First Year Guitar Progress - Playing Metallica "One" for 1 Year (including Hammett solo)

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Jack Woodman : *For more questions or chatting, text me in instagram* ( ) I decided to answer the *most frequent questions* : 1) Yes, I learned a lot of other songs as well, you can check some of them on my YT channel or Instagram. But I kept coming back to the same song to track my progress and clearly see how my performance of the same song will change over time. 2) For those who say year is too long, and he achieved the same progress much faster and my playing is still weak - I totally agree with you. I'm not calling myself a great player, I know that my technique is way too far from professional and I need to work on it. I'm just saying that I made a huge improvement over myself, that's it, I'm not competing with anybody. If you play much better, and learned much faster - Cheers! Respect!) 3) For those who say year is too fast, that's funny how critics can be absolutely the opposite in claims))) But anyway, if you don't believe I was so bad at the beginning, you can check my old videos on my YT channel or instagram. If you think I cheated with solo in the end, you can check out this take ( ) with sound from cam and without any editing. 4) For those who ask do I have a teacher. No, I'm self-taught, but I have a friend of mine, who played guitar for a long, and he helped me by pointing on my mistakes. 5) My gear: $50 Noname Chinese guitar and I’ve bought it for $25 from its previous owner with all stickers on it. Vox ac4 amp. Marshall Jackhammer dist pedal. Thank you guys for support and all that kind words, I really appreciate that, and it inspires me to move further! Rock on, mates!!! *For more questions or chatting, text me in instagram* ( )

정유진 : I think Im stuck in day 11

SpectreSoundStudios : Incredible determination! Bravo, sir!!!

Nika Bakuradze : I'm a simple man I see Metallica I press like, I see Man United I press subscribe.

Frisco68 : Respect.

smileyzic : I can make the same video but with "month" instead of "day"

Simon Borro : Now : for 10 years progression ! Go start the camera ! Very cool job, congrat !

beefknuckles : Dude this is so awesome. I kept watching your face and you can see it getting progressively more satisfied as you went on. Keep it up man!

Lilly Lewis : The secret to getting better at guitar is having a cat with you while you practice

John Beckley : Congrats dude!

lorenzoschiavetti197 : Lil Wayne's technique spotted on at 0:32

Will Detilli : Awesome!

Oveja Negra : This is awesome, truly inspiring. Having said that... 1 human year is like 10 cat years, so I’m wondering if at this point that poor kitty is sick of listening the same tune over and over and over and over... 😅 I’ll pray for your mental health, you adorable cat 🤠

Dominik Holdas : But can he play smoke on the water?

Joe Webb : I was trying to think up a pun for your feline friend. METALLICAT is the best I could do. P.S. I'm sorry you had to read this.

MacXpert74 : Impressive, But can you play 'One' on a one string guitar? oh, shit, wrong channel!

karskot1983 : Suprisingly good at solo part, but The rythym needs another 365 days of practice.

Nikola Tesla : His cat was his Sensei.

hetfield24fcp : Time to get a new and better guitar!!

The Kwala : 5:49 DUNUNU DUNUNU *MROW*

TTale : awesome dude! very motivational

Darthrevan1170 : Incredible progress man!

Giraffe with tattoos : Sweet baby Jesus on a stick, that was fucking awesome!!!! I feel like *I* just put in a year and learned to shred that song too. You did terrific.

Jessica Varey : Thumbs up for the cat!! :D

Nathan Abbs : good job man! catch me in a year, you've inspired me to do a song beyond my play level and record the process!

Cyglox : Nice sticker lol 😅🤘

Elvis Landron : I found a guitar while doing an inspection a few weeks ago. I was planning on selling it because I don’t listen to any music that involves guitars. After watching this video, I’m inspired to keep my guitar and learn to play.... great job👍... thanks for sharing

Tom Cieminski : How can you even dislike this? This man worked his ass off for something he wanted for a whole year and plays the song like a badass now. If people always had that kind of dedication, the possibilities would be endless.

Abhinav B : Glory glory Man. United

Airul Akeem : Master Of Puppets please

Fellyp Santos : Holy crap!! Congratulations man!!

only here because : Excellent wallpapers too!

Capabletsf : Very well done!

EpicZEVEN : Do you still like the song tho? haha jk. The video was so well put together. And playing a solo like that after only 1 year takes a lot of practice! Well done :)!

Xmandre Guitar Covers : really impressing, very good idea congrats

Antonio Valencia : My favorite song makes me finaly want learn an instrument!

Whisker - : The Cat is the best!! xD

FALLOUT20rads : This is pretty bad ass

Eevnos : That's awesome man, absolutely love this video! Nicely done!

Kyle Christy : Great job!

Sajan B : I learned it all besides the solo when I was younger, and I came back to it a few months ago. Definitely know I've made progress because I find the solo super easy.

Thomas O'Brien : All the best for the future dude

AyeEssBee : Hey this is really cool and impressive. Nice to see how much you progressed in a year. I've been playing for about a year and a half and I can't play this solo. Granted I haven't tried to learn it but hey 1 year for this song is pretty good. It took Kirk Hammett 10 or so years

MacXpert74 : Amazing you had one groupie right from the start. :D

osman hosgor : ur 1 of the reasons im starting e=guitar Im gonna do the same thing u did and compare myself with u ur really impressive ;)

Daniel Hoae'ae-Lewis : Really good stuff man. That's what I'm talking about, keep it! You make the rest of us guitar players proud.

MrDrewseph : Holy smoke, that's amazing!

mich mouch : First day was great!😂

Marcus Cooper : Took him 11 days to discover a guitar picks

TeoFil Mchary : How many years take to become a good guitarist