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The 4 Kings of Boxing Backgrounds amp Styles Hagler Hearns Leonard Duran

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Four Kings: Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hit Man Hearns, and The Hands of Stone, Roberto Duran. These men ruled the ring during the last golden age of boxing. They rose from poverty and obscurity to become legends. They left their marks on history, and on each other. Their styles, and their personalities, were diverse. But each man would come to know the others well, as they fought each other for the prize of the being the greatest of an era. All 4 of these exceptional fighters would face each other in the ring. In another era, any one of them could have dominated several weight divisions for years. But in the last golden age of boxing, each man would form deep rivalries and take eachother to the limits of their talent, stamina, and willpower.


OnePunchFatality : these 4 kings were real fighters duran hearn and leonard were knocked out and lost but have you ever seen anyone diminish these guys legacy other than the new floyd lovers who use his 0 as the base of a argument. no andre ward floyd mayweather comes close to these warriors end of.

gigante87 : mayweather will never be considered as great as these warriors

Estarlin Castro : please breakdown the hands of stone Roberto Duran

SinkHollyWood : Prime Hearns crushes Mayweather.

Srdjan Teofilovic : Duran was exceptional, he perfected what I call "wing chun" boxing (haha, don't get upset) i.e Duran was able to SIMULTANEOUSLY do a bob and weave and counter. Sugar Ray Leonard - he took Ali's style and perfected it even further, the toughest style to use in boxing if your reach is shorter than your opponent's as was the case in his fight against Hagler. You have to get in, do a few punches and get the hell out - and that is difficult, especially if you don't use bob and weave as a way of entering your punching range, which Leonard didn't, again, against Hagler - he only used footwork. Do SRL and Duran. Hearns is not that complicated, it's basically Wladimir Klitchko (both trained by Manny Steward) and Hagler is a freak of nature.

Jesse G : Im more interested in Hagler and Duran.

Dave Larson : Thanks for this Bro. I asked and you delivered. Each 1 of these Killers would have beaten Maywether..easily

Takuan Soho : I'd particulary be glad to know more about Marvelous Marvin. Maybe not the best of the four, but he always had a strange style that fascinated me :) Plus his body, little round head on compact torso on long shanks was impressive to see in motion, his devastating hooks, short reach (he must had suffer in front of Hearns), his southpaw posture that he changed sometimes... A very talented yet unusual boxer. Anyway I'm impatient to learn about all of them, but if you could develop a bit on Hagler's personnality and style, that will be greaaat. ^^

Joshua Esparza : I'd like to see The Hitman Hearns style broke down šŸ˜

Shadowsnake 89 : Duran is my absolute favorite but if I had to choose one to do a breakdown video I'm going with Hagler.


WiseIsWise : Can anyone explain to me why boxers don't systematically train themselves to be two-sided? It seems like such an obviously useful and tactical ability.

clifford hill : Most fight fans (especially old school ones) say that Floyd isn't as good as these guys, well they're all naturally bigger except for Duran. The thing I can say about these 4 fighters is that they did'nt play it safe as far as who they fought, so I will say that they're braver, but better? , I guess we'll never know.

Michael1313 michael : mayweather does not compare to ANY of these dudes!! not even close

Andrew Barrett : great concept for a video The Hitman I think would be the one I'd like to see the most although Duran is probably my favourite boxer of all time I think you'll do a really good job and all of them

PorkFrog : Wait...who beat up Hagler at a party?


Noah : Please do Mike McCallum. The one fighter all four of the Kings avoided.

Bara' Istatieh : you man are amazing and your videos are well scripted... your channel should be more successful... I really enjoy listening to your script and breakdown... thanks man

yadisamdestiny : julio cesar chavez

Joshua Esparza : Also in the future a prime Cro Cop style break down would be sweet šŸ˜

classiccarz : The 4 MIDDLE WEIGHT Kings maybe. The *real* Kings are the Heavyweights

Stevo : All great fighters who went up against the best in their sport. Modern day boxers seem scared to face the best (I'm looking at you Anthony Joshua).

freddiemercurysmoustache : You forgot to mention the GOAT: Rich Piana!

Luiz Henrique Rolim Antonio : Btw, you've fulfilled my wishes, thank you

JMB23 : I loved watching Marvelous box. Every fight, win or lose, was beautiful violence. I met him once while on vacation and he left such an awesome impression on me.

David : I think I'd like to see Sugar Ray Leonard first.

C' PyRo : i thought this was a very good video. keep up the work

Rezi TC : Well i mean how is this the last golden age of boxing when they fought before the 90s, iā€™d considering the 90s a golden age of boxing as well because of the amount of fighters it had

Christian Shreve : Ray Leonard! All of them, obviously. Ray first.

Halo : Some of my favorite boxers alongside Floyd and Sugar Ray Robinson šŸ’šŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø

Lezio Montair : so that's why SRL has damn near perfect balance

Dean : hagler

zzzhuh : Everyone in the comment section is apparently a boxing professional. Each of these fighters are all great in their own regard. Show a little respect, before one of em comes and finds you.

John von Atzigen : Benitez was 1 for 4 against these guys.

Comander : you got the 4 kings wrong its Muhamed Ali Mike Tyson Sugar Ray Flyd Maywether

Kwaku Anansi : And they all avoided fighting Mike Mccallum.

Stewart Bowers : 4:01 dude got struck by lightning

darklord220 : a better name for this list would be "All of the men who ducked and dodged Mike McCallum the Body Snatcher".

94spear : i definetly Hope you will eventuality breakdown all off them, my favorite Is Sugar Ray as he is someone i take inspiration for my style. But definetly most interesting Is Hagler, his technical level And movement Is unbelievible

Blond on Blonde : Subscribed. I'd love to see a breakdown of either Hearns or Leonard

Korbin Dallas : do the 5th king.. AKA Charlie Zelenoff

Xavier Rico : Please do Duran first, but I think a series on the four kings is a wonderful idea. Thanks for the awesome content!

Jonny Chadwick : My favorite boxers of all time are Joe Frazier, Joe Louis, SRR, Floyd patterson, Roy Jones Jr, Bhop, Dempsey, and the 4 kings. Its amazing to see channels that now give credit to these kinds of guys instead of only Tyson, Ali, and Marciano.

Luiz Henrique Rolim Antonio : MANOS DE PIEDRA PLS

Husani Sterling : Do the rematch and 2nd bout of Suagr Ray vs Duran. That'd be tight af. Yo first vid of them was classic

berserkfan300 : Just wondering have you've done a video on Jack Dempsey

Senne Elcus : You are really good at this stuff Keep on putting in the good work Greetings from belgium!

natural beast : I still watch these classic fights of these 4...mostly marvelous marvin hagler ...i love mike tyson and grew up watching his career however hagler is my most favorite to watch of all time