How to teach your cat to shake

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Curt Quarquesso : Ok. I’m sold. Nice cat Pat.

Janet Gamache : My cat poops on our bed when we're sleeping to get a treat.

Jeff Wagner : Our cat is almost 20 years old and is not likely to be trained now, but she knows how to get what she wants by whining for whatever it is, we just have to go through the checklist every time she does, food check, water check, clean litter box check, go outside check, treats check, catnip check, play ball check, and if she is still whining, then we leave the room, and or house.

Elizabeth Bass : My cat is shaking I don't know what to do

Vegan Food Critic : My cat always wants me to give him that low five but I am way too slow.

pmmumford : we were taught to shake with our right paw/hand

Marissa Montana : It’s not a trick per se but my adopted cat comes with me on my daily walk, well kinda like a dog, but we won’t tell him that!

Carrie Windsor : I want this cat!!!!

Golden Fortnite : My cat is always busy lol

Amy Wolf : I have just taught my kitten 'up' which is where she reaches up into the air/ stands on two legs for a 1/2 second and next I'm teaching her shake :) she learns quickly

healthbis : Where did you get Sherlock? He's super smart---very befitting name!

Laurie Barak - NOAA Affiliate : Oh my goodness, Sherlock is absolutely gorgeous! This is a great video. My cats are food-motivated so I think this will work for me!

leokimvideo : i'll try this on fluffy