That Mitchell and Webb Look - Apprentice

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Adam : "we can't give a million pounds to an idiot, that's what the lottery's for"

magicaIpineapple : id humiliate myself on tv for 100k to be honest

premier 666 : "How do these ironic non-idiots show up on the ratings" This is why tv programming is so terrible these days

Majoofi : And then the idiots become voters

ticklish : i came back to look at this because Trump's obviously doing quite well in politics now - and then it struck me. this sketch has gone beyond satirizing just the apprentice - this actually satirizes everything the electoral process is about now. multinational corporations, lobbyists and special interests picking idiots to run for a relatively junior job (the amount of power a president or a prime minister actually has now is small), and people thinking they're part of a select few of people who have spotted that most politicians are idiots, and that's why they screwing everything up. a sideshow of idiots behaving idiotically for an audience of idiots - and people not voting (but refusing to take any other form of political action) to try and demonstrate that they haven't been taken in. but whose taxes and compliance shows up just the same.

Collachienho : another season... this couldn't be more true even now

Juan Juri : "and remind me, how do these ironic non-racists show up on the election results?"

Francis Rodriguez : in the US, they had an idiot host the show as well. and now he's gonna be our president too! hooray.

David Lea-Smith : The real shame is that there is not a show about talented businessmen competing for a prestigious job.

Jco176 : And just like that, Total Wipeout was born.

Kevin Booth : Watching this in 2017.... fml

Festivejelly : I bloody love Mitchell and Webb

Madness by Design : Beautifully encapsulating 'reality television'...

booley : so that's who Jersey Shore got started

Jeesus Kristus : True story.

Noah Spurrier : Was this predicting "The Apprentice"?

Mogens Linnet : I think they could get the same idiots for 25.000

Nardo Vogt : this is basically too close to comfort.

RJ_AY : I feel like I've just been insulted..

Billy Kringel : WHAT HAVE THEY DONE!

Retro Brothers : Quality from M & W as usual

foundatlantis : You cant give a million pounds to an idiot; thats what the lottery is for.

Hobeer : I know people who watch gogglebox ironically.

Sidsidsid : This video was funny and all but that ending was just perfect *slow clap*

HarryIII : The most truth in a sketch ever

MrAntiKnowledge : The Tester?

MrBipson : although funny, it seems a bit naive to assume business ventures in real life are ALWAYS successful and the cockups that feature in The Apprentice never happen in real companies.

SANDEEP SANGHERA : The lowest biggest amount for idiots is £100K - similar to what the winner of Big Brother gets LOL

Ian-Devon Lewis : Brilliant. I mean, like in the american-english literal sense of the word brilliant. Not a exclamatory conjecture/compliment. IE Brilliant (good) idea.

CaptainAWESOME117 : I love the Apprentice. So does my dad. He calls it the muppet show.

lemonny3663 : "You can't give a million pounds to an idiot, that's what the lottery is for" LMAO

Totalavulsion : And therein lies the magic formula for many of todays awful TV. BTW, I’m one of the ironic non-idiots.

Peter Oxley : Harsh to call apprentice contestants idiots; the dog eat dog type business myths propogated by the apprentice are a greater source of shame than anything contestants do

Yuki _ : That reminds me that they make crime show characters so slow that everyone picks up the plot and names the killer before the characters do that they think they are geniuses because of it and keep watching just to show off their "superiority" and feel good about themselves subconsciously and masquerading it as them actually enjoying the show

Mahammadou Tunkara : i love this

Bob Dole : Isn't making a skit that points out all the cynical but realistic points on how the show is made show that the skit writers are part of the group watching?

SK 2 : this is sooooo goood

Robin Raine : Literally, every single reality show ever.

TransparentLabyrinth : This is what American politics feels like right now.

MindBlow : So true.

ss ss : Love island is one of those shows

Kaleb Bruwer : I thought the minimum large amount was 1k. Or at least a chance to win 1k.

Goodbrew84 : This is even funnier after Omarosa got a white house job.

Anders Markussen : This goes for all reality shows ever made

Christopher Bryant : i have the same t-shirt!

Karth38 : Pretty much nailed every single reality show ever!

Andre P : Well it’s a proven route to be president... sigh

tubecriber : This would be so much better without the laugh track.

ukstevey : sprinkling of idiots anyway

DanTheStripe : "I've got a hunch that for some reason, people will think that this never stops being worth commentating upon." That gets more and more relevant with every new series of the Apprentice.