Halo 3 - 'Believe' Ad

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Tanner Barnes : Look at the emotion. The terror, hopelessness and loss that they etched into these little plastic carvings. It's amazing.

PootisMax : Today marks the ten year anniversary for Halo 3. I doubt anyone will read this but I just miss this. Halo 3 was my childhood. I remember growing up and having LAN/system link party’s and doing custom games and just having the most amazing time with just this game whether I was playing competitively in a cringey clan that me and my friends made or inviting random people to play fat kid on a Friday night. There was something magical about it that I don’t think can be recreated again ever in a game. Words can’t really describe the nostalgia or the feeling this game gives me. I know some might think it’s dumb to think about a video game like that but to me it was more. Halo will always be a gargantuan memory of my childhood and I wouldn’t ever change that. Thank you bungie for that amazing feeling you gave me and your genius creation. Tough to think it’s already been 10 years.

ShadowStunt : I've never played Halo 3, but this has to be the best ad I will ever see in my life

jrodificator1 : this was too intense for tv

George Lopez kissing George Lopez : I STILL Believe... Anyone else still Believe?

budro : Makes me remember how excited I was for Halo 3. I don't have that with any of today's games.

Sic Oblivion : I still get chills watching this...

BM Canadian : The best ad ever. Of all time

Seth Johnson : Almost a decade later and this still gets to me. That's a sign that something in here was done right.

Kipcha Vargosain : Regret, Regret, Regret. We regret playing halo 4, we regret loosing our friends and we most definitely regret that MS just blew up our beloved franchise.

Pathetique : You can thank Chopin

Futureoldman : 2007 a simpler time

OvenHut : I love this AD. It's the first time we get to see what it was really like for the soldiers. Playing the game we always just through it was shoot aliens and save the day. No. It was a war. A war to end all wars. A war that meant extinction, or living.


Plaka : The piano soundtrack is the Chopin prelude Op 28 No. 15.

Arkane : As said in Halo Combat Evolved: "That's when you realize your last best hope is you." Believe.

Joshua Maloczewski : I am, and forever and always will be, a Spartan. I was forged in the fires of my ship above Installation 04, watched hundreds of my fellow Marines die on the Pillar of Autumn... Took down an entire Covenant armada, and laid waste to the parasite known only as, The Flood. I walked the halls of the abandoned library, I gathered the index, and I stood at the forefront of Armageddon itself. I destroyed Halo. I watched as the Covenant  attacked the planet I called home. I defended Cairo. I gave the Covenant back their bomb. I destroyed a scarab. I walked Installation 05. I "teamed" with an elite to take down a force bent on the ruination of the known universe. I lived through the fire and pain of High Charity. I watched Cortana pass from me as I headed back to where this leg of my journey began. I destroyed the Ark. I do not know where my path will take me... All I know is this: I Believe. I Believe my brothers and sisters will come home. I Believe this war will end. I am John. I am Spartan 117.

Thatguy1705 : I miss the old Bungie.

wanky walrus : This trailer sets a very interesting, dark and gritty tone for the halo series. The actual game is alot light hearted and colorful though it has its moments. You can just see from how barren and grey the ground looks after its been practically glassed from the war. You never really felt desperation or helplessness in the halo games, even on legendary. Still a great franchise imo.

Average League Gamer : "helo i am mastur ch33f lollolooloollolollolo"

countblood97 : damn I miss halo 3

Назар Ильдаров : And now Bungie created Destiny lol

BottleCap Guy : How to experience this teaser in it Ultimate form -set quality to 240 p

sootythunder : I feel like at the time this came out it was the high point of what it meant to make a videogame, they didn't go into a game knowing that they were going to release 4 dlc to complete the story there was no micro transactions, no season pass at am overcharged price they went in pouring there heart and soul into one single project not looking at how the game fits in with next years sequel

crazy360playa : The hype was real back then

Toot Woot : If I was to make a top 10 trailers video, this one is number 1.

