CS:GO Player Profile - Happy - Envyus

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Raihan Dhani Gunawan : All you got to do, is follow that damn train CJ

daniiiboi : Happy with one Deag Oh and another one OH AND A THIRD...!

hey now : pause at 3:01 and take a good look at kioshimas face.


CyMations : Happy looks so dead inside

bami : my fav player, best on the world :- )

ernestas kakliosius : the betrayal, Again!

bubba : When Valve banks on EnVyUs making it out of groups so they can show Happy's video at Nationwide. RIP

kobe : Happy honestly seems like a really nice guy. The french shuffle turned him into a machine

puru : Why does shox still not have a video? Please make one for the next major. He's going to wreck everyone <3

Ivan Mendez : so i farted in an apple store and everyone got mad so i said too bad they dont have windows

E : Thought it was Edward Snowden from the thumbnail picture

joven nicholas : 3:21 "he knows how to use his teammate" damn no wonder happy is good at baiting his teammate

JerrytheBaum : "Vinceeeent?....We happy?"

Umesh Pradhan : at 3:00 wtf is wrong with kio's head

andy sanders : 1. I got inspired 2. Start a Matchmaking 3. DeRankers in our Team 4. Suicide

Peter Giversen : Please make one with NBK

Demonhorse1 : The French are not doing a good job on the CT-side of things.

Errzuh : French shuffle 3.0 Poor happy ; they lost their first match against heroic with the new envy roster.

bnat : I identify a lot with him, my motivation to play CS.

Hackal : volvo pls make one for k1o oh wait......

hannes haupt : probably they saved this video for the quaters just like the fnatic one but fnatic will lose to faze :D

Cheese It : My mom in one of these: he never gets off that damn computer I don't see why he won't get friends or play sports he's so disappointing when I was a kid I would play my clarinet now it seems like this is the only thing that matters to him and it's so violent why does he like just moving a mouse he's going to loose his eyesight he only gets bs in school and you get the point


Samuel Viera : 3:02 Kioshimas neck

HOMICIDAL PLAYA : Valve, plz, make documental movie about Dosia x God

manstie : He won't be so happy now!

kAre : I wish they'd replace devil with shox

gegw guen : BAGUETTE !!!!!!

kukids : RIP Envyus

thebobbymike : Light a candle [*] One like = One prayer

Mustafa Tektaş : make kqly player profile

Jester Costa : God this Guy

gp34 : Do one for god THREAT

Ivan Stoev : Shox profile PLEASE LIKE FOR MOVIE :P

Andrius Bandzinas : I like how this came out after EnVyUs was eliminated. Also how is he "playing for his team" when he keeps taking the awp away from kennys aka the STAR OF THE TEAM.

BananaGaming : Valve should interview a CSGO female player like this as well, would be fun and interesting to see!

Jack - CS:GO : 'I do not know why on his face he is like this' why did I crack up laughing when shox said that?😂

Futureplayer55 : Good job fking EnVyUs. Lets first change the Ingame Leader, and then blame Kioshima for the losses you gain.

Hoo-Dini : And he gets backstabbed again lmfao

M. Sarkkinen : lmao kios face on the ldlc team picture :D

Empty : Kenny Schrub? More like Kenny Scrub

Why Not : 3:18 shox confirmed that happy is baiter

Tyler Durden : Please Kio come back ;(

SJVegetto : The funny thing is, now its the second time that Happy's team got stolen. Back then Titan picked up 3 players of Happy's LDLC Team, among them shox, and now G2 picked up again 3 Players.

Luka : My name is Happy I'm a baiter I'll meet you on the bombsite a little bit later


Vale65ntin : aaaaand it happened again. the french scene doesn't seem to like happy too much

Ei Izzorz : Meilleur leader au monde, merci Happy tu me motives à fond !

phenomeno2111 : Kio was the problem .