Eating The Same Amount Of Sugar Starbucks Use - The Last Leg

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Floris Bordewijk : "It's so sweet!" *Josh is literally dying next to him* This is bloody genius!

ChEmIcAl_KeEn : instead of taxing sugar make healthy food cheaper

flugelblarghen : "how are you drinking that" As Josh sits there eating a bowl of sugar.

OnceUponAVideo : trust her. she was a doctor. for a little bit.

Steven Reynolds : She didn't seem bovered.

Becky Boulton : omg Josh's reaction when Adam said that he would be eating all that sugar was priceless! He was just sat there like "I will be doing WHAT???" xD

ChEmIcAl_KeEn : instead of taxing sugar make healthy food cheaper

Raptor Jesus : I had a friend who went to America and they said they had to buy sugar free bread, because otherwise it tasted like cake, CAKE! That's just insane, how much sugar is in American food even compared to countries like the U.K. and Australia.

DoctorWhoOhPikachu : All I can think of is "Donna Noble has been saved. Donna Noble has left the library"

Lou Saffire : Why put so much sugar in everything? ...sugar is addictive, more addictive than cocaine. Why put so much sugar in everything? because that's how a drug dealer makes their money.

Louise Ricketts : A Starbucks SKINNY blueberry muffin contains 10 weightwatcher's points. That's more than a third of the daily allowance.

Ashley : Catherine Tate's lookin' goooood

Tuba sings Tenor : Catherine Tate! She's hilarious!

sgt pep : "the sugar lobby is very high"

achillesmlf : Anyone else notice how long she stared at his crotch after he mentioned his tight jeans

Logan : I was like "why did they call donna noble catherine?" and then it hit me, my Doctor Who binge was over 2 hours ago

joy9585 : Thanks! I just used this in my class to show my students just how much sugar they're using w/out realizing it. Cheers from USA!

Szaam : I used to look eating sugar when I was a kid. I couldn't eat twenty-five teaspoons, mind, but I used to like a spoonful.

Colette Jean-Baptiste : "You lived in America, where sugar is a way of life." So true! 😂😂

Jay Kay : It's Donna!

RIXRADvidz : yes, life is sweet in America....sugar sweetened cereals, sugary drinks, fizzy and still, one of childhood's iconic beverages states to put a cup of sugar into 2 quarts of water when adding their 'flavor' packet. Sugar Cured ham...yes, candied meats, .....since the age of 16 I have struggled with sugar, if I eat a candy bar, I'm doing head dives (nodding off) in about 20 minutes afterward, no sugar rush. oh yeah, SUGAR is EVERY WHERE!...look out! He's Behind You! Oh YES HE IS!!!!!

Jess Main : Is that woman the French teacher from the show big school?

Tanja Ludwigsen : we've got the sugar tax here in Denmark, no difference, we just pay the price

Martin Ekuss : take my strong hand

morphman86 : There must be Gallifreyan technology involved, that's more sugar than can fit in that cup. It must be bigger on the inside!

TeachingTim : Would people stop suggesting more taxes. The poorer people in this country are already under too much of a burden from taxes from this government - we have taxes on energy, half our food, now we have a tax on carrier bags so people have to pay an extra 5p on most purchases or spend more money on buying bin liners instead of using their old shopping bags - if they are going to have a tax make sure it is starbucks and the corporations that pay it not passing it on to the customer.

Bilal Patel : They should reduce VAT on healthy food

Rowan Crump : I can't believe the legal people later made Adam say that sugar doesn't affect you the same way as alcohol!

mushroom1212 : In the description - I'm sorry to be this person - but it should say 'affect'. Sorry. Thank you for everything you are, Last Leg staff, including the person who wrote the description. <3

Ictus : sugar doesnt affect the brain in the same way as alcohol... it affects it in similar ways to cocaine

Simon Probst : At first i was like man this pal has quite small hands and then i looked a little closer and was like wtf

Biguss Dickus : if there wasn't the hysteria over GM crops food could be made to be naturally sweeter . You could also make healthier foods taste better and save millions of lives world wide. Sadly Green Peace and other environmental terrorists wont allow it so we have to resort to the sugar tax that wont work.

HI THERE : I think she made a very *Noble* point about sugar in drinks there.

AWG : used to love this show, too much politics and not enough humour now ;(

No Hate : Bro the comments answer my question about what Europeans think of Americans. I have heard “fat lumps” and “gun crazy maniacs” as well as “redneck trumpians”. As offended as I should be, I’m dying🤣

EdibleCastleWill : that bowl has about 100+ tps in it. there's no way that's only 25

Not Called Greg : Josh was all tearful omf

S5 0014 81 : It is the main reason so many people are dying of cancer

J O : insulin to the roof

Wolf Moon : I've only ever had like 4 starbucks in my life and every single time I felt sick during and after drinking the concoctions ... I don't know why its everywhere and so popular O.o A normal coffee with one sugar is totally fine like no need to go crazy

UncleGweilo : A couple of tablespoons of sugar on an empty stomach is a soporific, apparently.

sjukfan : The one time I tried a Starbucks' latte I reacted pretty much like Catherine Tate. My teeth hurt.

TheFroggyGaming : Dear god! It's the revolutionary war all over again....

Justine Barnum : And I'm still gonna drink it lol

Jerry K : am I the only one to think., that Catherine Tate, is beautiful.. but, annoying to look at?! :D

Impolite Lad : The sugar lobby is incredibly high because we removed all the fat from out food. Less fat, less flavor. Supplement with sugar to overcome the incredibly bland fatless food.

Stuart Stretch : Since when had the guy in the middle had funny hands?

Duckman1616 : 125 grams of sugar in a single cup of coffee? I find that extremely hard to believe. It would mean the contents of that cup would be more a thick sludge than an actual liquid. Seems exaggerated to me.

brian upton : This is a load of crap got up by the artificial sweeter companies/.

Dutchik : pledges to reduce the sugar. comes with the basically syrup unicorn frap