Difference between 850 vs 10,000 hp

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Comments from Youtube

Grove Entertainment Mongolia : What did i just see? You can barely call it a car. A damn rocket or something

dacountryone : now thats what you call taking the hell off.

8K or 9K Miroslav Brontvaj : Definitelly petrol engines beat electroengines efficiency "HP per kg" for 10 000hp and 200kg electro engine we need 12x times stronger neodynum magnets and 10x more discharge battery 150C + reserve, or supercappacior or easier way (low weight) is tiny uranium reactor

Gabriel Silva : Mano o que foi que aconteseu Mano!

James Homer : Now do it on gravel and see who wins.

Pgm Ajam : O KURWA :D

AgentEran : Cant touch this!

Pj D : So what are the speeds of those vehicles? Unreal.

Forcix : WOT!? W T F! W O W!

Aksel Capuri : what was the time?

HEXADA : Yes i found it this car is Faster than devel sixteen its only Have 5000hp well this car has 10000hp hahhahaha

Ali Almudeer : 100000000000000000hp dead

Erick .A : godamn

jessie lesk : very fast

Film Crafterz : Well, here we can see that rocket is not future

pokezillafan312 : So apparently the pokemon kingler has this much strength in it's claw 😂😂

فارس الحارثي : I will destroy him with my 500 hp AMG😂

MrWithnailJRjunior : wow there must be so much oil if the government allow people to use it in this way