First Year Guitar Progress - Playing Metallica "One" for 1 Year (including Hammett solo)

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قناة ماهر maher channel : I am allergic to cats so can't learn the guitar :(

Syafeeq Said : learning the song is ONE thing, to dedicate a video about learning the song is on another level

Helsade : directed by cat produced by cat written by cat starring cat and dude edited by cat

Tsoliassssssssssssss : Day 51: finally saved money to buy a pick.

MacXpert74 : Impressive, But can you play 'One' on a one string guitar? oh, shit, wrong channel!

Life Of Chris : If u played this for a year straight how did you go to the bathroom?? And more importantly, how did you wipe??!!

Jason the Bassist : Took me only to day 5 to learn this song. Edit: if you look at my name it'll be obvious

yogi1709 : You should call your cat.... Metallicat!!! \m/

Joseph Denver 2.0 : How many songs can you play?? “One”. ;) Well done buddy!

정유진 : I think Im stuck in day 11

DIEorSK87273 : A lot of work for a video with no ads

Andrewy27 : A trick to learning guitar isn’t starting out trying to play a song. Learn note placement on the neck first, and try to memorize where the patterns that the same notes on different parts of the neck are. Then learn scales. Major, natural/harmonic minor, mixolydian, Dorian - fairly easy once you find out where the notes are. Learn how to build chords off those scales. Learn chords 30 minutes daily is all it should take if you are seriously into it. It should take no longer than 2 months to learn all of those things if you do it daily. Then learn songs. You might find yourself kind of realizing that many of the songs you learn are in a scale that you already learned. And you will find songs that share the same scale that feel familiar with other songs. You basically know music on guitar at this point. You can even start writing your own music if you get into music theory.

Michael Tabish : When you played the solo I wanted to punch you in your face so bad

NoirWolf Creations : day 249 - cat possessed by guitar god

Thors Hammer : His day 1 to day 3 is better than my day 1 to week 8.

Алексей Хренкто : Neighbor has killed himself. Or he’s a Metallica fan, so he could listen first twenty days.

Jerry Sanders : It took 365 days because Your using a strat Not because of you

Luizifer Behel : Thats totally cheating anything can be accomplished with a cat by your side

420Blazeit : not to judge but its been 200 days but still dont know how to palm mute?

KnownOceans : Guitar sound improves without the bvb sticker!

valkyrie eden : Idk why but for some reason I expected the BVB sticker to be gone by day 365

FlyingSpoon4657 : The good ol squier strat

Bhutan Wisdom : "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee

Stoned Cunts : the cat is too distracting

Aaliyah Williams : Way to put a spoiler to keep people in.. I was going to stay either way

NoirWolf Creations : day 365- cat says good job hooman...

MobileDecay : That cat should replace Lars. 🤔

Alexander Shaer : Impressive but can you djent

TheFabio : Cool! Now play another song! Oops, back to day one :-(

Cheyenne : You inspired me to learn to play the guitar, because I always thought I'm already too old

ZerOGameR Org. : Is that a harley benton ? (Its not bad to play very cheap guitars harley bentons are good )

Simon Borro : Now : for 10 years progression ! Go start the camera ! Very cool job, congrat !

Migz - Kun : First, I practiced my picking, second, practiced fretting (I knew the sounds of each fret after that), third, I learned a song, fourth, I play metal now mainly, fifth, I don’t know how to play anything else that much since I did not try to branch out to other genres, sixth, I tried branching out at a late age, seventh, it made me a little bit greater of a guitarist than my past self, and eighth, I still play metal but at least I know how to branch out now haha... And that’s all there is to it. Basically I still think I’m not that good... I still need to learn a lot but you my friend even went on and became greater than I am in just a year. Your 365 days took me eight and a half years man... You are amazing

David Nwokoye : Wait, is this the only thing you know how to play on guitar????

Spencer Misfeldt : Why would you put the spoiler in there like that

Austin Carrigan : Is that a black veil brides symbol on your guitar?

Stoned Cunts : the way how he looks down at his guitar on like day one and when he does the solo tells it all

chrishart1974 : 1 year? Seriously? I bought an electric guitar a year ago. Still sat there!!! I🙈🙈🙈👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Cactus Billy : Did it actually take you a year to learn this song

K Zero : Dont mames that song i played it in one week

Marcus Cooper : Took him 11 days to discover a guitar picks

Floral Shoppe : Black Veil Brides

Foreign Exchange : La mejor disciplina

Gianluca Attanasio : Sos un genio, admiro tu constancia y dedicacion. Avanzaste demasiado en un año. Te super felicito y espero que sigas progresando. Vas a llegar muy lejos amigo. Mis respetos.

Courtney Joplin : Yo soy guitarrista principiante y sinceramente cuando veo estos videos me animo a seguir :'3 gracias y felicidades!!

Юрий Ващенко : Год ?????)))))) сума сойти)))) а что так долго?))))

Константин Нойвель : О я там же живу, на шуваловском))

doomsound626 : This video makes me feel like I accomplished nothing in my first year of playing the guitar. In my first year I only learned s couple of metal riffs but I also learned how to play Bewitched by Candlemass( excluding solo).

Hack To Scratch Golf : I wish I started guitar by alternate picking. Now I’m stuck with down picking

Dimebag Darrell : From Lil wayne to Kirk Hammett