Arduino Project ] Paper Hungry Robot | Servo Sensor tutorial example no 3d printer (Coin Eating)

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The Mentor Project : I will be sharing this project idea with The Mentor Project. Very clever!!!

Tszching Chow : Can I make a hungry robot with Arduino UNO? TT I don't know why there are nothing happen after I upload the code :(!!! Sorry for my stupid question. I am a newbie of Arduino...

Paola Dulfo : Can I use servo 360 continuous ?

Jeremy S Cook : Very clever! Got to love Pringles cans. Will it be making a trip to New York this year?

RA 111 : What is the cost of doing this

The Mentor Project : This is a great project!!!

Naz N : this is pretty awesome!! thanks for sharing :) looks like a fun project to replicate.

RMW 360 : Woow.. i like your project, which software did you use for making sheet/template ?

심프팀 [SIMP TEAM] : ㅎㅎ 귀엽네요.

ms14581 : 안녕하세요! 소스코드 정말 감사합니다! keil이랑 stm32f103보드로 만들어보려고 하는데 가능할까요? 처음 공부해보는 부분이라 감이 안잡히네요ㅜㅜ

EunChan Park : Please feel free to leave your FEEDBACK. Any small feedback will help me to make instructions for the beginners. Thank you very much!

nurul syahira : is this for coin or metal type only?

Plam Sucheerawan : Hello, I would like to consult about your work. How can I contact you?

Elektronik Atölyem : Excellent project