Leonardo da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi' | 2017 World Auction Record

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King_Of_Blocks : I can bid $20.

Sean Nutshell : This world is upside down...so many millions of people living from hand to mouth and the money in few hands...I don't see light at the end of the tunnel.....

SquidCaps : No one in that room understands how much money it is. What bubble to live in where you just put 50 mil as last bid. That is insane. It is like... it is not money to them anymore, when in real world: money buys food and clothes. This world is sick.

Bjørn : An auction like this gives a dark perspective of the world. Some people are starving while another buys a painting for 450 mills :P


For You MUsIX : Art is not a art untile it is sold for millions.

Nico The Rabbit : If you think swimming with dolphins is expensive, you should try swimming with sharks ------------ It cost me an arm and a leg!

Hey : It's insane someone would be willing to spend that much on a painting.

Moises Sequera : How crazy, that could buy over a 1000 Bugatti Chiron's! That's insane, who is the buyer btw.?

Petr Frizen : …And a piori …and primarily …and first of all: Salvator Mundi watches the World… Observing… Very beautiful and truly touching!..

oracleofottawa : Even I got weak in the knees watching this....LOL....

Mr. Pandabites : Absolutely fucking obscene,

JanEn3 : Wow

Arthur Fields : Unbelievable...

Barry Ryan : I feel sick.......

Andre Bandarra : 400 or 450? Video and description say different things

Hakeem T : Can't believe people in the auction laughing at 5.0.

Mike Nino : Just make a print for 5 Bucks.

Beatriz Pardiño : Atlanticity

TabletopFun : This is the slowest / most expensive Auction I've ever seen. And I was an online operator for Richie Brothers.

azotyp : You could hire at least 45 finest artists in the world to paint you photorealistic paintings all your life every day, but instead you buy a 7/10 looking painting because of famous name.

schakalakadingdong : I appreciate art, but this is insanity. SPEND THAT MONEY TO HELP PEOPLE!!!

Sean Flannery : I'm confused. It sold for $400 million. not $450. Are there really $50million in fees and premiums?

dibbla : A) Who has this kind of money!? B) Do you want to lend me 4000th of this amount to buy a house?

Ark O'holic : Outrageous! Considering the debt & poverty in the world it sickens me to think that someone has this much money to spend on a shitty old painting!

Aidan Murphy : Obscene.

ClearCarbon : Dude spends $400,000,000 on a painting of Jesus and I can't even afford to pay attention.

John Smith : All these rich people on the other ends of the phones

EL JOTT : Why is everybody smiling??? You can do so many important things with that amount of money...

Garganzuul : Yet, people see fit to complain about investing in space exploration. What a perfectly absurd world we live in. A world in need of saving, if you will.

Ricky Marasigan : Good grief! What does buyers remorse feel like at these prices.

Steven Z : I just want 1 million and these people have 200 million for a painting

Bulmer : Still not as substantial in the modern world as Pepe.

agspec123 : 100k views no comment lol, first i guess

Rick Bean : Why does it say $450,000,000?

DwwwD : Can afford a 400mil painting but not a cellphone

Narwhal Bacon : I was going to buy it but my cellphone died.

Marley : probably fake

Alfonso s : I love learning about Leonardo the vinci

metalguyn : Incredible piece of history!

Louie Lambretta : and now the painting is no longer priceless..

Breakfast Burrito : I got about tree fiddy?

Alvin : first

Oran ge : first

David Douglas Jr : That sold for 400 million, not 450, just sayin

FuturePerfectGaming : Wow - Thats amazing!

n2oSpark : Christie's make 50 million for letting a guy talk on a podium for less than 8 minutes? Shit i need a need business where you can make so much doing so little!

cplan2k : That’s nuts

ekklesiast : Inflation

Lord Fluffykinz : I wonder what the guy who painted it would say about the amount of money they spend to get it, and where that money could've gone instead; much less to say about the actual Jesus who was said to have gone postal on vendors in a synagogue trying to cash in on religion.