How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant
How Juul Became A 15 Billion Giant

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Juul Labs has rapidly overtaken the U.S. e-cigarette market. In the past year, sales have skyrocketed nearly 800 percent and Juul is now valued at more than $15 billion. But the company faces lawsuits and FDA regulation, and its popularity among teens could threaten its future. CNBC gets a rare look inside Juul Labs and talks to the founders, James Monsees and Adam Bowen, to hear how the company is facing its challenges while trying to eliminate cigarettes from the face of the Earth. » Subscribe to CNBC: About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: Follow CNBC News on Facebook: Follow CNBC News on Twitter: Follow CNBC News on Google+: Follow CNBC News on Instagram: #CNBC #Juul How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant | CNBC


D.W. : i'm 8 years old and don't use juul, i prefer cocaine

Leon Trotsky : >“We converted 1 million smokers to Juul...” >Procede to leave out how many non smokers we converted to Juul.

B E G O N E : I was addicted to cocaine but thanks to heroin I only do that now.

Joel Holsinger : lol give me a break. I love juuls but the fact that they're actually trying to act like its a public health movement and not just a money maker is disingenuous.

Juan : “Aye bro let me hit your juul”

Kaan Dincsoy : I have a huge question, how come banning vaping is soo easy but cigarettes are still around with menthol, lemon and stuff in them, why no one is banning those since we have all the evidence anyone needs to find reasons to ban them? Do kinds buy it? Yes. Do they couse health issues? Yes. Are they addictive? Yes.

ElekktroShokk Gaming & More! : 2:23 Is it just me or does it sound like the pornhub intro in the background? xD Like if you think so

Nottenham FC : It’s all in the name, bro. Juul. Sounds so cuul.

mcduck scrooge : I was addicted to whiskey 🥃 but thank to vodka, not anymore now I only drink vodka. Cheers

0m3n : Why isn't alcohol illegal yet? Oh wait... It was and they brought it back... And approved a variety of flavors

Jake bunny : None of us got into it because of flavors lmao

Nataku : Even the CEO says non smokers should not use it. That's amazing

Rowan Rome : i love how adults say it looks like a flash drive. What flash drive is that long

EMERALD : shows a dab pen instead of a normal pen

Jeff Turner : So why isnt the alcohol industry being scrutinized for flavored alcohol, you know .... since flavors only appeal to children....

Superhuman Fitness : Hitting my *juul* while watching this

James Blodgett : I've been vaping for 7 years for a way to get off smoking & I never heard of JUUL until yesterday.

China Expat : Qhy not just sell it w/o nicotine? Oh wait then it wouldn't get customers hooked

Patrick Chamberlain : 1977 we smoked it was what we did.It was unregulated all you need is pocket change and the cigarette machine.We had three television channels and the drinking age was eighteen.We had no cordless phones or remote controls.Hell a remote car starter was unheard of.The computers were so large those days and these darn punch card and nobody had those at home.So we became addicted to a habit and the nicotine.Back in my Army days in Germany a carton of those smokes now generic were two dollars for ten packs of smokes.Back up to today's speed those smokes are going to cost up to eight dollars a pack.Then you think about what you are doing.Yul Brenner said back in his day"what ever you do just don't smoke".Forty five years of smoking and the price and the smell and thinking your killing yourself sets in.When are you going to be bigger than this addiction.JUUL has helped me quit and yes they made a lot of money.Think of the money the tabacco giants have made killing us!Time someone can make money and save us.

Charles Meadows : Bro just one hit. I'll give you $5

Aldo Figureoa : Over here in LA I haven’t seen anyone use them in high school we just use wax pens

Connor Bukowski : Who hit there juul watching this😂

Chroma Gaming : The company that allowed people to smoke rat poison is concerned about vaping..... Chief, this is it

Lil smokey : God I hate 0mg nic vapers just vaping to blow big clouds to look cool. Morons like that hopping on a bandwagon to look cool is what got kids doing it. Now they want huge crackdowns or flat out bans on it. Funny enough it was literally the same process actual smokers got into. Saw friends doing it, peer pressured, thought it looked cool,etc then started smoking. Funny enough they are now considered lame for doing that. I wouldn't have a problem with kids embarrassing themselves thinking they look cool except it could impact everyone else through laws and regulations brought on by them being twats.

pepe la pewpew : the best part is juul is so overpriced lol..

Jacques Daniels : Now think of all that plastic waste from the pods

lil Drãno : One word:freshmen

TUBI MARU : Without Jull, I would never have stopped smoking.

Skmanga : we had almost won the war against nicotine.. Tally ho JUUL!

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Anonymous : What's the difference between this juul and vape? 🤔

Savage Slayer : Thanks for showing both sides. Great job.

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Jared Smith : Just watch big pharma demonize non-cancer causing smoking alternatives.

Benjamin Kuzma : They were thinking it was safe to smoke cigarettes in 1918 now in 2018 they think e-cigarettes are safe to smoke.ONLY AIR IS SUPPOSED TO GET IN YOUR LUNGS

blake X : only kids use this product

mrsDvapes : vaping saves lives period I been cigarette free almost two days this is my second day with no cigarette 🤘 you guys keep on making a safer way to get smokers off cigarettes 🤗

FooTeePrint : so pax a dry herb and concentrate marijuana vaporizer company made juul interesting

Caleb Robertson : They rich cuz I keep losing the dang thing

Kesh Kumar : This looks like scare Tactics to me and I'm guessing this is coming from big tobacco who are scared that they have not got any hands in any pies so to speak

Noah Brunstein : Some of these clips where of DAB pens

TROLL : All the resistance is just from big tobacco. If it's even 1% safer than a cigarette then it is a good alternative, period.

CaJuNyAnKEE : Hitting the juul as I watch the video