How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant

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Alex S : Yeah Juuls are so popular my high school has juul rooms. There are toilets and sinks in them for some reason

EMERALD : shows a dab pen instead of a normal pen

Lorenzo G.C. : >“We converted 1 million smokers to Juul...” >Procede to leave out how many non smokers we converted to Juul.

0m3n : Why isn't alcohol illegal yet? Oh wait... It was and they brought it back... And approved a variety of flavors

B E G O N E : I was addicted to cocaine but thanks to heroin I only do that now.

Benjamin Kuzma : They were thinking it was safe to smoke cigarettes in 1918 now in 2018 they think e-cigarettes are safe to smoke.ONLY AIR IS SUPPOSED TO GET IN YOUR LUNGS

Jake Terrell : Why doesnt the FDA focus on the F part of their Obesity is a larger epidemic that has been going on longer than E-cigs.

Henry Black : Vaping hasn't been around for a long time. Nobody got cancer from asbestos when it first became popular. But after 30 years, everyone was dying from mesothelioma. Nobody got cancer from smoking cigarettes when they first came out, but then after 30 years again, everyone was dying. Give vaping a few years, I guarantee cancer rates are going to skyrocket again like it did in the 20th century. And by the way, Propylene Glycol is only approved by the FDA for use in foods in limited quantities. No research has been done by the FDA to suggest PG in vapor form is safe for inhalation. Just because vegetable glycerin says "vegetable" doesn't mean it's healthy to inhale. For instance, nitrogen dioxide contains "nitrogen" (which makes up ~70% of the air we breathe), but nitrogen dioxide is a highly toxic compound. People also generally just say "Only four ingredients... x, y, z, and _flavor._ " The flavoring used in electronic cigarettes aren't natural. Some of them are food grade artificial flavors, but again, that's food grade. There was a study done a while ago that proved some flavoring compounds used in e-juice were toxic and released formaldehyde in vapor form. For example, grape flavored e-juice isn't made from grape or grape extract, it's made with methyl anthranilate, which mimics the flavor of grapes. It's not toxic in solid form, but we know nothing about it in vapor form.

mcduck scrooge : I was addicted to whiskey 🥃 but thank to vodka, not anymore now I only drink vodka. Cheers

Kaan Dincsoy : I have a huge question, how come banning vaping is soo easy but cigarettes are still around with menthol, lemon and stuff in them, why no one is banning those since we have all the evidence anyone needs to find reasons to ban them? Do kinds buy it? Yes. Do they couse health issues? Yes. Are they addictive? Yes.

Connor Bukowski : Who hit there juul watching this😂

Weston : yeah, ask the big tobacco guy how dangerous ecigs are, sure. totally unbiased reporting

El Chupacabra : 2 and a half minutes into the video I still don't know what's so special with Juul vs other e-cigs.

lil Drãno : One word:freshmen

Yo Yo : Its basically Uber vs Taxis

Nottenham FC : It’s all in the name, bro. Juul. Sounds so cuul.

Bdub : I have some friends who work at Juul and it drives them insane that kids use their products. The company is focused solely on adult smokers. The high school craze has little to nothing to do with how Juul has marketed their product: the trend relies on word-of-mouth and social groups in high school. This is an example of teens behaving poorly, not malpractice by Juul

Floppy Nip Nops : My man OG Nick on the news

bundycamp : 4:03 funny how Israel views juuls as a public health risk but thinks murdering Palestinians is okay.

Aldo Figureoa : Over here in LA I haven’t seen anyone use them in high school we just use wax pens

Tommy Rodriguez : They saw a trend and capitalized on it. Why is that wrong? The alcohol and tobacco companies have done this for years. It’s just capitalism at work. When I was in high school I smoked cigarets, I wish I smoked Juuls, way safer and less benign.

KadenB23 : 50 mg/ml Concentration X .7 ml/1 pod= 35 mg of nicotine per pod. Pack of 4 pods is generally $17 with tax. 17/4= $4.25 per pod. Pods last generally 2-3 days so that costs you about $11.90 per week. By the end of the month you will have wasted $47.60. So really if your thinking about it a nice starter mod will cost you $70 with a battery. Another $20 for a 60 mL bottle of juice. These prices will break even within 2.5-3 months. The freebase nicotine has a much lower nicotine concentration. The e- liquids for mods will cost you around $0.33 per mL, while the juul pods will go for $6.07 per mL. No wonder why these guys are making so much.

Joel Holsinger : lol give me a break. I love juuls but the fact that they're actually trying to act like its a public health movement and not just a money maker is disingenuous.

