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A report by Public Health England have said a sugar tax could effect the way England consumes food and drink, to put this to the Josh is challenged to eat a bowl of sugar which is the same amount Starbucks use in some drinks. Subscribe to The Last Leg: Watch The Last Leg on Channel 4, Fridays at 10pm, or CATCH UP on All 4: Be Social With The Show: Follow The Last Leg: Like The Last Leg:

Comments from Youtube

flugelblarghen : "how are you drinking that" As Josh sits there eating a bowl of sugar.

Steven Reynolds : She didn't seem bovered.

OnceUponAVideo : trust her. she was a doctor. for a little bit.

Becky Boulton : omg Josh's reaction when Adam said that he would be eating all that sugar was priceless! He was just sat there like "I will be doing WHAT???" xD

Floris Bordewijk : "It's so sweet!" *Josh is literally dying next to him* This is bloody genius!

DoctorWhoOhPikachu : All I can think of is "Donna Noble has been saved. Donna Noble has left the library"

ChEmIcAl_KeEn : instead of taxing sugar make healthy food cheaper

Raptor Jesus : I had a friend who went to America and they said they had to buy sugar free bread, because otherwise it tasted like cake, CAKE! That's just insane, how much sugar is in American food even compared to countries like the U.K. and Australia.

Ashley : Catherine Tate's lookin' goooood

Louise Ricketts : A Starbucks SKINNY blueberry muffin contains 10 weightwatcher's points. That's more than a third of the daily allowance.

achillesmlf : Anyone else notice how long she stared at his crotch after he mentioned his tight jeans

colette j : "You lived in America, where sugar is a way of life." So true! 😂😂

Lou Saffire : Why put so much sugar in everything? ...sugar is addictive, more addictive than cocaine. Why put so much sugar in everything? because that's how a drug dealer makes their money.

joy9585 : Thanks! I just used this in my class to show my students just how much sugar they're using w/out realizing it. Cheers from USA!

Logan : I was like "why did they call donna noble catherine?" and then it hit me, my Doctor Who binge was over 2 hours ago

Tuba sings Tenor : Catherine Tate! She's hilarious!

Jay Kay : It's Donna!

Szaam : I used to look eating sugar when I was a kid. I couldn't eat twenty-five teaspoons, mind, but I used to like a spoonful.

sgt pep : "the sugar lobby is very high"

RIXRADvidz : yes, life is sweet in America....sugar sweetened cereals, sugary drinks, fizzy and still, one of childhood's iconic beverages states to put a cup of sugar into 2 quarts of water when adding their 'flavor' packet. Sugar Cured ham...yes, candied meats, .....since the age of 16 I have struggled with sugar, if I eat a candy bar, I'm doing head dives (nodding off) in about 20 minutes afterward, no sugar rush. oh yeah, SUGAR is EVERY WHERE!...look out! He's Behind You! Oh YES HE IS!!!!!

Molly Katherine Cornett : Brits are absolute wimps. I am American and can confirm that I eat 30 teaspoons of sugar straight each day, for breakfast

Martin Ekuss : take my strong hand

Jess Main : Is that woman the French teacher from the show big school?

Nahsor : Black coffee, no sugar is my drink of choice.

Tanja Ludwigsen : we've got the sugar tax here in Denmark, no difference, we just pay the price

Joel Carli : Just for perspective, one teaspoon of sugar is equivalent to 4.3 grams of sugar. 25 teaspoons equals 107.5 grams of sugar. The average adult male should be consuming no more than 38 grams of sugar per day, or 9 teaspoons, or more than 2 and a half times less than what the one product presented in this clip contains.

iMarcusJ JuanM : "It's very dry" (eating a teaspoon of pure sugar) "Wash it down with a bit of that then" (pointing to a drink with 25 teaspoons of sugar)

mushroom1212 : In the description - I'm sorry to be this person - but it should say 'affect'. Sorry. Thank you for everything you are, Last Leg staff, including the person who wrote the description. <3

Dutchik : pledges to reduce the sugar. comes with the basically syrup unicorn frap

Smol Bean824 : i wanted to see the end result

Emma Sol : Oh Cathrine Tate is in this, I've got to find the episode, I'm starting to slowly becoming obsessed with the last leg😂

itsC0ll0n : Im not an expert, but im pretty sure that was more than 25 teaspoons of sugar in the bowl

caroline wesner : I still see Katharine as Nellie from the Office

brian upton : This is a load of crap got up by the artificial sweeter companies/.

HI THERE : I think she made a very *Noble* point about sugar in drinks there.

Not Called Greg : Josh was all tearful omf

Neil Mckeone : When they say 25 spoons of sugar, is that flat or heaped?

Mr ward : It effects more than that but any process using sugar.

Ceara Ryan : as someone who has been type-1 diabetic since 1978, none of this bothers me. charge the tax and i won't have to pay it.

TheFroggyGaming : Dear god! It's the revolutionary war all over again....

shooglechic : Salads at restaurants are so much more expensive, even the faster/quicker options are far more expensive when the base ingredients are the cheapest. That and it's an addiction, when you eat so much processed sugar an high fructose corn syrup, your body goes through withdrawal which creates that type of addictive cycle.

dakota graham : they should see how much sugar there is in American sweet tea specifically in the south

Kadwae : Not trying to be rude just curious as to what happened to the mans hands that was sitting in the middle

gsurfer04 : The sugariest thing I get is probably Costa's mocha. It's sweet enough for me.

S Miller : “I’d happily pay the sugar tax” - The reason why it doesn’t work 😂😂

Greg Hawkins : i feel like josh is over reacting quite a bit

Kinetic Kid : Woah it's Nellie from the office!

ťhêőđöř đâ mêmě : tea can alsow be more healthe

J O : insulin to the roof