Cat rides on top of a car on a major interstate

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Cat Don't Care : How scary for the cat! I want to know that it’s ok.

thebraininsideahead : oh its just a racoon...and thats ok because? whatever.

Sheldon Miller : This is the kind of hard-hitting journalism that really strengthens my faith in the american media.

cbrstunter24 : Poor kitty

Dustin Travis : I wasn't supposed to chuckle was I...

Miranda : I wanna know too: what happened to the cat?

SealAngel : Vin Diesel's cat

Alyce 2 : Hope the cat is ok. Poor thing looks really scared.

Chris Ramsey : Cat should stay off peoples cars, they climb on cars scratching them up and have even been known to get into the engine compartment and fender wells. Keep your damn cats to yourselves and keep them indoors.

ohohvalerie : So it was okay if it was a racoon???? Asshole.

ViralTuber : 0:31 Why would it matter if it was a cat or a raccoon? Does she think it's common for raccoons to do this? This lady makes me think the video was staged, since nothing about her behavior makes sense. She encourages us to think the 'animal species' is what makes the video strange. She's too nuts/unnatural to be taken at face value.

Learn English in Japan : Whew, that cat didn't fall off the roof fortunately. After this incident, it's necessary to check the roof of the car before starting to drive.

Sean French : How do they not know if the cat is okay? They were right there. I don't have a good feeling about this one.

k ax : 屋根に猫載せた車は、時速100kmで運転中に鏡見て化粧? 女ドライバーがおかしい。

Chad Sweeney : The news really should be more about reporting on viral videos like this. What else could these journalistic centers of information distribution possibly need to report on?

Goobye USA : This a Fox News affiliate? Oh, in that case. There was no cat on the roof and even if there was it was Obama's fault.

TheMusketITuckedIt : Looks like the cat was enjoying the ride lol

R : 綺麗な猫!誰かの飼い猫? にしても、助かって良かったです😌🍵

ddavel5441 : The morons in the van are to terrified to roll down the window and hear what she has to say. ....they might get killed!...idiots!

Craig Metke : it's a video on the internet of a mobile video send over the internet to a broadcast station who paid people to write and say things and they made a video of it and sent it to the internet.