That Mitchell and Webb Look - Apprentice
That Mitchell and Webb Look Apprentice

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That Mitchell and Webb Look - Apprentice


premier 666 : "How do these ironic non-idiots show up on the ratings" This is why tv programming is so terrible these days

SANDEEP SANGHERA : The lowest biggest amount for idiots is £100K - similar to what the winner of Big Brother gets LOL

Collachienho : another season... this couldn't be more true even now

Jco176 : And just like that, Total Wipeout was born.

Kevin Booth : Watching this in 2017.... fml

David Lea-Smith : The real shame is that there is not a show about talented businessmen competing for a prestigious job.

The Game Archiver : "You can't give a million pounds to an idiot, that's what the lottery is for" LMAO

Jeesus Kristus : True story.

Retro Brothers : Quality from M & W as usual

RJ_AY : I feel like I've just been insulted..

CaptainAWESOME117 : I love the Apprentice. So does my dad. He calls it the muppet show.

Sidsidsid : This video was funny and all but that ending was just perfect *slow clap*

booley : so that's who Jersey Shore got started

LMDTGaming : "Comment about how it was uploaded on the anniversary of someone's birth"

lusteraliaszero : I have a feeling the people who make the reality tv shows are getting the same sort of entertainment out of their audience. In writing this comment, I establish myself at the top of this foodchain, obviously.

Octavio Bannach : Where were Mitchell & Webb during my whole life?

shoseki : "Ironic joke posted in a public forum"

Bob Taylor : Funny and totally true, lol.

Hard2heart2heart : the smallest large amount of money is $50000 in america.

kaneyp : round your mamas house.

rahagbab : Man, that's rich. Where do you come up with this stuff?

cjcjcjiamcj : this is actually how it went down

d0md0mt0mt0m : It describes every reality TV show and the viewers of said shows.

SynphamyOfficial : Also describes a lot of the youtube community in ways.

artsbeatla : BRILLIANT!!!

RunasSudo : "Comment about how you watched the video too!"

DannyBoi202 : well a lot of people actually

EclecticSceptic : Exactly!!!!

Fawkes : I laugh to much to hear it.

cheezemonkeyeater : Well, that was accurate.

MadMaxGamer : Who watches TV anymore ??

Mike B. : The Interactive Script is the biggest joke here.

Gerbilsftw : Perfect. Everything about it is just right. It's the same with the X-Factor, Britain's Got Talent, I'm a Celebrity and worst of all, Big Brother.

rottenappleization : I think those guys also created "Wordwang".

Teristar1 : So big brother was created by mitchell and webb?

Stroya : This sketch is pretty much every reality TV-show in a nutshell.

kaneyp : cunt.... hows that for original.

kaneyp : Btw, would you have prefered me to have done a 15min dance piece expressing my feelings towards people quoting from the short video i'm just about to watch? would that be original enough? or are you just trying to get some "like" votes?

kaneyp : oh noes, you have destroyed me and made my comment look foolish and unwitty!

nomoreheroes93 : Crippling originality.

fixxxer113 : Complaining about people spoiling videos by quoting lines and pointing out that nobody cares if you found it funny. :P

casgetoutofmyass : It's not really anything to do with baking, or whatever else, it's about business. It doesn't matter what sector it's based in, they are still business related tasks. They should know how to handle buying, selling, organising and marketing.

casgetoutofmyass : There's a huge gap between having no experience and being an expert.

casgetoutofmyass : Usually when you're going for a job, you tend to need experience...


Martin Link : who?

Martin Link : thereall idiots especially they supposadly have experience

WanderingRandomer : and that's 50,000 Dollars, which is about £32,000 so... even less, then!

Forehand Anhyzer : wow fear factor only gave you 50 grand for eating penises and cockroaches? no thank you.