Kevin Hart When He Was 19 Years Old! Starting Out

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Shawn Jefferson : A lot of ppl asked about the song at the end. it's called "Last MC" by Magneto Dayo

Funny Instagram Vines : Damn this footage is GOLD

mesutt : Really love to see how he stayed himself troughout his carrier

jack gonzalez : Damn, he always had those smooth transitions into his jokes

Crybaby Girlfriend : Kevin hart either looks 35 at 19 or 19 at 35. Only difference is his voice; it went from extremely high to high 😂

Gregory Bear : Damn, that was a smooth intro

Dr NGO : Dang he didn't grow an inch since 19...but I'm sure his money did..go get em #BLACKHAMMER

FJose95 : He’s definitely a talented, hardworking, and funny ass dude . I think it’s cool being able to see how much he’s progressed . He’s good here, but his delivery nowadays is insanely better . Everything: the pauses, the facial expressions, the body language, vocal expression . It goes to show that stand up is a tough thing to do . Delivery is everything when it comes down to it .

Gamelover882 : I know he's funny but can the audience shut the hell up for a minute

Pagal Ladka : He sounds so sad at the beginning 😂

SnoopSimmonsSound : Kevin Hart's book brought me here...great read!!!

StayDown OrElse : I been robbed before.......ex-wife bent over and took everything I had. She's still robbing me to this very day :'(

Dylan McBean : Funny now hes best friends with dwayne johnson who has too many muscles

Derek Torrico : Such a confidence since then

Lareesa Reynolds : Kevin Hart always been funny and always will be..

JohnnyOmm : his voice never changed lmao


jørgen kvamme : Smart trick...just pretend your sleeping on the bus, and not have to give up your seat xD

FakeNews : He does not age.

Jason Whittamaker : Straight fire.

DA GOD OF ALL : This was what he was talking about in his book

AV N : great crowd

Andy Mandura : Funniest shit ive heard from him

Chris M. : Funny guy but he’s just so repetitive.. even till this day same stuff lol

Ruben Lesuma : Godfrey used his subway grinding joke

Kirubeal Wondimu : Wow, those first few seconds of his intro have never been more important given recent events.

Hans Hodge : here he is kevin hart! if you read his book or hia audiobook (wich i recommends) you'll understand!

Camilla candy : And No one knew he would stay the same height😂😂😂🤣😂🤣

Bokstar Bokstar : 😂😂😂😂😂im not a fan of Kevin hart standup but fuk this had me laughing so hard!!

Juanita Martin : This was back when he was hungry. Now that he's paid, he's not hungry and his comedy is half-assed at best. Completely unrelatable. AND IT'S CLEAR this laugh track was added. Whoever doctored the laughs should have just let the natural laughter come through because this OVER-laughing before they even hear the punchline is ridiculous.

jason nii aryeetey : I hate it when people say Kevin is not funny

Angy479 : Here because of Kevin harts book

Infamous Benbino Hernandez : Kevin hart befor he sold out !

pmh1nic : It's amazing to see had such incredible talent at such a young age. It truly seems like a natural talent that over the years he has honed to become one of this generation's best comedians.

Aye Now : Wow, he has always been talented!

Frank S : he should have opened with that opener on twitter so he could still host the Oscars.. lmao

BenzoDJ : He killed it! LMAO 😂

Bassil Alcheikh : Wow. He started his career off really strong. Very impressive.

C C : He kept his cool what a G, straight from his book

Roy Ryland : he's so young here, his fking voice was so different unreal!! lmfao

Focus ЯSИ : Always was funny damn

ochobinco : Great crowd

Sam Alaniz : 83 dislikes- 83 peoples moms a ho

Mateway IV : What's the name of the song at the end?

Stomp TheElite : Who got this as a suggestion after watch the Oscar scandal? 2019

Hood Views : Yoooo that song at the end is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Kenyon Mcdaniels : Funny as hell

emmanuel amartey : What's the song at the end

lebeR Ogun : Back when he was funny...

David Luna : When he was funny.