MrSophisticatedChild : It would be funny if bungie returned to the franchise. Their first title: Halo 4

King K Rool Main : To this day almost any part of Halo 3 can go toe to toe with games today. It's a shame what modern gaming is. To this day I'll still pop in a halo 3 disk and just go on a nostalgia trip. I've had so many memories of this. As Lord Hood once said "...Never Forget those journyed into the howling dark and did not return"

Prairie Boy Gamer : It's funny, being 26 and seeing this ad again. I never bought an xbox console and probably never will. But this. Fucking. Ad. I still remember seeing it for the first time on tv. It made me want an 360 back then. Seeing it now, still kinda has that effect.

VideosNoOne : I remember how this gave me chills when it aired on finnish TV

DeusExNihilum : Man I wish the Halo games had this humanity, this resonance, this mirror held up to the horror of war. But I guess they really wanted to polish the brightly coloured pew pew pew lasers and tea-bagging physics instead.

Jules Fuentes : Like, this ad alone is doubly better than Halo 4.

Goeliath : Man. Nobody does this with their games today. This diorama was so fucking cool. I want a game to take me back to the good old days of halo 1- reach

Grim : Honestly, I wish somebody would come out of nowhere with some new epic single-player saga like this. Their just aren't any like this coming out anymore in my opinion, except for a select few. Has anyone noticed how all the singleplayer story driven games are dying out? I don't know I just miss games like the old Halos, Mass Effect (hopeful for Andromeda), KOTOR, Bioshock, Red Dead, Walking Dead. I mean don't get me wrong, some of these games are rolling out sequels or episodes and their are still story driven games being rolled out, but there are less and less every year and none of em seem to be up to par with their predecessors. I don't know, might just be me taking a nostalgia trip (Just ran through Halo 1-3 past few days as well XD), but I just feel like this is the case.

lion hinges : Morgan freeman should have narrated halo 3.

Uhdil : I still get teary-eyed when Master Chief looks up and the piano slowly dies out. Believe.

Dublegano32 : Piano Prelude No 15 Raindrop - Chopin

Volvagia´s Blaze : This is honestly one of the most impressive adds i´ve ever seen. So much emotion and movement is conveyed in stillness and the music adds so much to the atmosphere and hopelessness of the situation.

AguilasNest : Thanks Bungie for this game. Thanks to all the people involved in making this representation. But above all, thanks Frederic Chopin for creating this amazing and powerful composition. Piano Prelude No 15 Rain Drop. Yeah...

James Munro : Halo just isn't what it used to be. Pisses me off and breaks my heart

CT - 7598 : The original mannequin challenge

Rubber Soul : Gaming will never be that good again great memories! Believe.

gjD4NT3 : It is incredible how this Trailer delivers more emotions than entirely full AAA games today. And it's even more wonderful to see amazing personal stories regarding this trailer/Halo 3. You can say whatever you want, you can say that now the franchise is doomed (which is not), you can be a hater...... But you can't deny that Halo 3 united us ALL! And when I say 'all' I don't mean Xbox or Halo fans, but ALL GAMERS! #EverlastingMaster(chief)piece

Greg Steele : still get chills

Mc Cookie : We fought the flood We stopped the covenant We finished the fight We believed We remembered reach We dropped feet first into hell We killed the prometheans We hunted the truth Halo - best game series of all time

Nathan : miss halo so much its not how it used to be :( miss those old good times!

Oliver Mendonca : the best Game trailer of all time, it has so much emotion and show so much terror and sadness and sacrifice. best TRAILER, of all TIME

Creations Maxo : 8 years later... still awesome. 8 years later... the series never reached such actual content and action... 8 years later... I believe it will never come.

Starlesslemon : To this day still the greatest ad campaign ever, and the greatest game ever.

Sean Conrad : Wow. Even years later this ad is still extremely powerful...