Toy Boyz

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Instagram Toy Boyz, coming soon to mobile phones and Zune! On the Streets of Orlando, Life is a Ride.

Comments from Youtube

Barney Mclure : haha i would rather see that then fast and furious

lawlshane : I wish this got more recognition. It's amazing. I laugh every time.

Fun Time Internet : @berserkerlonewolf Don't forget about the "Deleted Explosions" section.

berserkerlonewolf : Can't wait for the Special Unrated Edition on DVD. I hear it has an additional 24 minutes of people drinking energy drinks.

Nhoj : you guys deserve more recognition

derek smith : i laughed so hard i started to cry

pntm : Very underground, I have never seen it before. *cue bike riding out from behind*

wysoft : 0:38 How much did it cost to get Ben Afffleck on this project?

zajajaja : I always crack up at "ORLANDO" with the c.n tower just kinda hanging out

Valaha : omg lol at 2:31 ...

SuigaRou : Hahaha! The shot of Rico bench pressing the minibike in front of the girls is awesome.

lawlshane : This is amazing

Henron : I demand more of this.

CartoonChess : 0:28 On the streets of Orlando . . . CUT TO: CN Tower

bswiders : "We ain't just brothers... we're boyz"

Mladin66 : Two Thumbs Up! The most anticipated Canadian Blockbuster to ever be released or never be released... ;[

sportner : you're pretty fast for someone who is a guy

illegalusername : I regret that i only have one 5 to give for this video

Jim Dollars : Hey little brother. Lil bro bro.

TheJapanChannelDcom : Want to see it! 5 stars from TheJapanChannel !

JD Metzinger : The old man made the video

EricNinden : Whoever did the voice over sounds like Solid Snake. Also, hilarious bit with the bullet in the forehead.

The Manicus : "No fear !" 2:25

221b : I love how accurately Orlando was presented on-screen. Surely it couldn't be mistaken for any other city.

JC_Falkenberg : GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS <3 5d this shit. 5d your thread

xpsypiex : gun scene for the win.

jamesassbag : Some people have too much time on their hands... I approve.

GameOverGreco : Brilliant

stardust9835 : Oh wow, the whole no fear thing then a shot in the head is brilliant. That did it for me. 5'd

dr. sweet baby bruce : 2:03 - 2:10 i pooped laughing so hard

Catpants McStabby : Voted 5!!!!!

wickedsks : Excellent

azorgel : Music by Kick Williams!

ImmortalYawn : There needs to be a full length film made of this!!!!

milz25 : this is fucking hilarious i can't stop giggling

MANdouche : I favorited and 5'd this thing so hard it hurts.

Flippy : "We ain't just brothers... we're boyz"

PurpleDrizzank : Jesus Christ this would be the best movie.

ttraider82 : OMG! I would so watch this at the drafthouse theater! Then I would buy a DVD and MAKE my friends watch it. Make this please!

3a4f30ab67 : I would go see a full length version of this in a theater for tenbux

Andrew Stupart : Best thing ever.

Surf Mexico & Travel : It still makes me laugh