The 4 Kings of Boxing | Backgrounds & Styles | * Hagler * Hearns *Leonard * Duran

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OnePunchFatality : these 4 kings were real fighters duran hearn and leonard were knocked out and lost but have you ever seen anyone diminish these guys legacy other than the new floyd lovers who use his 0 as the base of a argument. no andre ward floyd mayweather comes close to these warriors end of.

Gian Torres : 4:52 - 4:54 "His hand speed was 2nd to Nunn." I disagree. Michael Nunn was fast but Leonard was clearly faster.

gigante87 : mayweather will never be considered as great as these warriors

Srdjan Teofilovic : Duran was exceptional, he perfected what I call "wing chun" boxing (haha, don't get upset) i.e Duran was able to SIMULTANEOUSLY do a bob and weave and counter. Sugar Ray Leonard - he took Ali's style and perfected it even further, the toughest style to use in boxing if your reach is shorter than your opponent's as was the case in his fight against Hagler. You have to get in, do a few punches and get the hell out - and that is difficult, especially if you don't use bob and weave as a way of entering your punching range, which Leonard didn't, again, against Hagler - he only used footwork. Do SRL and Duran. Hearns is not that complicated, it's basically Wladimir Klitchko (both trained by Manny Steward) and Hagler is a freak of nature.

SinkHollyWood : Prime Hearns crushes Mayweather.

clifford hill : Most fight fans (especially old school ones) say that Floyd isn't as good as these guys, well they're all naturally bigger except for Duran. The thing I can say about these 4 fighters is that they did'nt play it safe as far as who they fought, so I will say that they're braver, but better? , I guess we'll never know.

Takuan Soho : I'd particulary be glad to know more about Marvelous Marvin. Maybe not the best of the four, but he always had a strange style that fascinated me :) Plus his body, little round head on compact torso on long shanks was impressive to see in motion, his devastating hooks, short reach (he must had suffer in front of Hearns), his southpaw posture that he changed sometimes... A very talented yet unusual boxer. Anyway I'm impatient to learn about all of them, but if you could develop a bit on Hagler's personnality and style, that will be greaaat. ^^

Estarlin Castro : please breakdown the hands of stone Roberto Duran

K G : Im more interested in Hagler and Duran.

Noah : Please do Mike McCallum. The one fighter all four of the Kings avoided.

Dave Larson : Thanks for this Bro. I asked and you delivered. Each 1 of these Killers would have beaten Maywether..easily

Shadowsnake 89 : Duran is my absolute favorite but if I had to choose one to do a breakdown video I'm going with Hagler.


sechsunddreißig : Sugar Ray beat all of them. That for me is why he's in my top 3 greatest of all time.

Dean : hagler


T.L. KING : Sugar Ray Leonard is the best out of all of them. That’s not to knock any of the other fighters, but that’s my opinion. He’s one of the smartest, fastest, toughest, boxers ever. My personal favorite for his flamboyance and pride

Michael1313 michael : mayweather does not compare to ANY of these dudes!! not even close

yadisamdestiny : julio cesar chavez

Joshua Esparza : I'd like to see The Hitman Hearns style broke down 😁

Andrew Barrett : great concept for a video The Hitman I think would be the one I'd like to see the most although Duran is probably my favourite boxer of all time I think you'll do a really good job and all of them

John Benacci : Hagler

Johnny Yum : Hitman Hearns. Still think they stopped His Fight with Leonard to soon as both were Champs so should have waited for a KO not TKO. He had His eye closed and was kicking His Ass up to that round. Sugar Ray was the Golden Boy.

Kill Yourself : should do one called the gods of boxing on Ali Frazer Foreman And another from the same time

davidson2004fatboy : Don't FORGET Alexis Arguello and Aaron Pryor

shockadellick : Sugar Ray Leonard was the only man to beat all 3 of the Kings. SRL was super king!

kev will : why do people talk down on mayweather the man works his ass off grew up with nothing and became who he is today one of the greatest defensive boxers of all time you can't even hit the man name of the game hit and don't get hit Floyd takes the cake on that advice that's why he can talk clearly and hearns can barley create a sentence no offense to any legend boxer fighter but I would rather be Floyd then other boxer he has money fame perfect record and all of his Brian cells

Ranger T : Mayweather vs Sugar Ray would have been a good fight to see..... But Duran would have crushed his ribs and Kidneys and then blasted his head off of his shoulders. As would have Hagler... And Hearns would have been a good fight against him as well. But probably would have won. The BIG DIFFERENCE between Mayweather and these 4 is that he is pretty much purely a Defensive fighter. And he is indeed the best DEFENSIVE BOXER of all time. And his speed was indeed amazing, Mayweather was every bit as fast as any one of these guys, and was ALWAYS faster than his opponent. But against these 4, ANY of them, i believe he would have lost. And i would bet my entire paycheck that from Duran especially, he would have lost by KNOCKOUT... Fun fact though.... Besides himself, Mayweather has openly said that the best fighter Pound for Pound to ever live was Roberto Duran.... And i agree with him whole heartedly.

Luiz Henrique Rolim Antonio : MANOS DE PIEDRA PLS

John von Atzigen : Benitez was 1 for 4 against these guys.

Alex Pin : i think itd be perfect if you broke them down in the order you introduced them!

C' PyRo : i thought this was a very good video. keep up the work

WiseIsWise : Can anyone explain to me why boxers don't systematically train themselves to be two-sided? It seems like such an obviously useful and tactical ability.

Hassan Syed : Hagler was the best out of them. Leonard was gifted that "win" against him.

PorkFrog : Wait...who beat up Hagler at a party?

d money : wow the era of many great fighters, it's hard to rate mayweather against these greats simply because he is so good at adjusting to fighters , but I believe he would have beaten sugar ray iam 50/50 on him beating hearns & Duran , but I don't think he could have beaten hagler , hagler is one of the most underrated fighter of our time I think he just would have been to rough for mayweather

Tummywubs : What would you say a modern fighter needs in styles to make them a good fighter?

TinkyBeer : Hearns vs Leonard or Hearns vs Hagler.

Joshua Esparza : Also in the future a prime Cro Cop style break down would be sweet 😁

TTD: Time To Draw : Why is no one talking about m.ali??? Wasn't he the GOAT? I'm a noobie!!! So tell my uneducated ass whatever it needs to know

ShreDDDer323 : Hearns v duran

Michael1313 michael : Hagler Duran hearns leanord

kirby march barcena : Wait till the Joker comes in...

SinkHollyWood : HEARNS!!!

Martin Howarth : DURAN DURAN DURAN !!!!

Luiz Henrique Rolim Antonio : Btw, you've fulfilled my wishes, thank you

Nea Sanners : how come Duran is considered greater than Julio Cesar Chavez?

Atul Yadav : Robeeeeeertooooo Duraaaannn! & Marvelous. No sugar it causes diabetes & not a fan of run & hug

Ricardo Montes : Mayweather's career is nothing but careful match making.

TRIBUNAL 1 : Floyd is all 4 suites..tbe