ORIGINAL VIDEO - Bitchy Resting Face

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breakmt : Okay. This is just standard face in Russia.

♠Caylis♠ : I suffer just the opposite. I have a really sweet look, and people usually like me, when in the inside I hate every single one of them.

Bibble : I have the male equivalent to Bitchy Resting Face.  But I own it, actually. "Hey, what's wrong? You looked pissed." "It's because my best friend just died." "WHAT- Wait. Aren't I your best friend?" "Did I say "just died"? I meant 'is about to die'." And then we laugh.  And then I stab her vigorously. And then I continue laughing.

john cornwell : I have resting mass murder face according to my coworkers. I don't even want to know how it my face got to that point. Seriously everywhere I have been employed everyone says I am the person most likely to shoot up the work place. Help please.

LeendaDProductions : this is so great lol 

Avid Learner : Had it all my life. Fake smiling doesn't help...just makes me have crazy face.

PrincessJora : "I don't wanna fight you"

beautyandtheoffbeats : This speaks to me on a emotional level beyond belief. .Please stop telling me to smile. . I'm not angry. . Nothing is wrong with me. . I'm not being mean. . I do care I just look like I don't . . I'm happy on the inside. . I don't hate you I don't even know you.

prediculous : lol its because women are pressured to smile all the time. when they aren't everyone assumes they're pissed

Benjamin Mankowski : I met a cashier at the store who suffered from that. The weirdest thing was she sounded pleasant and happy as anything. It was bitchy resting face combined with overly happy voice.

JulieSpicer : I also have the same problem. The upside is that nobody will mess with me when I'm on the bus, the downside is that I can't make any new friends and people constantly ask me what's wrong.

Moesive oone : I have to remember to forcefully smile because of this problem

Alexander Wicked : You think you have a problem? I have serial killer resting face.

Altoid Bazingá : i have resting evil face and when i try to look friendly i end up raising my brows and smiling like a creep... its even worse with dark eyes i ended up looking sinister af

Ioannis Polemarkhos : AT&T girl is so cute

Immortalfire : I heart Milana Vayntrub.

DrLeroyGreen : The blond's got it bad. Like she's always looking at a menu with nothing on it that she likes bad.

daniel55645 : is that the girl from the AT&T commercial?? damn she's cute

Mister Bones : >that feel when Creepy Genuine Smile sufferer

Oda Swifteye : Even though this is a joke video it's actually informative and very true. Which makes this a GREAT joke video. 

Sus Scrofa Mustermann : I know a girl who's suffering from sad resting face, because her eyebrows make this downward slope to the outside. I asked her once if she was sad, and she went: "No that's just my face, I get that all the time," and she got really agitated. I couldn't decide though if she was about to cry or hit me. Weird stuff. People often think I'm being sarcastic when I'm just being slow on the uptake or genuinly trying to be kind. Do I suffer from resting asshole face? :(

davidfxz : I suffer from this too. Isn't annoying when you are constantly told: "smile." Specially from old people, I mean I don't wanna be rude but can you just mind your own business and leave us alone. I'm not angry or sad, that's just my face.

Gnomesmusher : Better than the resting derp face that I always have.

SnowBlu : i have a depressed angry gave up on life and happines face is there an illness involving this?

1113stve : Milana Vayntrub doesn't really have a bitchy face. It's too cute.

illyanna dehaan : Everyone asks why I'm sad and I'm like, "Da fuq you talking 'bout?" What's wrong with my face? Sadness face?

Callum Pluma : I always have a sulky resting face and my parents sent me to my room and im like - what did I do I get this reply - stop giving me dirty looks What on earth are you on about?!?!?!?!? (no seriously)

Nhan Dinh : lost it at "I DON'T want to fight you" and his expression

The Human Crayon : People have mistaken my default face for a mad face since childhood. The struggle is real. XD

Richard Richardson : Thanx for clarifying. I've been completely avoiding about 70% of women. I'm a cheerful guy who just likes being in a positive environment; but when i see one of these women i make no eye contact, dont say hi, i just completely ignore them cuz they really put me in a bad mood. Seriously Thanx. I've been like "wtf is up with all these b!#€hs" for a while. Who knows i might say hi next time.

Demethry Shamuel : Just ussual russian face... It's normal! ))

truealchemy : sadly, there is some truth to this, but perhaps "fake smile face" is the worst and in an opposite way. There are people who have naturally structured smiles and its just how they look not that they are smiling. People tend to believe in them far more than others because of it. Every person I've known like that has turned out to actually also be the most deviant and deceptive people I have known. Probably just coincidental but what can I say?

山内淳カイル : dat ending doh

witch, please : "I DONT want to fight you." *extremely angry, threatening expression* LOL

TheReaverOfDarkness : I have googly resting face. One of my eyes gravitates to the upper left, and the other gravitates to the lower right.

MarvelDcImage : That is why God invented doggie style.

Dopamine : I tend to have a drunk-or-on-drugs resting face. Ironically, it often goes away if I'm actually drunk or high.

Demi Penders : People always tell me that I should try to smile sometimes. Well thanks.. but I am happy. I promise.

DiligentDrew : I have an itchy resting face

knifeforkandaspoon : Had no idea Milana Vayntrub was in this vid. Aww yeah

Surnamehere : I suffer, socially horribly... Everyone thinks I'm mean or sad. So people tend to avoid me. I have to have my eyebrows arched up and the corners of my mouth curled. .3.

Stevo Canuck : i thought it's RBF ....

Tavis Highfill : People complain about my lack of a smile. But I just don't express joy that way. What they don't realize is that they're just calling me ugly. Imagine going up to an Asian and telling them to make their eyes wider.

Franki Kaye : I suffered from BRF for a long time. In high school, I wrote a report called "This IS my Happy Face, Dangit!"

Dusk278 : 1:50 I think he also has the bad case of sarcasm.

Jakegothicsnake : The brunette girl with the pale skin kinda has more of an "emotionless robot" face to me. Lol

righthandstep5 : I won't lie, I have seen a few girls with this face when they look at me and I thought did I insult them. Then after a few more times when I look at these girls I see that they are comfortable when I look at them and they even giggle! Then I realized ah they sort of have what I have. I don't have an "asshole face", it is more like a "plain look" or straight face (eyebrows not raised, lips are not raised into a smile and my face is resting). There is nothing wrong with being who you are and I could accept anyone regardless of what face they make. The only thing I don't care for is insulting someone based on their outward appearances and their character. Unless you rob a store or perhaps murder/rape someone, I like giving people benefit of the doubt until they are proven to be genuine jerks/bitches/assholes/etc.

Honey Soul Twin : Since I was little my family was always asking me why was I angry when I wasn't angry, other kids would say I looked scary, and my family says I'm "always angry". It is really unfair not beeing able to express yourself because people judge you based on your face expression. It makes me really sad, I've been trying to smile more, but it's hard for me, my cheeks hurt a lot. I wish people would stop judging you by your looks, I wish more people to be open minded and think 'Hey, she may have other feeling than anger'. But it never happens, even my family discriminates me for my bitchy resting face :'(.

SynthgodXXX : I laughed my ass off, that was awesome!

MorbidAngelGaming : Wednesday Addams approves.