Bunnies Epic sax guy 1 hour

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coo-coo kachoo : Oh shit!!! It's been a full hour already? Better press the replay button again!

Wolf Pupp : Best thing on the Internet...

MadManMagmus YT : when your mom says go to bed Me:Watches for a hour Mom:Why aren’t you asleep! Me:Because it’s awesome

Alexk!ller :v : That girls are so kawaii

Alex Maxwell : Im in love with this shit daaaaaaaamn

xCherry TV : wow :p ......... .......... .........

Nick Charlton : How did I find myself here? And for so long.

Andy Yang : So cute! Anyone of them will do for me. Haha this is the true definition of a snow bunnie. :)

S O : Weird... but somehow it fits :D However nice video :D

iraqi hawk : Much better than Gandalph epic sax guy video

อิสกันดา ปาทาน : kawaii

petar kostadinov : dude i can this for days xd

Nathaniel Howard : Would it be called hunting if you shoot a furry

diamid : I'm going to hell for liking this aren't I?

[HaNuMaan] Channel : i like

Shubham Yadav : Hi random stranger! There is a very high chance that someone will see this comment. If you do, please reply so that we can experience moment together.

Alex Jones : why was this missing from my life for over a year... DAMMITT

obed Bay : Ufff men que wen vidio 7u7

Ghost guy : Сначало Гендальф потом это !Куда я трачу свою жизнь !?

George Zuniga : i could liteterally watch this forever

FireScull SkillzDoe : This is the video I would always have looped :0

Astro_Duck : This is know my life

Eramelys : source ?

korstik375 : Очень позитивно!Смотрю момент зависший в бесконечности!

Deep Youtube : so good

Wemir dO : Mi ganzo aprueba esto

Đào Hồng : So cute ❤

ANTHONY SOSSA : It's amazing mejor hablo español prroo :v El mejor video de YOUTUBE..

Servonic : Do anybody know their nummbers 😱

ourscorpion 2242 : The swat guys😂😂😂😂😂😂

Bream noi : กูตามมาจากช่อง seefoot

Kelsey Niehaus : What's the name of this song?

BuzzCola 3 : I can't stop watching this

astafzciba : this is the wierdest shit i've ever seen in my life

Chris Karcher : Who are these twitch elf girls?

SlimeToxic YT : Fuckin lit xD xD

mradventure : My new favourite video on YouTube

YONG VINCENT : Two men are so cute><

Fire Boy : Best thing look cs go or swat look funny 😝😝

Rena Renechka : Готов залипать вечно )

BizarreSubs Crewliets : Me las cojo a las 4 al mismo tiempo