First Year Guitar Progress - Playing Metallica "One" for 1 Year (including Hammett solo)

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MacXpert74 : Impressive, But can you play 'One' on a one string guitar? oh, shit, wrong channel!

قناة ماهر - maher channel : I am allergic to cats so can't learn the guitar :(

Bhutan Wisdom : "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee

Helsade : directed by cat produced by cat written by cat starring cat and dude edited by cat

Syafeeq Said : learning the song is ONE thing, to dedicate a video about learning the song is on another level

정유진 : I think Im stuck in day 11

Enderack98 : From Lil wayne to Kirk Hammett

Beta MAX : A video of my progress learning the guitar over a year would be 11 months of dust collecting followed by me listing it on Craigslist for half of what I paid for it.

yogi1709 : You should call your cat.... Metallicat!!! \m/

Andrewy27 : A trick to learning guitar isn’t starting out trying to play a song. Learn note placement on the neck first, and try to memorize where the patterns that the same notes on different parts of the neck are. Then learn scales. Major, natural/harmonic minor, mixolydian, Dorian - fairly easy once you find out where the notes are. Learn how to build chords off those scales. Learn chords 30 minutes daily is all it should take if you are seriously into it. It should take no longer than 2 months to learn all of those things if you do it daily. Then learn songs. You might find yourself kind of realizing that many of the songs you learn are in a scale that you already learned. And you will find songs that share the same scale that feel familiar with other songs. You basically know music on guitar at this point. You can even start writing your own music if you get into music theory.

Nishit Soni : Wow! This is so inspiring.

Joseph Denver 2.0 : How many songs can you play?? “One”. ;) Well done buddy!

james martin : As much as you practice that song you must hate it now.

NoirWolf Creations : day 249 - cat possessed by guitar god

DIEorSK87273 : A lot of work for a video with no ads

L!l lump!a ASMR : 1:20 Damn he learned to shred so fast! Oh yeah and thx u inspired so much to practice more!!!! Great video

NoirWolf Creations : day 365- cat says good job hooman...

Алексей Хренкто : Neighbor has killed himself. Or he’s a Metallica fan, so he could listen first twenty days.

Floral Shoppe : Black Veil Brides

Wuirox : Ok, but can it run Crysis?

MobileDecay : That cat should replace Lars. 🤔

George Lima : Props to you, man! As if it wasn't hard enough to learn it, you also had all the job to record everything. That's a lot of effort for a video, and it should really be appreciated.

Marcus Cooper : Took him 11 days to discover a guitar picks

Cheyenne : You inspired me to learn to play the guitar, because I always thought I'm already too old

TheFabio : Cool! Now play another song! Oops, back to day one :-(

erin malia : Idk why but for some reason I expected the BVB sticker to be gone by day 365

Ruben Jimenez : Como eso sea cierto mis felicitaciones: v

Simon Borro : Now : for 10 years progression ! Go start the camera ! Very cool job, congrat !

Hugo Nongbri : Tornado of souls next about it ?? 😆

Pedro Morais : Nice giggs shirt

Aurba Das : Jackspedicey

Life Of Chris : If u played this for a year straight how did you go to the bathroom?? And more importantly, how did you wipe??!!

Michael Arndt : Have u learnd this by u r self🤔I mean have u played Guitar before u learnd this Song🤔🤔

MrQuordis : Now calm down that pinky finger, work on fingers independence and relax ;)

FoxenStudios : You learned the solo when I was at my first metallica concert, July 5th, 2017, in Orlando Florida

Lucas Araújo : Tudo é questão de persistência.

KnownOceans : Guitar sound improves without the bvb sticker!

HerpimusDerp : The way I've always said it is you have to get "hooked" on a riff or song. For me I was 13 years old and it was Aerosmith's version of Train Kept A' Rollin'. We ALL have a sort of guitarist version of ourselves. Just gotta find a song that hooks you and dig that shit out.

Tony The Truck Guy : Awesome dedication and motivation.

Jerry Sanders : It took 365 days because Your using a strat Not because of you

Willow : The secret to getting better at guitar is having a cat with you while you practice

Aaliyah Williams : Way to put a spoiler to keep people in.. I was going to stay either way

Rattling bee : 1:35 really, i learn that in 10 minutes men!!

Владислав Штольц : я просто представляю, как соседи заебались слушать одну песню))

Johan David Figueredo Reyes : La mejor disciplina

SpectreSoundStudios : Incredible determination! Bravo, sir!!!

Leslie Wai : That was incredible!!! So much progress in a year! Took me years to get to that stage! Hahaha 🙌🙌🙌

minh dao : How did you learn playing a guitar so fast, this is unreal

Luizifer Behel : Thats totally cheating anything can be accomplished with a cat by your side

Stevel Plays : This video speaks to me. I wanna start playing guitar or bass and I’ll be shit at the beginning, but will get better slowly with practice