ORIGINAL VIDEO - Bitchy Resting Face

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LeendaDProductions : this is so great lol 

♠Caylis♠ : I suffer just the opposite. I have a really sweet look, and people usually like me, when in the inside I hate every single one of them.

john cornwell : I have resting mass murder face according to my coworkers. I don't even want to know how it my face got to that point. Seriously everywhere I have been employed everyone says I am the person most likely to shoot up the work place. Help please.

Bibble : I have the male equivalent to Bitchy Resting Face.  But I own it, actually. "Hey, what's wrong? You looked pissed." "It's because my best friend just died." "WHAT- Wait. Aren't I your best friend?" "Did I say "just died"? I meant 'is about to die'." And then we laugh.  And then I stab her vigorously. And then I continue laughing.

Immortalfire : I heart Milana Vayntrub.

Mister Bones : >that feel when Creepy Genuine Smile sufferer

daniel55645 : is that the girl from the AT&T commercial?? damn she's cute

prediculous : lol its because women are pressured to smile all the time. when they aren't everyone assumes they're pissed

DrLeroyGreen : The blond's got it bad. Like she's always looking at a menu with nothing on it that she likes bad.

Moesive oone : I have to remember to forcefully smile because of this problem

Benjamin Mankowski : I met a cashier at the store who suffered from that. The weirdest thing was she sounded pleasant and happy as anything. It was bitchy resting face combined with overly happy voice.

Sus Scrofa Mustermann : I know a girl who's suffering from sad resting face, because her eyebrows make this downward slope to the outside. I asked her once if she was sad, and she went: "No that's just my face, I get that all the time," and she got really agitated. I couldn't decide though if she was about to cry or hit me. Weird stuff. People often think I'm being sarcastic when I'm just being slow on the uptake or genuinly trying to be kind. Do I suffer from resting asshole face? :(

Louis 09 : 1:21 She's really cute! She's attractive. She looks innocent! I have a huge crush on her😊😊😍😍😍

JulieSpicer : I also have the same problem. The upside is that nobody will mess with me when I'm on the bus, the downside is that I can't make any new friends and people constantly ask me what's wrong.

SnowBlu : i have a depressed angry gave up on life and happines face is there an illness involving this?

Ioannis Polemarkhos : AT&T girl is so cute

Jacob McQuaid : Is that Lily from the phone ads?

The House of Jokes : Your youtube video is truly fantastic. Very good job and I am looking forwards to seeing a number of your extra youtube videos as soon as I return.

Callum the Banana : I always have a sulky resting face and my parents sent me to my room and im like - what did I do I get this reply - stop giving me dirty looks What on earth are you on about?!?!?!?!? (no seriously)

Arx Fortis : Lily from AT&T has Bitchy Resting Face???

山内淳カイル : dat ending doh

UGK17 : Milana!

illyanna dehaan : Everyone asks why I'm sad and I'm like, "Da fuq you talking 'bout?" What's wrong with my face? Sadness face?

Richard Akoto : Aubrey Plaza, but I love her on Parks and Recreation

Morganstudios : When someone proposes and you say yes, SMILE! :)

DiligentDrew : I have an itchy resting face

dachicagoan : In reality, I think most people have this problem. If deep inside you have anger or social issues it will be reflected on your facial expressions.

desiree freeman : is the brunette the at&t girl?

1hayes1 : ah, the problems of first world white people

The Human Crayon : People have mistaken my default face for a mad face since childhood. The struggle is real. XD

Richard Richardson : Thanx for clarifying. I've been completely avoiding about 70% of women. I'm a cheerful guy who just likes being in a positive environment; but when i see one of these women i make no eye contact, dont say hi, i just completely ignore them cuz they really put me in a bad mood. Seriously Thanx. I've been like "wtf is up with all these b!#€hs" for a while. Who knows i might say hi next time.

Djackster100 : LMAO at the marriage proposal gone wrong

Holly Higinbotham : I'm waiting for that girl on the swing to start trying to sell me on an AT&T plan.

ActronJimmy : This is the Joker. He doesn't have resting asshole face. Don't be like the Joker.

LugiaMCG : Dude with an asshole resting face reporting in :( #noGF #virgin #24yo #happy

BigSirZebras : i had a gf that didnt understand my asshole resting face.

Rocksolid64 : Didn't your mother tell you that if you make a face when you are a kid, it going to be stuck like that for the rest of your life?!

Surnamehere : I suffer, socially horribly... Everyone thinks I'm mean or sad. So people tend to avoid me. I have to have my eyebrows arched up and the corners of my mouth curled. .3.

breakmt : Okay. This is just standard face in Russia.

davidfxz : I suffer from this too. Isn't annoying when you are constantly told: "smile." Specially from old people, I mean I don't wanna be rude but can you just mind your own business and leave us alone. I'm not angry or sad, that's just my face.

Dopamine : I tend to have a drunk-or-on-drugs resting face. Ironically, it often goes away if I'm actually drunk or high.

Little Wing : America, where you can blame everyone else for your problems.

SynthgodXXX : I laughed my ass off, that was awesome!

Gnomesmusher : Better than the resting derp face that I always have.

Ashley Casey : "You should have all been aborted!" lol

David Finol : I learned something today #themoreyouknow

okashi10 : THIS IS MY LIFE

Opt : 0:38 Female Ron Swanson

Sayantan Dasgupta : Do people even get judged for this?