Ethan Brotton : mustang...sportscar?? pfft..

Capital : I can tell she was off them zans

BluePaw : Hey car geeks... chill out. Still a sports car. :P