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Maygan Hinsley : brah i swearrr i can hear fat nicks breathing throught the whole vid

Prison Slippers : You know he put codeine in that protein shake

Fernando Arauz : Yo why they look like drake and josh

Somber : pouya was that little kid at the park you hated lol

Justin Weltz : why do they sound the same since 7th grade lmao

George Estrada : i was lowkey feeling the video but WHY TF DOES THIS FOO HAVE A WEASEL IM DEAD

AKIRA the killer. : this so weird to watch, they look exactly the same except for hair...


YungProdigy Murch : Why do they remind me of Superbad?😂😂😂

BlizzxrdzGaming : I don't rememeber this episode of drake and josh


Sonia Lopez Lariz : 3:17 when you get that "im home alone" text

hamdogthefrog on fire : Wtf kinda cat is that 😂😂😂

Jarryn Smith : That ferret was about to eat your toes mane

SELFLESS HOMMAGE : how i look tell me tell me how i look

SteezLikeButta : Who's weasel is that hahahaha

Sophia Whoaphia : I'm so happy I found this hahahaha

CumShot Tv : Dude they invented the first "People going to say it's fake" 😂😂😂🚀🚀❤️❤️❤️❤️🚀

Moedabro 22 AKA Moises Morales : never knew pouya and nick could ball

P Flawless : LMAO "fiddle faddle" 😂😂😂😂

We Audacious Productions : 1:53 lmmfaooooooo weak asf

Nate Jordan : lmao tha starters of haters will say it's fake

StraingerThingz : Bruh I dead ass just discovered Fat Nick was sampled for a beat on swavves channel lmao

Azure Kite : Skoodeleeoodeeleeoodely

cartelmichael : Buffet boys back at it again

Efrain Chavez : Superbad 2

Lil 19030 : i dont even listen to Nick or Pouya but this is gold

Mexidann : P R O T E I N S H A K E

HornyCapricorny : Throwback youtube 💝💜💖

Space case : Take a shot each shot they make 😉

RubyDaCherry : I watch this at least 2 times a year

Wolf Days : If they made shorts like this weekly I'd be hooked lol

Hydros Revenge : Young, Rich, And Handsome

Travis Swann : Damn they're good


Nicholas Ayala : Man this shit is just too funny🤣🤣I had to come back to these vids haha still watching in 2017

Yung juan : This is so cute

jose sandoval : This feels like a high school video project lmao

Jose Reyes : 3:45 🤦‍♂️😂

Thug4life345 : That's fake all cause how come all the shots at all the same angles u guys lie

Dreadzx : this is the best shit ive seen in a while

Killeke : TF the weasel doing in the back

bhips ahoy : he has a fukin weasel

no name : lmfao

Justin Ransome : omg hahaha

BamBam Xantana : Ayyyy

scream cc : i loved the ferret

CreatveMnds : 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

zvhil : We gotta mop deez dweebz

Peirsac : 4 28 why