Arduino Project ] Paper Hungry Robot | Servo Sensor tutorial example no 3d printer (Coin Eating)

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This is another version of Hungry Robot (coin bank robot) which I built in 2018. You can make this robot without 3d printer. All you need to do is just buying a can of Pringles, a servo motor, a proximity sensor, an arduino and some of tools. You can download all the files from the drawing to the source code for it. This robot eats coins!! If you have any questions, please leave comment and I will reply as soon as possible. [ Parts List ] [ Tools ] [ Source Code ] [ Drawing File ] Drawing File (PDF: Print it with "Actuall Size") [ Copyright Credit] Music by Joakim Karud Halloween Funk Mondays #arduino_robot #arduino_project_for_beginners

Comments from Youtube

The Mentor Project : I will be sharing this project idea with The Mentor Project. Very clever!!!

The Mentor Project : This is a great project!!!

Omar Ruiz : Hey geniales proyectos; vengo de "Un poco de todo"

Jeremy S Cook : Very clever! Got to love Pringles cans. Will it be making a trip to New York this year?

Naz N : this is pretty awesome!! thanks for sharing :) looks like a fun project to replicate.

RMW 360 : Woow.. i like your project, which software did you use for making sheet/template ?

Paola Dulfo : Can I use servo 360 continuous ?

심프팀 [SIMP TEAM] : ㅎㅎ 귀엽네요.

ms14581 : 안녕하세요! 소스코드 정말 감사합니다! keil이랑 stm32f103보드로 만들어보려고 하는데 가능할까요? 처음 공부해보는 부분이라 감이 안잡히네요ㅜㅜ

RA 111 : What is the cost of doing this

Elektronik Atölyem : Excellent project

Ittipon Youkeawjareon : I don't no print papers hungry robot.

Tszching Chow : Can I make a hungry robot with Arduino UNO? TT I don't know why there are nothing happen after I upload the code :(!!! Sorry for my stupid question. I am a newbie of Arduino...

nurul syahira : is this for coin or metal type only?

Plam Sucheerawan : Hello, I would like to consult about your work. How can I contact you?

Vicentico Gamer : Like si vienes de UPDT (Un Poco De Todo)

bersgarme cito : Vengo de parte de UPDT:Un poco De Todo

EunChan Park : Please feel free to leave your FEEDBACK. Any small feedback will help me to make instructions for the beginners. Thank you very much!