(ASMR Roleplay) Todd Howard Seduces You in the Bathroom at a Fleetwood Mac Concert
In the light of Fallout 76 release have some Todd Howard bathroom ASMR

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Lemony Fresh : Todd slips something in to your drink, you awaken on the back of a horse carriage and some Norse man turns to you and says "Hey, you're finally awake"

FBI Webcam Surveillance Manager : >be watching Todd Howard asmr >my eyes slowly close, I fall asleep >sleeping.png >I wake up after I feel a bump >ohno.jpg >”hey you, you’re finally awake!” >not again >”you were trying to cross the border, right?”

Grifo BR : This makes me want to buy an incomplete game made on a 16 year old engine for $60 , regret it, and not be able to refund it.

ooOmegAaa : should have had the sound of a firm smack on the ass when he said *heres my gamertag*

超粒方 : No one can tell me this is not the pinnacle of Youtube artistry

Claire AwesomeSauce : I once met Todd. We chatted for a bit and after a few minuets he invited me to see something. After just a few moments I got the hint. I turned around and told him that I understood what he wanted. I bent over and braced myself against the wall. Todd came closer and placed his hand on the back of my head. He leaned in against me and whispered, "I want it all." His right hand slowly gropes the coutures of my hip and eases itself into my pocked. He takes a firm hold of my wallet and pulls it free. Without another word, Todd just got off me and walked away.

Shanoa Dawn : I feel like somebody is touching my butt

jinxmaster1 : He's like a Moriarty style villain. Talking as though he's a good guy when you both know the truth yet you can't prove it to the authorities.

Khalid Faisal : I failed no not November

Mark Santos : Searched for "ASMR for degenerates" All I can say is that I'm not disappointed

ben moore : What if Todd is in this comment section with a random account name and we don't know it

papiez spuszcza się na klate adamowi malyszowi : *TELL ME LIES, TELL ME SWEET LITTLE LIES*

MrMauro113 : Fallout 69 confirmed.

Minifridge : it just works

Spartan Rosé : Wait... My wallet...... *TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODD!*

FlametheSeraph : The background noise is killing me lmao

Notice me Senpai : Todd-Kun, you made me feel so good. Now you have to take responsibility.

Spoofer's Domain : The best part? It is not the ambience, the words being said by Todd nor the pretty good impression of Todd. It is that slow zoom in to his face, it slays me the most.

Alicia S. : Talk dirty to me daddy 😩 Tell me about those physics and volumetric lighting 😍 Give me that sweet release (of Fallout 76) papi 💦💦

Sehd : Nothing has ever aroused me more than hearing Todd's honeyed words leak in my ears, his nerdy whine promising me things he knows he can't deliver. I'll ignore the vile stench and incessant coughs for you Todd, just no more sweet little lies

Eman : Is that Arthur Morgan coughing?

how heck : Oh...hey there. That's right it's me, Bethesda's Todd Howard. Look I know you told me not come around anymore. I know when you bought Skyrim for the Xbox one you said you were done. At least let me plead my case. Did you know that fallout 4 is the perfect game, it'll have no load times. Yeah...did you like that? You can create any character you want, even generate a baby based on the couple you make. Does that tickle your fancy? Now....how about these...true...dynamic soft shadows, radiant to AI. Real world physics...go where you want, DO whatever you want. Dynamic...Volumetric lighting, all of this is being generated in real time by the game...Over 200 dungeons ALL hand-crafted. The most ambitious and detailed game world we have ever made...It works, it actually works perfectly. We have been working very...very hard to create something special. You could play...forever. I know your friends told you to stay away from me...and I know...those paid mods man I screwed up I screwed that up real bad but I promise...I promise I've changed. Look baby I was in alot of stress okay? I mean...Fallout 3 had had over 200 endings...we're probably doing too much and working too hard. Player freedom still remains one of our major calls...we've have our responsibility to do this game right. Our artists have painstakenly modeled over 9000 objects...even our diolauge is dynamic. We put alot of effisis on making this entertaining...I'm doing all of this for you. Our fans...really are the greatest in the world...YOU'RE the greatest in the world. That's why I've been working so hard...to bring you the kind of experience you deserve. Now I gotta go, they're playing my favorite song out there and if I don't dance, well...then I'll regret it forever. Cause when you think of me you think of fun...that's the Todd Howard guarantee. Here's my...gamertag, now you behave yourself...who's laughing now?...*walks away* pssst, I was in the chess club

Rodd Boward : Thanks Todd... But why did you betray me... Why did you release Fallout 76... I... I loved you Todd... I loved you...

clovely000 : This is way to realistic to not have been recorded in an actual bathroom with Todd and passed off as asmr

Gustav Löhrmann : I bet that you can send this as an job application to Bethesda and get hired

Count Campula : I put it on loop and listened to it before bed, had a dream I was trying to cross the boarder and walked right into an imperial ambush.