Eric Hovatt : Brought to you in part by Phillips Morris , and Copenhagen moist snuff.

sam lincoln : Why don't they make juul pods with no nicotine but still be flavoured for people who just want to try it, and have juul pods with nicotine in it them for smokers, that way the kids don't get addicted and smokers still get the satisfaction.

Kaan Dincsoy : Ah, look kids are going towards vaping instead of smoking... I would rather have started vaping when I was in high school, would've saved a ton of money and a good deal of my health. I used to smoke 4 packs with nargile 4 times a week, I quit smoking recently thanks to small pods with high nicotine and sub-ohms that create clouds like nargile. When you reach multiple packs a day, any type of vaping habit is cheaper, feels better and lets you smell better. People will never be as perfect as the morons leading these countries want, the more you regulate the more they will rebel, educate them better and stop pretending that kids never do mistakes.

Lil smokey : God I hate 0mg nic vapers just vaping to blow big clouds to look cool. Morons like that hopping on a bandwagon to look cool is what got kids doing it. Now they want huge crackdowns or flat out bans on it. Funny enough it was literally the same process actual smokers got into. Saw friends doing it, peer pressured, thought it looked cool,etc then started smoking. Funny enough they are now considered lame for doing that. I wouldn't have a problem with kids embarrassing themselves thinking they look cool except it could impact everyone else through laws and regulations brought on by them being twats.

エモリーキャロリン : Aye they showed Og nick

CashKC : Kids? Well they’ve been getting cigs forever so what’s the difference? Just because they hear about it doesn’t mean the company has to shut down. My kids know about alcohol and condoms through there friends. Does that mean stop alcohol and condoms? Teenagers aren’t in the ads and it’s young adults. Kids are attracted to a lot of things sooooooo keep them away from it and teach them. Don’t stop a company that is helping people with a healthier alternative. It’s not perfect but it’s 5 chemicals instead of 200

Roach Spray : Im addicted to being addicted

Jeff Turner : So why isnt the alcohol industry being scrutinized for flavored alcohol, you know .... since flavors only appeal to children....

shannon keane : who else was smoking a juul while watching this?

pepe la pewpew : the best part is juul is so overpriced lol..

Chroma Gaming : The company that allowed people to smoke rat poison is concerned about vaping..... Chief, this is it

Jake bunny : None of us got into it because of flavors lmao

Jeffery Zheng : Lmao it's og nick

Superhuman Fitness : Hitting my *juul* while watching this

J Medlen : Give me a break..... these kids were vaping nicotine way before Juul

ITS YA FATHA : there is flavored cigars why arent they talking about that

King Cesar : Stick to cannabis

Daniel Pierce : This company and others like it have positioned themselves perfectly for when weed becomes federally legal, all they need to do is start selling concentrate oil cartridges and they can make so much money! There are a ton of state wide concentrate oil cartridge companies in legal states but scaling nationally will be difficult for them, companies like this or Blu will have little trouble selling nationally within weeks of legalization...

Matteo Tonelli : If you ban Juuls kids will have nothing else to smoke but cigs, and that’s where they’ll go. I think the best thing to do is keep juul around, just diminish the nicotine content and focus on preventing future teen usage. The teens who have started are now most likely addicted. Removing the product will only make them find worse versions. I’ve Juuled before, and it’s nothing special, feels like air. Haven’t done it in months, don’t plan on it, and will never do it again. I see them at high school football games all the time, but then again a kid also lit a blunt at our game last week. Just teens making bad decisions.

TheEMD69 : Kids will always get their hands on tobacco products...can't just take it out on Juul cuz they are taking advantage of the vaping scene...I remember when vapes and ecigs came out and lot as off kids in high school were using them...

TSi-Rocket : O and according to the CDC teen vaping rates have not risen past 2% but the teen smoking rates have gone down 16%. Whats epidemic about less kids smoking cigarettes... and the ones that vape are using a product that's 10x less harmful...what a crisis. Child obesity is the real epidemic but nothings being done about that. Unhealthy eating, obesity, and lack of exercise is killing even more people than cigarettes. This all boils down to big tobacco, pharmaceutical companies, and the healthcare industry loosing billions because people are vaping. Cigarettes cause health problems, you see the doctor for treatment and the pharmaceutical companies have a pill...

Tre C. : Smoking/vaping is for sheep. I'll stay the shepherd.

Kisean Dinnall : Hold on they band juul and not cigarettes tho

coolman9i6 : Bowen looks like the type of person to have a lot of alterior motives

shihan ayman : when will there be a weed flavor

Dangerous Gaming : Make people not addicted cigarettes. So they become addicted to your to products, with more nicotine.

Mysterious Conroy76 : I feel like school shootings are a bit worse then a school juuling