Vixon Von Trollington : *STOP!!* *YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE LAW!!!!*

5Oblivion : This ASMR has more interaction that Fallout 76.

Blue Allen : For goodness sakes, somebody get that coughing man some robitussin.

Pencil Melody : Ho there, verily, tis me, Todd Howard of Bethesda. Yea, I know that ye told me not to come round you anymore. I know that when ye did purchase Skyrim for the Xbox One, thou didst say we would be done. Might I persuade thee of mine innocence? Didst thou know that the fourth Fallout is a sport of perfection? Not one second of thy time shall be lost to loading. Yea, dost thou like that? Thou canst create any character which thou desirest. Lo, we, even we, can beget a babe based upon the mother and father ye make. Does this attract thy attention? Nay? Peradventure these? Fluid and soft shadows, of a veritable nature. Radiant, self-motivated intelligence. Physics, which are of a truth to the world. Thou canst go where ever ye want. Thou canst do whatever thy soul pleaseth. Lighting which doth conform harmoniously in volume. Behold, all that which I have described is generated instantaneously during the sport. The dungeons crafted by men's hands exceed over two hundred. Tis the most ambitious and intricate world which our hands have ever formed. It works. It works most perfectly. Our brows sweat with the toil of our work as we have laboured hard to create a rarity which thou canst play for evermore. I know thy friends did tell you to no longer associate with me. And yea, those paid mods, friend, I did fail. I failed exceedingly. But lo, I swear, I swear to thee, that I have become a new man. Behold, child, I was under much strain. Consider, the third Fallout bore over two hundred endings. Mayhaps we are toiling too greatly, labouring most strenuously. The liberty of the player doth remain a foremost goal of ours. Tis our lot to create this game correctly. With great pain, our artists have molded objects over nine thousand in number. Our dialogue, yea, even our dialogue, is fluid in nature. We do place significant importance upon making this sport amusing. This I do, all for you. Our disciples truly are the most wonderful in the world. Thou art the most wonderful in the world. Yea, for that is the reason which I have laboured so, that I might give you all which thou dost requite. Lo, I must depart, for they doth play the psalm which is dear to my heart out yonder. And if I do not dance, then would I be haunted eternally. For when thou thinkest of me, thou dost think of merriment. Tis the oath of Todd Howard. Behold, my gamertag. May you refrain thyself from naughtiness. Who doth scoff now? Yea, I did participate within the chess guild.

Crimson Dynamo : Ah yes, Fleetwood Mac is the best place to get laid in the dirty portajohn

Mr Fluff : Such a specific scenario, it's almost as if the creator actually saw that it was a part of it.

Benosoar's Other channel : "Sees fallout 76" *im sorry but were done Todd*

Johnny Natrium : Why does everyone at this concert have tuberculosis?

ONI-SCORPION-X : I had failed no nut november..

TadpoleGaming : Time for this video to blow up again!

Knight of the Realm : Yes Todd, I will buy Fallout 4 remastered you beautiful man

Jaminator : The person below must triple buy *Skyrim*

Nintony : misleading title. Todd doesn't know what roleplay is.

i3su _ : Why am I erect?

Victorious Kun : Todd: I swear I've changed Us: Oh Todd, how could we ever doubt you? *Fallout 76 happens* : ^ )

darktooth347 : That's him, that's the man who took advantage of me at E3

Lil Cheesy : Suddenly, he leans in and whisperers in your ear: "Another settlement needs your help". Plot twist: It's Preston Garvey

Jesús Benavides : Wtf im gay now

Y Daboi : And they say white people have no culture. smh

Aesthetic Storm : I feel like Todd has me pressed up against a wall and he's whispering into my ear, just trying to seduce me

Milkbread : i wonder if todd has seen this yet

Joseph Ackrill : Man this is brilliant. Please plz do an Asmr Sean Murray or whoever he is from no man sky and bewitch me with all his lies XD

Rimmy - Downunder Gaming : i like to put asmr on while i edit. it's easy to ignore as white noise. but i can't ignore you, Todd.